We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you did too!
Here are some highlights from our holiday:
Best picture:
Gracie and Bobby sharing a brother sister moment.

Best expression:
Goes to Bobby when he opened up his WWE wrestling tickets.

Cutest puppy:
Goes to my niece and nephews new puppy Max:
 Favorite gift:
Was a picture and a poem that my Mom made for me:
The poem is about “A Dog’s Eyes”
Yes it made me cry.
Funniest gift:
Was a hat that my sister gave me that had mohawk tassels:
WTF sis?
I said I wanted to look CUTE,
Not like an idiot.
Most disappointing gift:
Goes to the enormous tennis ball that I bought for Sherman.
I was so excited to give it to him, but he doesn’t know what to do with it.

Leroy and I tried to show him…but it he wanted nothing to do with it.

So the enormous tennis ball sits by itself in the yard.

What were some of your Holiday Highlights?
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20 Comments on Holiday Highlights

  1. I like your new layout.The brother and sister picture is so sweet, the puppy is cute and the one which really made me laugh out loud and almost rolled on the floor is the enormous tennis ball sits by itself in the yard. May be Sherman wanted a smaller tennis ball : )

  2. Bwhahahahahaha…ummmmm, dats a nice hat you gots theres.Ain't Christmas a blast when theres kiddos. What a priceless expression Bobby has…love it.And da frmaed fotos of da boys woths da poem is GORGEOUS!!!!! I know da poem A Dog's Soul but I'm not sures if I know dis one…could you PLEASE post it? If you has da time I mean.Puddles

  3. New color scheme! Expecting brown, I thought I'd clicked the wrong site. Very nice! I have one of those giant tennis balls for my girls. They didn't know what to do with it either. Then they decided, "Let's try to eat it!" Fuzz everywhere. Then they ripped a hunk off enough to make a handle so they could carry it around the house. So I bought them a huge industrial strength Jolly Ball WITH a handle. They chewed threw the handle and would've eaten it had my husband not cut it off. Next year I'm just buying them a handle. Any handle.

  4. I love your post! That hat is fantastic! I have one that's made to look like a sock monkey, if it makes you feel better.Hmmm… Holiday highlights? Dragging a dead deer caracass fifty yards across my stepgranny's yard through the snow doesn't count? We had a great Christmas, at all five of our Christmases! The best part was giving hubby his gift, and seeing the girls get their loot Christmas morning.

  5. BOL! We loved all your pictures and that huge tennis ball looks awesome! Hope you enjoy to play with it soon ;)Looks like a great Christmas! Oh, and Mommy LOVED the pictures with the poem :)Wags,Maddy and Owen

  6. I love the picture frame and poem! I love how she put Leroy and Sherman's pictures in there, it makes it so much better.I'm JEALOUS of your son's WWE tickets! I don't watch wrestling anymore, but I never got to see it live, either. What a great present!

  7. I don't think I mentioned I like your new layout – very nice! I'm supposed to get one by the end of the week, keeping my fingers crossed that she'll get it done in time.Max is a cutie!My dogs just LOVE their tennis balls but that one looks like it'd be bigger than both of them! Sorry Sherman wasn't excited by it. Maybe he just needs to warm up to it.I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas.

  8. Ha! Mango got one of those giant tennis balls as a gift a while back. The first time he stepped on it, he nicked it and it shot out from under his foot and made him stumble and now he won't go near it.For reasons that escape me, Dexter prefers a hard plastic ball of similar size even though due to my poor aim it sometimes konks him in the head when I throw it. Go figure.Mango MommaP.S. Love your new hat.

  9. See I told you the hat was cool! When Leroy takes you for a walk down the street,people will say,"Wow, check out that beautiful dog but what is that pink thing he is dragging in the snow?" See it will help identify you in an emergency;)

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