The other day I received an email from BlogHer about a very important initiative that is starting today,  “The Create Jobs for USA” initiative. They asked if members could help spread the word and share how they may have been or are being effected by the economy. 

Before I get to my story, here is a little bit of information about the program.

The wonderful team at BlogHer has recently partnered up with the great folks at Starbucks and Opportunity Finance Network to get the word out about, launching today, November 1, 2011.

"The program basically goes like this "Starbucks is donating five million dollars to seed a fund at the Opportunity Finance Network for capital grants to local lenders who fund small businesses that make a difference."  

Yes…. that is right,  I said Starbucks. A big dog is going to help out the little dog.
And here is how you, the blogger,  can make a difference:  

Share your story on your blog and link How has the economy affected you or your town? Do you know someone who cannot get a job or start a business? Are you worried about unemployment? 

 Follow @Jobs_for_USA on Twitter. Tweet a link to your story (or better yet, tweet a link to the donation page at, 
 Donate. Beginning November 1st, you may donate to this fund through the CreatejobsforUSA website, or at Starbucks, and 100% of your donation will go directly to the fund. Donors who contribute $5 or more will receive a red, white and blue wristband with the message “Indivisible.” The really cool thing about this is that every $5 donation will result in $35 in financing to support community businesses, because the local lenders will issue $30 in financing, on average, for each $5 donation — every $3,000 in donations creates or saves a job.
High five Starbucks, if I was a coffee drinker I would go grab a big cup of yours right now, instead  I’ll send my husband there later:) 

It’s about making a difference as bloggers and as social media influencers.
It’s about coming together as a community and getting Americans back to work.

So here is my story:
Over the past few years my family has suffered with the dwindling economy.
My husband has a union plumber for over 15 years and for the past 3 years he has been laid off more times than I chose to remember. Being laid off so frequently makes it quite difficult to live the average life, I don’t mean the good life, I mean the AVERAGE life,  which at this point in time I am unsure of what that really means. Does average mean that you are NOT in foreclosure or that you ARE in foreclosure? I don’t know anymore and that is sad.
Our health benefits have slowly been getting worse over the past 3 years and at this point I should be happy that we even have health benefits, and when I say health benefits I mean medical, there is no more dental coverage, or vision coverage.
The average question of the day is “Are you working tomorrow?” and awaiting the answer makes me sick to my stomach.

I have laid awake in bed many nights and wondered how we were going to make it, if we were going to make it.

 I have tried to hide the tears from the kids.

Times are tough for all of us.

I know that I am not alone and many families in America are in the same boat as me.

Things have gotten better over the past few months, but the financial damage that was inflicted over the last few years is not going away anytime soon. Nope, it’s not. 
My dreams are different than they were 8 years ago, but I still have dreams. 
I have just downsized them. 

So how about you? Would like to share your story and create more jobs for the USA?
Write a post on your blog and share it with others!

Do you have a story of inspiration or hope that might get someone back on their feet?
Then share your story here.
Much more information is available on CreatejobsforUSA, including a FAQ that goes into more detail about the plans for this new fund, and how small businesses can apply for small business loans, community center financing, housing project financing and/or microfinance from lenders.

NOTE:  BlogHer  will donate $5 on behalf of each of the first 2,000 posts on this topic for their members. So my post here may already be making a difference for you or someone that you may know. 

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