There has been many debates on this topic over the years.

Is it safe for you to exchange kisses with your dog?

Some people will say it is absolutely NOT safe to smooch with your pet. They will say that a pets mouth harbors way too many forms of bacteria that can make a person sick, after all,  they do lick their butts with the same tongue that licks your face.
Others will say it is perfectly safe for your dog to give you a smooch, their mouths are cleaner than ours.
Still others will say they don’t care if it is safe or not, it is just plain gross to have the saliva  from a dog anywhere on their body.

My opinion?
Do you know how many times I am kissed at work? At least 10 times a day.
Do you know how many times my mouth accidentally happens to be open when a dog greets me in the waiting room? At least 8 times.
Do you know how many times a puppy gives me a kiss on the lips and I think to myself, “Great now I am going to get roundworms?” Every time.  (and no, I have never had roundworms. Thank you.)

In my opinion kissing a dog is perfectly safe for a healthy person, except of course, if you live in my house.
Trying to kiss or being kissed by Sherman and Leroy can sometimes be hazardous.
I mean have you seen the size of their skulls?
They are big and hard.
Kissing a Newf when you come home from work is a CAUTION. Seriously, their heads should have caution tape around them. CAUTION. KISSING MAY RESULT IN A FAT LIP OR BLOODY NOSE.
So many times I have come home from work to an excited Sherman waiting for me at the door. First he circles me and then he bows his head down for a kiss, then at the exact moment I go down to give him that kiss he decides that he wants to kiss me first and whips his head up only to bonk my lips with his big skull.

Leroy however, is a pecker, and I don’t mean a pecker pecker, although that is funny, I mean he is a kiss pecker. Leroy proudly displays his nose for a smooch, then pecks you, and not in a gentle pecking way.

Here’s my nose for you to smooch.

and now here is your peck. Bonk.

You would think our intelligent family would learn. Well, we don’t. We’re dog smoochers.

So what about you? Do you think dog smooches are safe?

Oh…. and since we are talking about kisses and smooches, Leroy is entered in a Kissing Contest over at Sure Fit Slipcovers. I could really use their first place prize package which includes a Deluxe Comfort Cover for Leroy’s favorite couch! We entered the contest kind of late so we are about 100 votes away from the leader, but hey, we are use to be the underdogs! If you would like to vote for Leroy and Gracie in the kissing contest you can go to Sure Fits Facebook Page  Scroll down until you see their picture, click on their pic and hit like!
This is the pic that is entered:

Feel free to share with all your Facebook friends too!! Leroy and Graice and my couch thank you!

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