It’s that time of the year that hundreds of children beg their parents for that fluffy, little bunny they saw in the window at the pet store.

In 1 month I will see many of these bunnies come into the vet with an owner that is clueless about how to care for the bunny that their 5 year old child just suckered them into buying.

I will have to politely explain to them that the care and feeding instructions that they were given by the 16 year old employee of the pet store is anything but proper for a bunny.

I will have to watch a 5 year old cry as the vet verifies that Daisy, the girl bunny, has boy parts.  Don’t blame me or the vet for making your child cry. You were the sucker that bought the bunny from a pet store.

I will have to watch the adult’s mouth drop when I hand them the estimate to have their bunny spayed or neutered. Yes, sir……even bunnies should be fixed.

What’s that sir? You didn’t know having a bunny was so much work?

Well get use to it because you just committed yourself to this bunny for about 10 years.

Maybe you should of just put bunny ears on your dog and told your child,  “Here you go.”  just like I did last night when my daughter asked me for bunny.


Sure, some may think that’s cruel, and by the look on Leroy’s face he was less than amused that I transformed him into a bunny, but it was only for a minute, and I made my point loud and clear, and…..Gracie is quite happy with her new 150 pound chocolate bunny.

I beg you, please don’t be that parent that I have to have this conversation with this year. Do your research before you make a 10 year commitment to a bunny and if you still want to bring one into your home after researching what owning a bunny is all about, then maybe you can wait for a few months. I bet in about 6 months there will be a ton of “Easter” bunnies looking for a new home.

For more information on bunnies please visit the House Rabbit Society. There you will find great resources on everything bunnies from How Much An Easter Bunny Really Costs to a wonderful Children’s and Rabbits Flyer.

Alrightie, so now that I have that off my very small chest, I hope that you all have a very Happy Easter! I have some eggs that are begging to be colored!


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41 Comments on Don’t Be That Parent This Easter. A Little Easter Rant

  1. Look at Leroy!!! How freakin’ cute is that!!! I know, I am supposed to be serious…about the bunnies. And I am! I totally agree with you.

    Leroy does look fabulous though!

  2. Good advice. People just never think before they buy an animal…..actually many of them don’t think before they have children.

    Leroy makes a wonderful bunny…even if he is a disgruntled one.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  3. Dat is one freakishly LARGE bunny you has theres. Okays seriously…a bunny heres would last 10 sec rather than 10 years…we is hunters remembers and mum wouldn’t be stoopid enuffs to bring a bunny in only to gets eated by me…aint hers ain’t too bright you knows.
    An ummm….I hads to laugh bouts da “small chest” comment….hehehehe…my mum had dat “fixed”


    • I’m not sure a bunny would make it here either. I think Sherman would try to eat it and Leroy would just try to play with it to death:)

      LOL, don’t tell my husband about your chest being fixed, he has been after me for years about that:)))

  4. The Leroy rabbit is a little scary. But not as scary as clueless people who don’t understand that rabbits are living, breathing beings that require care. Thanks for the PSA.

    Mango Momma

    • I don’t know what some people are thinking when they buy a rabbit at Easter time. Rabbits should not be available at this time of the year

  5. Ugh, this makes me sick. I know that the shelters hate “easter bunny season” for similar reasons. Many of those bunnies will make their way to shelters in a month or two once their novelty has worn off.

  6. I am with you 100% on this! We have a rabbit and we know how much care she requires. She was a former school bunny and we did our research before taking her home. Around here people buy bunnies at Easter and then dump them outside – where terrible things happen to them. Makes me SO MAD!

    • I love your rabbit! She is adorable. There are a lot of people who are responsible rabbit owners, we see a lot at the vet, but it’s the people who buy the bunnies as a novelty gift that make me mad!

  7. Oh how cute is he? Sorry, just had to get that out of my system…

    Thank you for covering this important topic. We see the Easter after effects at our local shelters who set up special rooms this time of year to accommodate the unwanted bunnies who will inevitably end up there. So sad.

  8. Thank you Jen for reminding people of this! Same as kittens and puppies at Christmas that end up in a shelter because the novelty has worn thin.

    Leroy is so amusing; glad he suffered through the rabbit ears so you could make your point. Have a wonderful Easter!

    • Your right, it is the same. The excitement goes away after a few short days and the animal is forgotten:) It is so sad.

      Leroy will pay me back for the bunny ears….I just know it:)

  9. I agree with this 100%. When I was growing up – I had a couple of bunnies. I loved them and took care of them. I would go to the store and use my own money to make sure they had special veggies and would play with them every day and every night would carry them back to their hutch. During the day, they were allowed in the fenced yard to play and eat grass and just hang out – they were even house trained and would wait by the door if they had to do any bunny business. I was committed – however, once my mom saw they were spraying her white dogs she “got rid of them”. I am not sure, but I think she returned them to the pet store – which was just a local feed store (keep in mind this was about 30 years ago). I was crushed. So your advice to parents that owning a bunny is a long-term commitment – is spot on. They are not to be dumped or returned like a piece of furniture. They are living beings and social creatures.

    • Well it sounds like the bunnies had it made at your house! I wish more people realized that a bunny is a very big commitment!
      I’m sorry to hear that your Mom wasn’t happy with the bunnies, but at least she didn’t just let them free.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story!

  10. This should be mandatory Easter reading!

    I also love your solution: every time the kids ask for something, just slap the appropriate ears on Leroy and consider that wish granted! Bunny? No problem! Elephant? You could make that work!

    • LMAO! I know it works so well just putting some type of headband on Leroy! He’s a dog for all seasons:)
      Yesterday I tried to make him into a unicorn, it didn’t work very well:)

  11. Oh no, poor Leroy!!

    Your Mum got you with the bunny ears buddy!! But you know, it was in a good cause…. you still look pretty funny though….. :)

    Chin up :)

    Your pal Snoopy :) – who got away without wearing the silly Bunny Ears!! Tee Hee

  12. Hey Leroy, Jet here. Dude, you are a great sport and Grace’s special chocolate bunny… Leroy’s human… thanks so much for being the voice of reason and reality…

  13. I got my bunny a few days before Easter, but I was planning on getting a bunny since FEBRUARY. Now I have two little buns from the paper, and may get a lionhead from my local pet store tomorrow. He’s a year and a half, much older than my other 2. Happy very belated Easter 😛

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