For quite some time Ohio has been making negative headlines in the press on how the states animals laws are far out dated for today’s society.

This week Ohio made took some much needed steps to catch up with other states in regards to animal laws. Some are bigger than others, and there is still a long way to go, but Ohio, we have a good start.

Here are 3 things that changed for animals this week in Ohio:

For over 20 years Ohio has been the only state to name a dog vicious, based on breed and appearance alone.

A new law went into effect in Ohio on Tuesday protecting pit bulls from being named “vicious”.

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According to NewsNet5,  for over 20 years Ohio has been the only state to name a dog vicious based on breed and appearance.  The new measure removes the reference to pit bulls from the definition and dogs in Ohio can only be labeled “vicious” if they do something to warrant it. However, some communities in the state will still have bans on the ownership of pit bulls.

Ohio’s restrictions on exotic pets are among the nation’s weakest.

A bill that regulates the ownership of dangerous animals  passed through the Ohio House and Senate Tuesday. The measure bans new ownership of exotic animals, while allowing current owners to keep their creatures by obtaining a new state-issued permit by 2014 and adhering to strict new caretaking standards.

The Ohio House passed the measure 87-9 with changes Tuesday, and the Senate agreed to the revisions, which included lower permit fees and a lower minimum insurance requirement than the version senators passed last month.

Permit fees for bears, tigers and other dangerous animals would begin at $250. And insurance policies for the creatures could range from $200,000 to as high as $1 million, depending on the number of animals.

Owners would be required to pass a background check and show inspectors that they adhere to care standards and have taken safety measures such as fencing their property. Signs would have to be posted on the property to alert people there were dangerous animals on the premises.

New laws on tethering dogs for Cleveland

Cleveland City Council passed amendments to the city’s existing animal tethering ordinance on Monday.“These amendments will ensure that tethered animals do not have to face inclement weather and uncomfortable conditions.

They too have a right for safe living and working conditions.”
Violations will result in misdemeanor charges.


Ohio still has no laws preventing dog auctions.

An ongoing campaign , the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions, is still very hard at work fighting to ban puppy mills from the state.


The measure (similar in language to Pennsylvania’s Statute 459-603) will establish a statute to the Ohio Dog Law making it illegal for anyone to auction or raffle a dog in Ohio. It also would prohibit bringing dogs into the state for sale or trade that were acquired by auction or raffle elsewhere.


But after three months of intense lobbying which included calls, letters and visits from Ohio voters and taxpayers ,the Ohio General Assembly has failed to pass the Ohio Dog Auctions Act and the coalition will now move forward to get the issue on the 2012 November ballot. Looks like it is up to the voters on this one.

I believe that the Buckeye state is moving in the right direction to help protect animals. Better a little late than never, right?






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8 Comments on Ohio Makes Changes For Pit Bulls and Exotic Animals This Week.

  1. I totally agree..better late than never!! When I lived there, I thought there was always a leash law…but maybe the tethering takes it a step further. That is a very good thing. There are way too many people that don’t take into account that they should NEVER tether the dog and leave it out in all kinds of conditions. It makes me so mad when people leave their dogs in HOT cars!!! I have been know to make an emergency phone call!!

  2. That’s good news!! At least there are some positive changes.

    However, some breeds aren’t so lucky here. Pitbulls, Rotties, GSDs and the other three breeds in Malaysia are listed as banned breeds just a couple of days ago. Sigh!!!

  3. So what does the permit fee have to do with having exotic pets? It seems every time government regulates it is always an excuse to tax. That I have a problem with. The change to the BSL law seems sensible, as does the change to the tethering law. You know how I feel about regulating raffles…

  4. Sounds like ‘Big Brother’ at work to me! Sure, perhaps rules and regulations governing exotic animal ownership of animals that absolutely do not belong in the private sector; animal species with a reputation for being dangerous or lethal. To group all exotic animals into one category is the lazy man’s out and too imposing on people, in general. Where is the line going to be drawn between our rights as citizens in the United States and the Government dictating our every whim with consequences? Not fair; and, I don’t like it at all; and, neither should you. If people do not unite and take a stand to protect themselves against Government enactments, we, the people of the United States will eventually become victims of a dictatorship, our Government. The Government cannot even control themselves; so, why allow them to get into our business? I feel the same way about State Governments. We are allowing the Governments to herd us around like sheep, and doing nothing to stop their interference in our rights as citizens in what is suppose to be a free Country. Agreed and accepted, regulations of animals that plainly do not belong in a private home should be scrutinized; but again, to lump all exotic species under one big umbrella is just plain stupid! All the Government is doing is making its’ citizens go underground to get away from its’ control, because if someone wants an illegal pet, they’re going to do whatever it takes to have what they want. There has to be a compromise between the entities of you and me. Use your brains people! Fight for your rights.

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