Last week I was out of commission for the better part of the week due to some minor dental work that I had done. It was minor work that turned into a major pain in my mouth because I didn’t follow the rules that dentist told me to follow after the procedure.

Restrict your activity for the remainder of the day.

I took that as get everything done you can possibly get done before the Novocaine and pain medicine wears off, so I ran to the bank, took the dogs for a long walk in the park, and did some chores around the house.

Then the swelling began and the blood began to flow, which resulted in 2 more days of restricted activity and a heavy dose of pain killers.

Lesson learned.

By the time I was allowed off of restricted activity I could see the ants running around in Leroy’s pants so I made plans to get him out to burn off some of his neglected energy.

I made plans for him to work.

And by work I mean hauling some wood.

My parents had a large tree limb that had come crashing down in their yard a few weeks ago and we were there to collect some firewood.

Bobby and my husband where in charge of cutting the wood up and they used modern technology to haul their wood.

Where as Leroy and I did things the old fashioned way.

Manual labor is what I like to call this.

Alright, it’s light manual labor.

We don’t want to overdo things.

The only problem was that when I picked the cart up to hook it up to Leroy the side fell off. Which left us with a half broken cart.

Not a problem. It still was able to function.

Until I misguided a turn and the the wheel hit my Mom’s flower box and cracked the axle.

“What happened to the axle?” my husband asked as we walked past him?

“Huh?” I said.

“The axle, it’s cracked. What happened?” He asked.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, that. Leroy accidentally hit the flower box.” I replied.

“Leroy hit it?” Aren’t you suppose to be guiding him?” He asked

“Look, dude. It was a tight turn and we’re just beginners. Back off.” I said hastily.

But the cart was still able to function and my husband advised me to keep the loads light before “the whole damn cart just falls apart.”


I’ll keep the loads light and I’ll pay attention.

So besides the cart falling apart the whole process worked pretty well for us. We  were able to work on maneuvering the cart, sit commands, back commands and stay commands.

It was a little tough to get Leroy in the “working” state of mind and it was a little tough to get myself in the “trust” state of mind.

You know, trust Leroy that he actually has the capabilities to work.

But after a few treks and a few minor disagreements of who was in charge,  I would like to think that we made quite a good team.

Broken cart and all.

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74 Comments on Monday Mischief. Breaking The Cart Mischief

  1. Oh Jen! I’m so sorry to hear about your dental fiasco…I can sure relate to that. I’ve been through it. Hope you are much better now!! Looks like it was a real family affair this weekend trying to teach Leroy the whole carting thing! He is a DOLL!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

    • Thanks Jeanne. I’m a big baby when it comes to dental issues and this was horrible! I am feeling better now:)
      Leroy did pretty good with the whole carting thing giving the fact that I just kind of threw him into it!

  2. I want to snuggle even more now with Leroy because

    1- he is the 1st place Pet Advisor winner
    2- he looks so darn cute pulling that cart

  3. Cool isn’t it? Even with a broken cart. Brut is my firewood guy and helps me haul it in the winter. He’s terrible about pulling me down the road, but we have this whole routine when we haul in the wood and we have such a blast together. :)

    So who was trying to be convince that Leroy was capable of working? Him or you?? :)

    Sorry to hear about your dental problems. I would have done the same thing if a doctor told me to take it easy!! BOL!

    • It is so cool and fun!
      It was me trying to convince myself that Leroy was capable of working and I think Leroy was a bit surprised with himself too:)

  4. I had to make one of my employees go home and rest after major dental work. It is trauma to the body. Lesson learned, right?

    Leroy looks very regal with his wagon. Carting isn’t easy. I visited a woman who did carting with. Her newfies. (Back when i entertained notions about. Carting with mango). Heck, I couldn’t even figure out how to get the harness on.

    Mango Momma

    • It is, and I wasn’t prepared for it because that was not the plan, it was only suppose to be a root canal but turned into much more. Lesson learned:)

      LOL, we have had issues with the harness. I still don’t understand it, I have to have my husband put it on. Again, it’s a “following directions” thing!

  5. You crack me up. You must keep your husband laughing all of the time. Look Dude! :)

    I just love that you have a cart and put Leroy to work. It reminds me that I need to get hopping and get Jasper to another sheep herding lesson.

    • LOL, my husband, bless his heart, was pretty annoyed with me on this day. He had to keep stopping what he was doing to help me and then I kept breaking things and then he stopped talking to me:)

    • You know why? Cause it’s a decorative cart, we know that, just wanted to see if it the boys would like the idea. We’re going to build a new one, more heavy duty:)

  6. OMG if you don’t remind me of myself. My husband will get in the car and say, what’s that noise? And I’ll say, “what noise?” “Don’t you hear that?” Nah…I just turn the radio up. LOL

    Glad you are feeling better.

  7. The cart is looking great! It looks like Leroy’s really got a handle on it!

    Do you think you’ll go pro and aim to enter drafting trials?

    Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who calls her husband “dude” from time to time!

    • Ha-ha! Thanks Jen! I thought of you and your cart when ours broke!

      I’m not sure if we’ll ever make it to enter draft trials. I would love to, just don’t know if we could compete at that level.

  8. LOL… always something, right? But everything worked out in the end and manual labor fun was had by all, right? :)

    So… is fixing the broken axle on the Honey-Do list for this coming weekend??? :)

    • It is always something…..and this is why my middle name is MESS!

      Not sure when the hubby will get around to fixing to it, I’m not bringing it up at the moment:)

  9. Mama, don’t you know your role? Mamas are there to supervise. They can’t be blamed for little things like broken axles. And Leroy looks to be a good working dog!

    • Thanks Caren! all better!
      I actaully would love to have him pull the kids in the snow with a sled, but now I’m afraid I’ll break the sled!

  10. You know, carting has always looked like a lot of fun to me. But I have coonhounds. One squirrel or stray cat and the cart would be flying to the nearest tree!! LOL

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