I had a rough week at work last week.

It’s not all puppies and kittens all the time.


Sometimes it’s a week full of cat pee, bunny bites and achy knees.

Instead of listing all the bad things that happened in a negative way I’m going to try and look at the positive side of  it all so that this week I can head on in with a smile on my face.

Here it goes:

1. At least the cat that peed all over me didn’t have to poop too.

2. At least I didn’t get bit on Thursday when my whole morning was booked with “Will Bite” patients.

3. At least the police dog that came in for his appointment right after his bite work training was too tired to continue his training on me when the vet took his temperature.

4. At least the other cat that peed and pooped on me did not have to puke.

5. At least the spunky lab that dragged me all over the floor during his exam let me use him to get up when my knees refused to lift me up off the ground.

6. At least I was wearing socks when that dog that we had to induce vomiting on puked on my crocs.

7. At least the dog that had stress colitis all over his cage didn’t get the diarrhea on his face.

8. At least the bunny that was biting my left boob as the vet trimmed his nails only left a bruise on my boob and didn’t take a chunk of it with him. I had to tell the vet three times he was biting me before she finally heard me. “He’s biting me. He’s biting me. He’s biting my boob, please make him stop.”

Here’s to hoping this week is filled with a little less mischievous pets!

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68 Comments on How About We Keep The Work Mischief To A Minimum This Week.

  1. Wow. Those seems to be some rusty silver linings!

    Well, on behalf of all people who seek vet care – thank you to you and your coworkers for all you put up with! That much bodily fluid takes a much bigger person than I to handle with any sort of grace and humour.

    • Ha-ha! Thanks Jen, Some days/weeks are worse than others-it seems like it all comes at once, but in reality the good outweighs the bad for sure, although the older I get it seems like the more I need some recovery time!!

  2. I dont work with animals but it sound a bit crazy like my day job, Im a special ed teacher. When a kid is running away or throwing something at me I try to be thankful that it is rarely boring and I really do love the kids as Im sure you love your patients

    urban hounds

    • Yes! There is rarely a boring day, which is good! Everyday brings something new!
      A special ed teacher is amazing and I bet can be trying at times. Thank you for doing what you do!

  3. OMD the bunny bit your left one?!!! BOL! Oh I know it’s not funny Hahahhahhaha! I’m sorry you got a booboo on your er ..left one – like you said at least it was just a bruise :)

    Waggin at ya,

  4. And I thought I had a bad week!! You know, I bet very few people ever stop to think about what a vet’s office is really like day to day. (If they did, more pets would have collars and leashes at the vet’s… just for starters.)

  5. Oh Jen! I only see the side of the vet from when we go in and my dogs love the vet!

    So forgive me for this but, you got a bunny boob boo. :-)

    And you said Jenny Jugs had nothing to do with your boobs! xoxo

  6. You know it’s been a rough week when your post starts off with “I had a rough work at week.” instead of a “rough week at work.”

    Sorry but that had me laughing and all kinds of sympathetic to you! Hugs Jenny Jugs, and keep those away from the bunnies. >.<

  7. Err…”3. At least the police dog that came in for his appointment right after his bite work training was too tired to continue his training on me when the vet took his temperature.”

    Any potential police dog that can’t discriminate between the bite sleeve/a real criminal and anything that is not work should not be in the police force!

  8. LOL… and here I was thinking “at least the old man who came to the lobby to pick up his newspaper was wearing pants” last week… and “too bad the lady who came to see me in her house coat didn’t think she had to put a bra on”… oh the joys of having your office in a 55+ residenital building!

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