We had a pretty lazy weekend, which doesn’t happen very often around here. To be honest it was actually quite nice to lounge around in my pj’s all weekend.

It was pretty difficult to motivate myself to get the dogs out for a walk each day but I did it because the days of hiking in the woods behind our house are quickly coming to an end as I watch Mother Nature try to make up her mind up of which season she would like Northeast Ohio to be in.

Winter or Spring?

We only walk in the woods behind our house in the winter due to the unsavory conditions it’s in at other times of the year. As soon as Spring hits, the area will be covered in mud and will not be passable for us until Summer, of which, it will be too warm for the dogs to go for a long hike.


So for now I must take advantage of Mother Nature’s uncertainty, get out of my pj’s and savor the days that we have left of walking in the woods.

Now, which way should we go?

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33 Comments on Taking Advantage Of Mother Nature’s Uncertainty

  1. Same around here. Although our problem isn’t mud but tourist once spring and summer hits. Too many people all at once. It is one thing I will miss when the warmer weather hits.

    Hope you enjoyed your walk!

  2. We are always out walking but mom really hates spring as it is such a messy time of year and us dogs, especially me get so dirty. We are getting a load of snow right now, so that means a few more good days of walking until that melty mess starts again. Enjoy the woods!

  3. Our snow has turned to mostly ice which makes walking difficult. We wanted to take the dogs for a walk through the forest around the cabin this weekend, but there was too much deep snow and ice. We have the same problem once Spring hits in full gear, then the bugs come out so we don’t head to the forest. Fall and early Spring are the best times to walk there.

    Glad you were able to get out a bit. :) Wonderful photos.

  4. Wow! We’re in spring here, hayfever and all. We had sun this weekend (along with some rain and a little hail) and Jack Frost visited last night, but the weather is great.

    I’m bummed about no snow, but if the option is getting none or getting dumped on, I’ll be thankful for the lack of snow :)

  5. We usually have to take summer off from hiking here because its too hot and I worry about that for Bunny, although we’ve found that often if we go early in the morning, they can tolerate it for a short hike. We do tend to hike a lot more in the winter, though, and it certainly brings us some great views!

  6. What handsome boys you have. :) I face the same dilemma every morning with my chickens and ducks, not wanting to spend an hour outside in 30 degree weather, just watching them forage. *sigh* But it’s worth it, isn’t it?

  7. My big beef with hiking in the spring is the bugs. There are too darn many bugs! We deal with the mud by hosing off when we get home. Of course I have a sweetie that likes to roll in deer doo, so there are baths sometimes too. LOL

  8. Well, there’s no snow down here…and it surely isn’t as cold here either, though today is “chilly” and mom hates chilly. She would never get out of her pjs and take me for a hike in the snow. Those are some lucky dogs to be out frolicing in the snow!

  9. Oh, how we wish the Momster thought like you do – we can’t get her to take us for a walk unless she has smooth, dry, clear pavement under her human paws – too risky for her to fall, she says:(

    Enjoy one of those hikes for us.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Thankfully for both us, Newfs are happy cold-weather dogs!

    I am definitely not looking forward to the muddy season. Fingers crossed for a quick winter-straight-to-summer transition (not likely!).

  11. Gosh, I really would love some of that snow! It’s 79F here in Houston, Texas!!! Yuck! Keep meaning to much to your pups weigh? I love how huge they are!

  12. My mom is in West Chester and she’s not excited about the snow that is coming – at least you can get out with your boys and have some fun!!

  13. If I was there I’d go every which way and keep playing until I had to come in for dinner – oh how I wish Mother Nature would get confused and give us some snow in California, even just once?! :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  14. I can’t imagine how messy your guys would be if you tried to walk through there once mud season sets in! Glad you are enjoying the walks while you can. :-)

  15. That must be so fun just to be able to pop on some pajamas and go for a walk in the wooods with these two beauties, ugh I need some country roads in my life…or forest hikes would do :)

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