I have to apologize for not being around much lately but we are in the midst of a teachers strike in the city where I live and I have been focusing all my attention and energy on staying up to date on information regarding the strike so that I can make decisions regarding Bobby and Gracie who are directly affected by this. I hope to be back to regular blogging in a few days.

It’s been a few weeks, wait maybe it’s only be a few days, since I’ve given you the latest “State of the MyBrownNewfies Health Status.”



Sherman shows no signs of any issues with his chest, at all. Done and gone. His ACL injury, which was doing very well until his “I’m going to herd the sheep” episode, has gone from good to o.k. He’s limping intermittently, usually after he over does it, of which we are trying to avoid.

His cold laser therapy treatment is set to start on March 13th because that was the soonest we could get in. I’m really excited to get this started and I will be sure to give you updates as we go because I know that several people were interested to see how this treatment works for Sherman.



Leroy’s ears are going to be the death of me. A slow painful death. Even though I have been diligently following all the recommended treatments his ears are still a mess. We go from bacteria to yeast and back to bacteria and treat accordingly.  At his last recheck on Tuesday the vet cursed when she looked in his ears.

Since Leroy’s ears are so darn big we were thinking that maybe the medicine wasn’t getting down deep enough in the canal so we started using oral syringes to apply the medicine. With the oral syringes we were able to get a bit deeper down in the canal, but it didn’t work as well as we had hoped.

Right now we continue to treat both ears and keep our paws crossed.

Leroy has been such a trooper with all these treatments.  90% of the time he lets me do what  I need to do. The other 10% he’s running away from me as soon as he sees me grab the medicine. One time I may or may not have had him in figure four head lock on the floor. (Yeah, picture that:)

As far as the diet is concerned I would like to thank everyone who joined in on our Raw Food discussion! I learned so much and was provided with a lot of excellent resources to educate myself on this diet from many of you. I still have no idea if we are going to go this route but I am intrigued.




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  1. If it isn’t one thing its 20 it seems. Life has a way of happening like that doesn’t it Jen? Just keep on with what is important..Hoping the school situation is figured out soon for Gracie and Bobby’s sake.

  2. Hope everything works out for the kids school and Leroy’s ear! I can’t wait to hear about the lasor therapy… we tried acupuncture and realized that’s not an option for Corbin and his insane anxiety/hyper/crackerdog ways. So I’ve been looking into the lasor therapies.
    -Corbin’s momma, Jenn

  3. Poor Leroy. Have you thought about a supplement to try to help boost his immune system? The vet suggested that we may want to consider that for Freighter if he continues to have ear issues. She recommended one that she thought was good.

    Count me as one very interested to hear how Sherman’s treatments go. Hope they help him.

    Hope the teacher issue gets resolved too soon. :)

    • I asked the vet about this the other day. She told me to ask the doc that we are going to see for laser therapy this week if he has any suggestions. Do you know the name of what she recommended?

      On a side note we may have found the right cocktail of ear medicine for his ears. We started a new treatment on Thursday and I am really happy with the results!!!

  4. Poor Leroy! Poor you for dealing with all of this!

    Although I am highly amused at the thought of you trying to get Leroy in a head lock to get that medicine in. I had a hard enough time with Blueberry and she’s only 40 pounds…so I can just imagine the hijinks that ensue with big ole Leroy! (Please provide video for our amusement. Or not…)

  5. Schooner had a terrible time with ear infection and I was putting meds in and it always can back. I did some research and found that it could be the grain. I put Schooner on Fromm Grain Free Dog food and we have not had one ear infection in over a year. We went for our annual check up and the ear are great! Have you concerned a Grain Free Dog Food? I tried many kinds before I found one for my very picky dog. Schooner coat is so nice and soft …the vet even comment on Schooner’s coat. I am sure it is from the Fromm Grain Free Dog Food. Check out Fromm and give it a try and see if Leroy’s ears will clear up.
    We have it delivered right to our home for free. Here is the website http://frommfamily.com/ it will give you a retailer that is close to you. The retailer will give you samples to try! Good Luck!
    I work in a school system…it is the students that suffer! There should be a better way than a strike!


    • Hi Sharon!

      Thank you for the suggestion! So glad that the Fromm Grain Free food is working for Schonner!
      Leroy has always been on a grain free food:((( I’ve always tried to avoid an allergy issue like this:(((

      As far as the strike-yes you are 100% the students are the one who are suffering!

  6. Thanks for the update. I have heard that ear infections can be related to allergy issues and that raw diets can be great for dogs with allergies. We have dabbled a little but since Chester and Gretel have to allergy issues I didn’t notice much of a difference (same goes for grain-free food too). I hope you guys get it figured out though. I am guessing that putting Leroy in a head lock in challenging :)

  7. Wow, you’ve got a full plate.

    I’ve just started working with essential oils and I will find out what might help Leroy and let you know. :-)

    Hang in there Jenny Jugs. xoxo

  8. Lady, why you wanna go gives my mum ideas bout head locks? Nows I will gets to look forward to dis in da future.
    Well, I is glad your household is goin’ like mine…MORE trips to da vet.
    But I am glad Sherman’s chest is all betters, now if we can get him not to herd sheep.
    Leroy, I think da oral syringe was genius!


  9. Long earred dogs are adorable (like Poodles) but the ears can be a constant concern. Hope you find a cure that works and your teachers get the strike settled.

  10. I’m sorry you’re having so many troubles with Leroy and his ear, and poor Sherman’s ACL sounds like something I really want to avoid! I hope you turn the corner soon!

  11. The mental image of you with a giant Newf in a headlock made my afternoon. So thanks for that. I hope it was as fun as I pictured! 😉

    Good to know they are not getting any worse, at least. My fingers will be crossed that the laser therapy makes a difference. And that the kids get back to school sooner rather than later!

  12. Wow…so much going on and so much to worry about. I hope things get squared away soon. I have terrible ears too, mostly due to allergies, but they are always getting icky with bacteria and yeast…on and on. Prescriptions only work until they stop working and it makes mom nuts.

  13. Like Sharon G. I feed the Fromm’s grain-free and since switching over two years ago Gizmo’s allergies and itching have all but disappeared…I am currently using a supplement called Nupro to strengthen his immune system which should help with his flea bite allergy…In only two weeks I do see a difference in his coat…It’s thicker and softer

  14. Bad news for Leroy’s ears, maybe you should tie them on the top of his head, so they can dry out….just kidding. We have no ideas. Hope you find a solution soon, for all your sakes.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    SHE says SHE knows what wrestling scotties for medication is like, can’t imagine a newfie.

  15. Ear infections are awful. If Leroy is only uncooperative 10% of the time, I’d say that is pretty darned awesome (except the time you had to wrestle him… I can’t imagine how tough that would have been). I hope Sherman’s treatment goes well. Best of luck to both brownies.

  16. Well, after years of ear issues my mom swears by that homemade remedy. We aren’t much for trying that kind of stuff normally but it did the trick for my chronic ear issues so we are sticking with it. Hope Leroy gets his ears straight soon.

  17. You doing the whole headlock thing is just such a visual image!! Best of luck to you on it though, I know it’s hard and frustrating dealing with stuff like that too! Hope both pups are better fast!!! They are soooo freakin’ cute!!!

  18. I know nothing about wrestling, so I had to look up what a “figure four lock” was. But now that I know, I wish you had pictures!

    Glad to hear Sherman is ok, and count me among those interested to hear about the laser treatment. I’m picturing a scene from Goldfinger. Accurate, right?

  19. Life is never dull at your house!! Man, my life feels so boring . .but seriously, I hope everyone is on the mend and your kids are back in school soon! Hang in there!!

  20. I truly hope things get better for the fellow, we are across the big pond in the UK. We have a friend who is a vet also and pops into our store from time to time i will mention this to him and maybe he can advise and I will let you know his comments. I not saying your Vet is not doing a great job but maybe they just might have some extra advice for you. I will send you some positive thoughts you have a lovely dog.

  21. I just stumbled across your blog looking for newfies with knee injuries today and saw this post. What are you feeding your dog with ear issues? My old girl always had gross ears until i moved her to Natural balance duck and potato and then with in 2 weeks her ears were PERFECT again. I also use epiotic to clean them out. Smells odd but works and you can get it on amazon.

  22. Thanks for the update. Sorry about the strike and the ear infections; hoping for a quick resolution to everything going on in your world. You have such a full plate. And here I am whining about a cold and hayfever with the dogs. Oh and arthritis.

  23. Looking forward to hearing about the laser therapy, and hope it works! ACL tears are no fun.

    Sorry to hear that Leroy’s ears are not really improving. Poor guy. And poor you. I don’t think putting him in a headlock would be very fun for either of you!

  24. Goodness, hope all the dogs’ health issues get resolved soon. It does make you wonder if the ear infection is related to a food issue (or could be improved by avoiding a certain type of food). Good luck getting everything all figured out!

  25. Good luck with the teacher’s strike… as (I think) I said on FB, people suck! =) I think Leroy and Sophie must share that same PITA ear syndrome! :)

  26. Sorry about the school strike. It must be mighty stressful.

    I hope that both dogs are doing much better very soon! I’m so sorry that Sherman tweaked his ACL again, and I hope that the laser helps.

    A really cool study recently came out about digestive enzymes in wolves versus dogs. It showed, at the DNA level, that dogs have rapidly (in an evolutionary time frame) developed very different digestive capabilities than wolves. The bottom line from the article was that dogs are very very different from wolves in terms of digestion so their diet should be different as well (it should not be completely meat and it can include carbs because dogs have plenty of enzymes to digest carbs). I thought that you might be interested…

    • The strike is so stressful!

      Thanks for the info on the study that is so interesting! I would love to read more about!

  27. We battle ear infections with Ty, so I’m feeling your pain with Leroy’s ears. It seems strange that a food allergy would manifest like this all at once if you hadn’t recently changed his food (or the formula wasn’t changed). I wonder if a holistic vet might be able to help get his system back in balance so his ears would clear up.

    • I’m sorry to hear you battle ear infections with Ty too! It’s no fun! I have my doubts about the food allergy, but I’ll give it a try at this point. We are going to see a holistic doc this week for Sherman so I’m gonna see if I get some suggestions for Leroy:) However, we started a new medication Thursday and within 2 days Leroy’s ears have drastically improved! I’m being cautiously optimistic at this point!

  28. Hi ya Mom-Jen :)

    Sounds like y’all have been having a lot of fun lately-Not. Goodness.

    So happy to hear Sherman is doing really really well! 😀

    And Leroy’s ears- urg – hopefully a solution that cures that issue will raise it’s head soon!

    On the raw diet, glad you got a lot of info on it. I’ve been on it for the last three years – doing great with it – I’m prone to allergies and between the Raw Diet and my Skin-ese supplement have not had an allergy flare up in over a year now. This makes my tail wag real fast 😀

    Keepin my paws crossed for Leroy :)

    Waggin at ya,

  29. Hi,

    Sounds like everyone is hanging in there which sometimes is the best you can do. We just went through an ear episode too and it’s so frustrating at times! Hope the boys are doing better though.

    For Sherman’s leg you may want to consider a brace from OrthoPets. Helps to stabilize the knee and prevent further tearing until you can get it fixed. They are great and will customize the brace to his leg. We used it for Foyle and he could walk, run, even swim with it on! http://orthopets.com/


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