Today I was hoping that you could help me spread the word about Tov.

Tov has been missing for almost TWO WEEKS now and I would love more than anything for him to be found.

I have no direct connection with Tov or his owner and I learned that he was missing from Lost & Found Paws of the U.P.

Here is the information that I have on Tov:


~ $500 REWARD ~ PLEASE CALL 906-370-9444 ~
TOV is a 4 year old neutered male black and white Newfoundland who went missing from Red Brick Road 6 miles West HOUGHTON CANAL ROAD on 3-5-13. Tov has a very pronounced limp due to right hip malformation present at birth. An extensive search throughout the area was done on snowshoes and there were no tracks or trace of Tov. It is believed that he is not in the vicinity anymore.
If you have seen Tov or have ANY information please contact Liz at 906-370-9444. No questions asked. Thank you!

Additional information that has been posted since he first went missing:

**On Mon. 3-11-13 Tov was spotted at 5:30pm behind the EERC (Electrical Engineering building at Michigan Tech) but was not found.

**He could be heading north/south on snowmobile trails, crossed the canal to Hancock/Ripley, gone back into Houghton, he could be anywhere

Tov’s owner says that “he would not be able to outrun anyone. PLEASE, PLEASE if anyone see’s him try to contain him. A few personals about him….He will not be able to climb into a vehicle let alone a truck. I have a special ramp for him with a non-skid surface as his right hind quarter is very weak. He has his own method of boarding and usually takes a few minutes to get psyched up and lined up before he will climb the ramp. When he is unsure of something or someone, he typically just melts to the ground and puts his face between his paws. I have never seen any side of him that wasn’t gentle and kind. He loves kids, too and is fascinated with babies.”

If anyone has any information or knows where Tov is, it is very important that he gets home. He has been missing for over 2 weeks and has not been on his medication for his hip malformation so he MUST BE IN A LOT OF PAIN. PLEASE HELP TO GET HIM HOME TO HIS FAMIY WHOM MISSES HIM IMMENSLY.
CALL OR TEXT 906-370-9444 or CALL (no text) 906-337-0624 or 906-370-8432. PLEASE keep him with you until someone gets there, he is friendly, BUT CALL ASAP because we may not be at the computer to see your post.

Even if you don’t live near Michigan please share, tweet, pin and do what you do best to help Tov be reunited with his owner. You never know who might see it and so many pets have been found through social networking and hopefully it will work for Tov too!

Thank you for helping me spread the word and let’s all say a little prayer for Tov today!




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45 Comments on Please Help Find Tov. #LostDog In #Michigan

  1. Oh dear, that’s terrible. We hope he’s found soon and reunited with his family. Hope someone reading your blog can help.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. The weather has been very bad up there this past week. I shared this on FB and some of my friends who have friends in that area shared it. I hope they find him. I hope, for his sake, someone took him in.

    • I’ve been reading that the weather is not good up there and I keep picturing him wandering around out there all alone. It would be great if someone took him in and just hasn’t been able to put the pieces together!

  3. I hope he’s found! What an awful time of year to go missing. Of course I’ll share it, too!

    I’m not sure if I’m going to BlogPaws or not. It depends on whether I can get some sponsorship!

    • I know this hits so close to home for you and you are the one who inspired to keep sharing and spread the word!
      Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, I am saying a prayer right now…I was hoping Tov had been found by now! This is very upsetting. I reposted from your previous post just in case, however I live in NC:( Good luck & please keep us updated, thanks. Godspeed.

  5. I have over 3000 followers at @catchatcaren—-tweeted there and I tweeted under @dakotasheltie with over 1400 followers and posted on facebook. Praying this dog hasn’t been sold to someone :(

  6. Oh poor Tov…His family must be missing him terribly…I’ll share this post where I can and urge others to do the same…Just curious…is Tov a Newf or a Landseer? just wondering

    • I would just call him a black and white Newfoundland so as not to confuse anyone, but he looks to be a landseer which is a Newfoundland.In Europe the landseer is considered to be a different breed but here in the US and Canada it is considered a Newfoundland.

  7. We have so many lost dogs up this way, it’s crazy… but we have a good non-profit that was organized out of lots of us searching for 1 dog in particular several years ago. I help when I can, but man are those ladies DEDICATED to searching, trapping & reuniting hundreds of dogs!

    • That is so great that you have good non-profit that does the searching and it’s so great that you have been able to help!

  8. Well,Ma’s a total dork and won’t let me have a twitter account (somethin’ abouts me using HBO words too often….what? I’m a dog, how many HBO words do I know??? BOL) Butts, I will keep my paws crossed for Tov, and hope and pray that some sweet angel picked him up and is keepin’ him safe and warm til his peeps can find him.

    • Thank you so much for sharing to your readers Josh! That is very much appreciated. The more people who see it, hopefully the better.

      • No problem Jen, wish we could do more. Feel free to post some pictures of Tov on our facebook page to help motivate others to share. Somebody knows where he is. Dogs have been missing a lot longer than Tov and have managed to be returned home safely. Keep spreading the word.

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