Saturday was National Puppy Day, a special day set aside to love and appreciate the joy that puppies bring to our lives. National Puppy Day was founded by Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige, a tireless advocate for the rights and well-being of dogs and other animals.

Even though I’m a few days late for National Puppy Day I thought I would take this chance to celebrate Sherman and Leroy’s puppyhood and share a bit about each of them and how they came to join our family.

sherman scan0002

I waited a long time for Sherman and the day we drove to Michigan to pick him up was a very memorable day for me. Forget the fact that we almost died on our drive up there because we drove through a torrential downpour for half of the trip and my life flashed before my eyes several times on the highway, but all that fear went away as soon as we pulled into our destination and the breeder scooped Sherman up and plopped him in my arms.

After almost a year of waiting, I was holding my first little brown newfie and I would of drove through anything to get him.

Sherman did not feel quite the same about me at first.

He didn’t even give me a puppy kiss for quite awhile.

Actually, he wouldn’t even look at me for quite some time.



When we headed home I really wanted to just hold Sherman in my arms the whole ride back but he wanted nothing to do with me. We sat in the back seat together but Sherman sat as far away from me as he could and never looked at me. I would try to scoot close to him and he would scoot farther away from me.

I felt bad.

When we got home, things weren’t much better and Sherman just sat in the corner for a long time not wanting anything to do with anybody.

It only took Sherman a few days to warm up to his new life and ever since then he hasn’t left my side.

Leroy is a whole other story.

Leroy came from the same breeder as Sherman but in between she moved from Michigan to North Dakota.

Leroy was grey boy. (based on the ribbons around their necks)


The breeder called me and said, “I have 2 potential show puppies, grey boy and red boy. You have to pick which one you want. I’m not picking for you this time.”

She explained the qualities that each puppy had and then sent me pictures.

“It’s your choice. You get pick of the litter and I can’t make up my mind because they are both great boys.”

My husband and I stared at the pictures forever. We couldn’t make up our minds.

Finally, after days of staring at grey and red puppy and talking things over with the breeder we picked grey puppy.

I’ll never forget it.

Grey boy it is.


Grey puppy was flown to us since making a road trip to North Dakota just wasn’t going to happen and as soon as I laid eyes on grey puppy I knew he was the one for us.

It was such a different experience with Leroy because he was a pistol as soon as we let him out of his crate at the airport. He came out struttin his stuff like he owned the joint. Not a hesitation in his little fuzzy body.

His confidence never changed as he came into our home for the first time, he checked out his new digs and claimed his new home with pride and a piddle in the middle of kitchen.


It’s hard to imagine that they were both so small at one time.

Such little fluff balls that grew into big fluff balls.

What about you? Have you taken a trip down puppy lane lately with your dog?

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76 Comments on A Trip Down Puppy Lane

    • Thanks Sue! Puppyhood is just so much fun, from the looks of what I have seen you are loving it with Rosie and I’m jealous!

  1. Look how freakn’ cute those boys were…and still are! Wonder why he wouldn’t let you sit next to him in the car? Maybe he was missing his littermates??

    • Thanks Jeanne! Sherman was actually considered the “shy” puppy of the litter, so we kind of expected it, but I was still a little sad at first!

  2. Funny you should ask. SHE was just looking at puppy photos the other day!

    Those boys were so cute. Had to laugh at Leroy just struttin his stuff in the airport.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    • Puppy pictures are just the best. aren’t they? I’m so glad I have some of both Sherman and Leroy and I bet you girls were so adorable as puppies!

  3. They were both really adorable puppies. I’m glad you chose Grey, Leroy is a perfect fit:-)
    I go over getting Lexie and Mica all the times would take a whole blog just to explain getting Lex :-)

    • Thanks, I’m glad I picked grey too although I sometimes wonder what red is like too, but I wouldn’t trade Leroy for anything!

      I would love to hear the story behind Lexi!

  4. Mom talks to us about our puppy days quite often. My sis and I are very different breeds and our beginnings with mom were also different. I was a total baby, cried a lot, my sister never looked back and moved right in, so I guess each pup is just different. Now that I am 6, I still cry at times and am a real baby, so some things never change :)

    • You are so right Emma, every pup is different and that’s a good thing!

      I can’t picture you being a baby! You seem so confident!

  5. Wow. I can’t believe the differences in both boys and how they came to live with you. I am so glad Sherman warmed up to you. It made me sad that he chose to keep his distance from you on the ride home.

    I am sure what changed his mind was seeing your hair flip. It was bound to happen. :)

    Jasper and his sister were the only puppies I have had since my first dog. They both came in as scared and skittish little things. They puked in the car on the way home. After baths, they seemed to slowly come to life. You know how I knew they were settling in? They left shredded stuffed dog toys from one end of the living room to the other. :)

    • It made me sad too:) LOL-shhhhh about the hair flip thing-I’ve got nothin on what I was thinking with that the other night! I have to turn my phone off when I’m out from now on:)

      I love that Jasper and his sister shredded toys when they were all settled in! That is great!

  6. I love your stories! My Dad and I picked Sam up – he turned into a ninja whenever my Dad had him and my Dad kept asking “Are you sure this is the one?”


  7. Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Baby puppy pictures!! What a couple of adorable fur balls! We adopted Pip when he was 4, but I SO WISH we could have seen him as a puppy!

  8. I posted a puppy picture of our chocolate lab, Sally on our FB page for Puppy day – and called her a little bundle of chocolate goodness. These guys are too…bigger bundles, but delicious!

  9. Love to hear your stories about the boys. We can all relate on some level. I’m not surprised that Sherman was a bit aloof and that Leroy showed he was a pip right away.

    MY Puppy stories –
    My first Newfoundland (years ago) was a brown. The person I was with at the time and myself drove 3 hours to pick him up. There were two puppies left from the litter and we had to choose when we got there. It was tough. We made our choice and bundled the big boy into the car for the ride home.

    He sat with his nose in the corner of the back seat and didn’t look at either one of us the whole way home. It was very disheartening. He was obviously quite peeved that we had taken him away from his pack and did not want a thing to do with us. It took about a week of love before he came around.

    This time around our pups where chosen by me based on that “aloofness” that Sherman showed you. They both sat by themselves while their litter mates crowded around for attention. Buddy is about a year older than Bea and was very small when we got him so he became part of our pack almost immediately.

    Bea girl was an older pup (5 months) and part of a large litter that the breeder was still trying to sell. Her mother was imported in to the US from the Netherlands; both parents were on site plus 4 other of her litter mates total 7 dogs! The adult dogs and puppies crowded around Alex and I to be petted and loved. I was torn between choosing the only male puppy they had or going with a female. I felt something staring at me and looked around to find Bea girl sitting about 15 feet away and just observing the whole situation; wanting nothing to do with what was going on. So she is the one I chose. She had never left the breeders house (vet visits happened right there). We lifted her hefty, 5 month old puppy arse into the back seat and she dropped down onto the floor and just huddled there. When we got her home, she shot out of the car and bolted into the dark. Luckily Alex tore off after her and captured her. We brought her into the house to meet Buddy but she smelled so bad we had to keep her in our mud room for the night. We called our groomer the next morning but couldn’t get Bea in for a bath until the following day. Something had to be done because she STANK! Off we went to the DIY doggie bath and was able to get some of the stench off of her. She had a rough time in the beginning trying to figure out this new pack but food was a good motivator for her and she came around.

    Needless to say, both independent puppies have grown into brother and sister dogs that have us wrapped around their paws. They are both very smart and have been the center of our world ever since.

    • Your story of your Newfs made me smile Vicki! Thank you for sharing!

      Why didn’t I know that your first Newf was a brown?

      I’m so glad that Buddy and Bea have grown into such wonderful members of your family!

  10. I always trip down Puppy Lane, it’s such a nice wonderful place for me. With Sampson of course. He came to us at 8 weeks. Delilah was a full-grown 18 month old puppy when she came to us. I still can’t break that dog!

    Those are some great memories Jen. It’s hard to look at them now and thin they were once that small. :-)

  11. They are so so so adorable! I bet it was very difficult to choose. Just look at those cute fuzzy brown faces!!! How could anyone resist? :)

  12. We had to drive down to CT to pick up Bailey from his foster Mom. He threw up the entire trip home. Thankfully we had covered the seats.

    At the bunny pictures this weekend there was a furball of golden pup and a super shy black lab pup. While they were adorable, I think I am at the Auntie stage now. I loved Bailey as a pup. I love looking at pups. However, I was so glad Katy wasn’t a pup.

  13. Since we’re fostering a puppy right now, every day is a walk down puppy lane. And they’re cute. But I’m not in a hurry to go back there. For me, the joy of a puppy is working with their potential.

    Interesting that you saw significant differences in Sherman and Leroy from the very beginning. Each one has his own personality for sure.

  14. I got my dogs as adults and missed (or maybe not) the puppy stage. I do find it so remarkable that puppies have their own personalities right from the beginning. Your guys sure show this.

  15. Pardon me, I just melted into a puddle of puppy goo! Oh my gosh were they cute! Not that they aren’t now, but what adorable fuzz balls!

    Kuster still reminds us on a regular basis that he’s still a puppy, but he doesn’t look like one these days. I recently was looking at some pictures from when we first brought him home with his floppy little ears! Gush!

  16. Puppies are so awesome! (And so much work!) We had our beagle, Bailey, from tiny puppyhood, and Abby we got at ~4 months, but Rita was almost 7 or 8 months when we got her. I’d LOVE to have had her as a pup – partly just to have gotten to enjoy how adorable she was then, but also to have helped her avoid whatever it was that scared her so, growing up on the “mean streets” in Mexico alone. Poor kid.

    Thanks for sharing so much adorable puppyness with us!

  17. OMD!! They were sooo small! And sooo cute!! Oh, I just love the adorable little balls of furs!
    I was born in Wisconsin, and had to fly to meet Ma. When we gots to California, well, let’s just say, I wasn’t happy! There were abouts 6 other doggies flyin’ with me (no lonely pups on this flight!) and everyone heard this one doggie whining and carrying on. Ma said, “oh, I feel sorry for the person THAT dog belongs too….YUPS! That is what she said. Til she found out it was HER she should feel sorry for!! BOL
    Well, I was so glads to get out of that box of doom ~ sorry, crate ~ that I kissed and loved on my Ma from the starts! (oh, I still love my crate…)

  18. EEEKKK!!!! Such cute puppy pictures of the boys!!! Love their stories too – especially Sherman ignoring you. How hurtful! It reminds me of a bad blind date! LOL

    I got Blueberry when she was 5 – so I can only imagine how she may have been as a puppy – probably even stinking cuter!

  19. I love those guys!!! Still the same giant puff balls of cuteness today!!! Thanks for telling their story! I wish could travel down puppy lane about Max but he was a stray that several super, awesome people helped along the way and saved his life so I’m just glad I have my BFF now :) Only been a little over a year since he graced my life and I can’t imagine life without my co-pilot in life :)
    Ok, I have to ask…how much dog food do you go through a week? Those are some big pups!!! Cutest ever though!!!

  20. LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH! I’m defintely going to go down puppy lane this week- such a great post idea!

    Your two are SO adorable as pups (they are now too :)) They’re such lovely balls of fluff. I’ve never met a newfie puppy, but after looking at your pics I think I need to change that.

    Having Del from a puppy was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. He taught me loads- much more than I’ve probably taught him.

    Thanks for the post.

    Rach & Del xxx

  21. So cute to see your puppy pics and read your stories, especially about Sherman taking so long to warm up to you :)

    Mum hasn’t had my puppy pics out in a while, but I’m sure they’ll be out again before I know it! :)

    Hope you’re having a fun day :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  22. Of course there are unique stories about how I found each of my furbabies…Only Murphy the Lab came from a breeder as a puppy and there’s even a strange story there which I should tell some time…Cecil and Bruno were both adults and again there were great stories…Gizmo was only 3-4 months old when I brought him home from the shelter so he was still a puppy but I missed that really young adorable stage…Sometimes I wish I had those baby puppy memories, but I’ve never had a moments regret about the choices I made

  23. OMG they were both absolutely adorable. So cute how they had different personalities, Cali was a little stand offish when we brought her home . .she missed her siblings!! They are both your big babies now!!

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