Spring sports started this weekend for the kids.

Bobby had his first baseball game of the season on Friday.

And Saturday.

And Sunday.

Gracie had her first soccer game on Saturday morning.


Mother Nature must of missed the memo that Spring sports are now underway and we need temps above fifty and not below forty.

We had a high wind advisory for Bobby’s Friday night game with temps in the forties.

It snowed for Gracie’s soccer game Saturday morning and Bobby’s Sunday morning baseball game was just plain cold.

So basically I spent the whole weekend freezing both my butt cheeks off, all of my fingers and all of my toes.

Mother Nature better get her act together before next weekend because I’m out of hand warmers.

How was your weekend?

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44 Comments on Game On. Despite The Weather.

  1. Crazy weather. But it looks like Sport waits for no one! Maybe you need a ski suit for Mother’s Day.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Good luck with that. Mother Nature has a lot of explaining to do this year. She gave us a couple of glorious days and lured things into blooming… then sent high winds to rip the blossoms off. Sigh…

  3. Oh yuck! We had snow too. But we were north at our cabin where there are still piles of snow. I huddled under a blanket the entire weekend. :) I am ready for some warmer temps and no wind!

  4. The kids here are all frustrated because all spring sports outdoors have been cancelled because of snow outside, maybe later this week they can start but once again tonight we are expecting snow…just crazy! At least your kids can play outside even if it is chilly!

  5. Mother Nature must be pissed at us huh? We had sun and melting on Saturday, after a major snowstorm on Thursday, and then rain yesterday and now, 6-8 inches of snow coming today. No joke.
    It’s starting to feel like Groundhog Day. Winter one day, spring the next, winter the nextday, spring the next…
    Love the photo! Might be my favorite one so far. :)

  6. Woof! Woof! Yes, odd weather. I think we are going to skip Spring … going to rain/snow in our area again tomorrow. Be safe and hope the kids are dressed up for the odd weather. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. We had a cool weekend too. Yesterday I had to break out the flannel lined pants to walk the dogs. Honestly, I thought it’d be a bit warmer! Stay warm!!

  8. Ha! We had snow, but I also didn’t have any soccer games to attend, so it was easy to spend time inside under blankets until it came to taking Moses and Alma out – who, of course, are thrilled by snow whenever they see it!

  9. I think Mother Nature must have a new phone and hasn’t figured out the calendar feature yet! Either that or else the GPS function has gotten her terribly lost!

  10. We are having a cold snap here in the DC area as well. It seems to happen every year right around the end of April. That’s why I always wait until the 1st weekend in May to plant all my flowers.

  11. Gorgeous photos, Jen!

    I’m looking forward to watching my grandson’s games. I don’t mind the cold as much as I hate it when it’s horribly hot and humid! I can always add another layer of clothes but there’s only so much that I can take off…



  12. Crazy, right? Most days this spring have been under 50 degrees for us. Generally, we see 60 and 70 degree weather by this time of year.

  13. Ha ha, I love this picture!

    Weather in the UK is crazy too. Saturday was boiling hot, so much so we sat in the garden catching some rays. On Sunday it rained all day and the jumpers came back out. Where have the seasons gone?

    Oh I’ve just found you on Instagram- so happy! Can’t wait to see more of your photos on there :)


  14. We had a VERY chilly race day in Maine yesterday (we skipped the one the night before in WAY UP THERE Maine)…. so I agree, we need some real Spring Sporting weather please!

    Love those pics!

  15. Oh, come on, Mother Nature! Get with it!

    Now … don’t hate me… but you asked… my weekend was really lovely and I even managed to get a little too much sun on my shoulders. Had to dig out the aloe vera last night. If it helps, we are supposed to get some rain on Wed/Thur. :)

  16. Do you use handwarmers for your butt cheeks? :) We’re having a similar spring here so I just ordered another case of hand warmers.

    That first photo is really vintage… I love it.

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