We had another super busy weekend filled with soccer, baseball and a very special occasion with Gracie making her First Communion.

What’s that?

You’d like to see some pictures.

Well o.k., maybe just one.


Or two………………


That’s Gracie’s cousin and my niece Eileen. They made their First Communion on the same day and then we had a big party to celebrate.


It was a really great day, but it was also a lot of work preparing for the day and that kept me pretty occupied for the week leading up to it.

Which left me not a lot of time to spend with the boys.

Which left the boys kind of bored.

Which led to them rebelling.

Which led to a very big hole or crater in my backyard.


Which is why there is an upside down wheelbarrow behind Sherman covering the hole that him and Leroy dug together and when I covered it with the wheelbarrow they moved their excavating skills somewhere else.

Which is right in front of where Sherman is sitting.

Which is why he is not looking at me in this picture.

Because he feels guilty that I busted him.


Leroy…………………..not so much.

You give me the cold shoulder…………….I dig up your yard and that’s that.

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43 Comments on When All Else Fails, Excavate.

  1. Sounds fair…dogs come first in our opinion.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    Kids don’t dress up for First Communion here.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS…da girls look absolutely BEAUTIFULS!!!!!! What a special day fur them!
    I am just flabbergasted by da holes…they is exquisite. I would has loves to has seen there technique…hehehehe.


  3. Congrats! She looks adorable. You know whats interesting? On my blog today I wrote about a tree at my moms house that was planted 28 years ago when I was seven, on the day of my firs tcommunion. Its pretty big now.

    urban hounds

  4. Gracie and her cousin look just beautiful. Love the pictures. Congratulations to both of them. Were you sweating the sandals and short sleeved dress with our never ending winter? lol As for the Newfs…well boys will be boys. :)

  5. Hi Y’all,

    What beautiful little princesses!

    Maybe I should take lessons from your boys on digging…only I’m never allowed outside without one of my Humans so digging a hole would be impossible. SIGH…

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. LOL! Oh my Jen. Like you want holes in your yard when you’re having family over after your daughter’s communion. I guess the boys could have done something worse. Wait. What would that be exactly? I better not ask. :)

    Absolutely loved the pictures of Gracie and her cousin. I hope you frame them. Beautiful job on them Jen.

    Still laughing that the boys dug holes. LOL!

  7. Why am I not surprised that Leroy wasn’t ashamed? I think he and Lilac could be related…

    Gracie and Eileen look beautiful in their dresses! :) I hope the party was a lot of fun!

  8. Uh-oh! Good thing first communions don’t happen every week! Congratulations to Gracie – what a little beauty!

  9. The girls are so pretty! And the boys, they just looked for their own entertainment and kept themselves busy so they wouldn’t disturb their mom.

  10. Haha Guys,

    You tell them! No-one ignores Leroy and Sherman! Even if there are two very pretty little girls around!

    Have fun everyone,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  11. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Your boys need mama time. And the girls are adorable. Congratulations, Gracie, on your first Communion! That’s quite a big step in growing up.

  12. Great pics of the kids, both human and canine. What is it with the digging? Our Maggie May loves to dig – but for her it’s like a stress valve…she’s stressed about something she goes and digs for a few minutes and then it’s like this big AAAHHHH…and I see her relax.

  13. By the look on Leroy’s face, he is telling us…
    “You know Mom…this is all your own fault! If you hadn’t been too busy all week and just ignored us, I wouldn’t have need to force Sherman into mischief!! And, you know what that does to him. Really Mom! Look at him back there…the guilt is killing him! I sure hope this teaches you a good lesson!”

  14. I love the creativity of dogs who can find their own source of entertainment.
    That is, I love it when OTHER people’s dogs do that.

  15. Congats Gracie and Eileen… and to Sherman and Leroy too, sort of. My boys and I have a similar “deal” about what they get to “do” when I am busy. I don’t remember agreeing but my dogs are smarter than me, right?

  16. Yep, digging is Honey’s default behavior when she’s bored too. it’s a sure sign I need to spend more time with her.

    Gracie looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing her big day with us. At least you can count on the kids, right? 😉

  17. Oh, Ma is ooooooin’ and awwwwwwin’ at the beautiful gurls!!!! Oh, Ma says it brings back memories when she had her furst communtion (I’m surprised she can remember that far back, frankly!!!!!).
    I’m so glads it was a day to remember for the whole family!
    Oh boys!!! Very impressive!! I do like to excavate myself, butts I’ve never gotten as far as needin’ a wheelbarrow to cover it! FABulous job! hehehehe
    I LOVE your pose Leroy…..yups.

  18. OK, the picture of your little girl is absolutely beautiful! The picture of the boys is hysterical!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  19. Gracie looks very pretty for first communion. Mica when ignored a lot starts digging up the house next to the foundation. She thinks if left alone too long she can do that! Love Leroy’s expression:-)

  20. Gracie looks really pretty…and happy on her First Communion Day! Bet everyone had a great time at the party!! The boys look like they were up to some mischief!

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