Every Spring we get these stringy things in our yard.

I’m pretty sure that they come from our oak tree and I think they are called catkins, but don’t quote me on that.

What I do know is that they are a BIG mess and they get stuck everywhere on Sherman and Leroy and they clog my drain on the patio.


If they are stuck on them then they track them through the house on my carpet, in my vents, in my bed and just about anywhere they go.

They kind of gross me out because they remind me of worms.


I’ve been doing my best to try and get them picked up every time I got outside but we had a pretty windy weekend and they were just literally flying off the tree and the dogs were doing just a fine job sweeping them up with their fur.

It was like their fur was velcro for these stringy things.


My house is messy enough. I don’t really need stringy things stuck on my dogs that look like worms, to make it even worse.


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37 Comments on Stringy Things Stuck On My Dogs This Spring

  1. Ha, I could see how that could be hard to manage! When we moved to Carmel we moved to a house surrounded by sap trees, so I am constantly cleaning sap from the dogs paws, tail, bellies… fun times :)

  2. Totally understand. Our carpets are full of burrs and some kind of barbed grass! We always get stuff stuck in us.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. This is the time of year for sticky petals from rhodies, azaleas, camellias, fruit trees, etc. We can’t go a block without needing to peel a few sticky somethings off of someone. The furniture works well for getting spent spring petals off when we get inside too. Ugh.

  4. Luckily we don’t have those in our yard but we see them when we are out and about. I am sure they would stick to me like glue as well! Sounds like a real mess!

  5. Ha ha ha! I’m really glad we don’t have any of those here at our house. I can see them stuck all over Morgan and Kuster! Have you thought about vacuuming the dogs when they come back inside?

  6. Yes, our house is surrounded by oak trees and we get those too…And giant hunks of Spanish moss and acorns galore…But the very worst is when the oak trees all blow their pollen at once…Everything gets covered in yellow dust and i sneeze my head off

  7. What a mess! We have dozens of spruce trees around our house, and the needles and little bits of branches are constantly dragged through the house, and can get matted in Finn’s fur within minutes if I don’t catch them!

  8. Hey we get them too and the pine needles they are a real pain literally. I hope they are not too traumatised by them.

  9. Oh, how “fun” >.>

    I’m with Houndstooth, have you tried vacuuming the dogs when they come in? Perhaps with one of the brush attachments?

  10. Those stringy things are annoying! We have something similar, though they are more straight and don’t look like worms… they are from our maple trees. We also have a sea of yellow pollen ah-choooo-ness going on. In fact, our driveway is yellow right now…

  11. Oh yes, I’ve seen those things! They’re nasty, thankfully our dogs come in through the screen porch (which I worry less about cleaning) so the bulk of those things stay outside. AND my dogs are short haired so they get less of that stuff clinging to them.

  12. We have mimosa trees that are messy like that. But Poodles get their spring “crewcuts” so they don’t bring so much of them in the house. I’d like to see a picture of you vacuuming the dogs. They are such patient guys I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

  13. Ugh…how annoying! I can see that they’re EVERYwhere!! We don’t get those in our yard, but we have seen them at other houses and the park. Luckily, Riley’s fur is short so they really don’t get stuck to her!

  14. We have the same problem in the spring and my border collie Kirby gets them stuck in ther long fur too! She always picks something up when she goes outside.

  15. ‘Tis the season to give up on house cleaning!
    We don’t have those here – thankfully – but we do have to contend with the sticky poplar buds that do a really good job of embedding themselves deep in Moses’ tail.

  16. Yep, we’ve got those. Fortunately, corgis have coats that are pretty good a deflecting most of that kind of stuff. But, boy oh boy, their coats can suck up a full bucket of sand at the beach! It doesn’t come out until they are fully dry and back in the house!

  17. We don’t have oak trees in our area but we still face a similar problem with pine needles. It takes 3 hours to remove those annoying stuff from our furs… and mum is not too happy with the mess and time consuming brushing. xoxox Vanilla Bean

  18. I’ve never seen those before. Glad we don’t have those, because we have enough dog hair and beach sand around the house! (And in my clothes and in the bed, etc. etc. etc.)

    The fact that they look like worms would have me completely unhinged. I’d be doing a double-take about every 5 minutes.

  19. Oh no, not the stringy things! We get them too, but not yet? I flick them up onto my fur as I walk (Mum tries to avoid those parts of the sidewalk) and thankfully we don’t have them in our garden.

    I can feel them on my coat and as soon as I’ve got one I refuse to walk any further, I used to collapse very dramatically onto the floor, now I just stay standing until Mum gets the ‘thing’ off me! :)

    Good luck battling with them,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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