Before I went to BlogPaws I was a little unsure of where I stood in the big wide world of blogging.

I was tired and drained and my future in blogging was questionable.

For those of you who blog you already know how time consuming it is. We work, we take of our pets, we take care of our families. We do chores. We write a blog and somewhere in between, some of us find time to sleep for a few hours.

For months now I have felt as though I don’t have the time I need to dedicate to this blog and keep it up and running in good quality.

Then I went to BlogPaws where I met an enormous amount of pet bloggers. I would love to name each and every blogger that I met at the conference, and believe me I’ve tried, but I just don’t want to leave anyone out-and that is bound to happen. I wandered around A LOT and talked to hundreds of people and it’s still a bit of a blur.

Every blogger that I met inspired me in some way. Some bloggers were unsure of their blogging future just like me, while others knew exactly what they wanted and where they were headed.

While I was at BlogPaws I made new friends, made great connections, learned about new products and blogging techniques and I came home overwhelmed and still uncertain of where this blog was going.

A little over a week later and now I’m certain that this blog will keep going, and hopefully going well.

I love blogging and I want to continue to try and grow and see where it takes me.  There’s a future here in this blogging thing.

There’s no turning back now.

I have a desk calendar booked solid of post ideas, from experimenting with new foods for the dogs, to new products that I discovered at BlogPaws, some of which are products that I will be trying out at work-so time is needed for those, but it’s super exciting that I can utilize my blog and my work this way.

I’m working on several fun campaigns with brands and I’ll continue with the pet health posts that I have grown to love to write. I’ll have a follow up post coming up shortly on Leroy’s ears because those darn ear issues are a hot topic with readers and I have to share some tips I’ve learned over the last few months in dealing with his chronic infections.

I’m overwhelmed.

I’m inspired.

I’m excited.

And I had a panic attack thinking about all this the other day when I was at the grocery store buying kale to bake for the dogs.

No worries though, I came home. Unpacked the groceries and went for a nice long walk with the dogs and sorted everything out in my head.

I’m pretty sure we’re headed in the right direction but just in case,  is there anything you would like to see more of on the blog? Anything you would like to see less of?

Don’t be shy, honesty is welcomed here and thank for all your support!



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104 Comments on Just Keep On Blogging Along

  1. Great to read this I have just started blogging and it’s so amazing to see how many inspiring blogs there are out there
    Ps. What lovely dogs you have!

    • Thank you Kitty and congratulations on starting a new blog! Blogging is a ton of fun and can be very rewarding, I wish you the best of luck!

    • I hear you. It did start to become a chore,I think. But when I took time away I realized how much I missed it and how much I still have to blog about!

  2. Just keep doing what you’re doing.
    I lost you for a bit there as I’ve had some problems with my email subscriptions, so I’ve started following you on bloglovin instead :-)

  3. You are like my mom…she walks with us and sorts out all her issues in her head…we are her therapists and planners. The blogging seems to take more and more of our time but we love it so it isn’t like work that we dislike. Sometimes it seems easier to quit but that would be sad…do what you can and enjoy it :)

    • That is exactly what I do. A walk with Sherman and Leroy is just so calming for me. Sometimes I think I’m even talking out loud on my walks :) I thought blogging would get easier the longer I stayed with it, but it actually has gotten harder!

  4. I can’t think of anything I want to see more of because I already love your blog. I love how it’s not just about your dogs, but also about your kids and about life. I love your humor and your pictures. I love when you share medical information that is beneficial for all us dog owners.

    It’s funny, but if I had to guess, I never would have put you on my list of bloggers who would consider walking away. You’re so good at it! I have however, considering the same for the very same reasons. I may just decide to blog less and live a little more. There’s so much I want to do. I haven’t made a decision yet, I’ve been at this since 2008, so deciding to walk away is a big decision. Either way, I am glad I can continue to read your blog.

    • Wow Mel! Thank you so much for the encouraging words! Sometimes I wonder if I have too much going on here, and I don’t focus on one area enough. Kind of like I’m scattered all over the place, but when I try to zone in on one thing it gets boring.
      I have tried to blog less, but then I get in a funk and nothing flows. It seems like its all or nothing with me, but I totally get what your saying about so much you want to do and living more. I feel the same.and I’m trying to find a happy medium here. I’ve though about cutting back at my other job, but I’m not there just yet.
      You are an excellent blogger and one that I have looked up to since I started blogging because you were a pro! Thank you for that!

  5. Gosh I wished I could have gone! I love your blog just the way it is but I love seeing photos too but I know I’m a pix freak-just maybe more pix 😉 Sounds like you were really inspired!

    • Thank you for the nice words! I have been slacking a little on the pictures, and I love getting out and taking them, so I will make more time to do that!

  6. Blogging is such a big job and to factor it in with everything we have on our plates these days is no eassy task. I admire your dedication. I blogged for only a few months as part of a larger project (our family is launching an iphone app this week for dog lovers, My Dog Talks!). While I love writing blogging was difficult for me. I decided there were so many others who were so much better and felt it just wasn’t the right place to apply my energies. Maybe that will change in time but in the meantime, I support you and your creative ambition!

    • Thanks Heather and congratulations on the fun new app! Can’t wait to check it out and best of luck!

      I didn’t know I had love for writing until I started this blog several years ago and ever since then I have grown to love it even more.

  7. Glad to see you feel so good about blogging now! I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads at the moment, if only there was a BlogPaws conference in the UK :)

    • I think a lot of bloggers come to crossroads at times with blogging. It’s very time consuming and like a full-time job but without the pay!

  8. Please don’t go away. Even though I may not have time to comment, your blog is one of my daily stops in between the chaotic daily life that is happening to all of us. The boys and I would miss you dearly! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to help us out and to share all that Sherman and Leroy are up to. Julie, Leo and Grady

    • Aw! Thanks so much for such wonderful and kind words Julie! I am so glad that you enjoy the blog. I love sharing Sherman and Leroy stories and to know that a fellow Newfie lover enjoys them mean so much!

  9. I always love reading your blog, whether it’s the funny things Leroy does to you or things that you share that you’ve learned from work. I think you have a good balance going! When you wrote about the cold laser surgery, I learned a lot. I wished I’d known about it last year when my mom’s little dog tore both his ACLs and couldn’t have surgery on them!

    • Thank you Carrie! Its great to have feedback like this from a fantastic fellow blogger! I love reading your blog too!

  10. I’m glad to hear that BlogPaws gave you the will to keep going. It really does help to get together with a group of like-minded people to discuss problems, concerns and issues – as well as passions, creative ideas and inspirations. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it this year, but I’m looking forward to going again next year!

    • I’m sorry you counted make it this year either Vicki, it would of been great to meet you! It was very helpful to be around so many other bloggers, makes you feel not so alone in the blogging world!

  11. It’s good to see that you have recharged your batteries, blogging is m,ore difficult than a lot of people realize. Keep up the good work, people are following your blog.

    • It is more difficult than most people realize, it takes up so much time, but I’m hoping in the end it is worth it! Thank you for the kind words Joanne!

  12. There are some days I think I am ready to walk away, but then something gives me new energy for a while. I just try to remember why I started blogging in the first place too. Do you make kale chips?

  13. I really can’t get enough stories about your lovely dogs. There is no way I could ever have dogs this big, but I can enjoy yours. So as long as you use your delightful humor and talent to describe life with Newfies I will be happy,

    • Oh wow, thank you so much Jan for the nice compliment. That gives me something to smile about and remember! Thank you for being a loyal reader :)

  14. Yes, good to know you are going to keep blogging as I would miss this blog terribly! There is not a post I don’t enjoy from the new product testing to just pics of the dogs & Gibby and even family updates! Honestly my fav posts and the ones I keep bookmarked are the silly incidents you guys have in your daily life. I still have Slobber appreciation day saved, as well as the scarecrow and the trip to Costco.

    • Thanks so much Mandy! Those are exact the posts that I love to write and share too and it’s so nice to know that others like them too!
      I have got to get more pictures of Gibby up this summer!

    • I think we do too. I took a little break mentally and now I think I’m good to go, I just hope I can keep it up!

  15. I’m glad you’ve decided to stick around! Sometimes I think about quitting too, but I keep coming back because of the friends I’ve made from it. Sadly, a lot of them are nicer than my real life friends.

  16. I know you try to write something almost every day Jen and maybe that is the overwhelming aspect. I’m great with whatever and whenever you write something. As everyone here would agree, we enjoy pictures of the dogs and Bobby and Gracie too. So keep it going even if it means scaling back to a few days a week.

    • Thanks for your honestly Vicki and for always giving such wonderful advice! I honesty think I got to the point there for a little bit where blogging felt more like a job and I was just going through the motions. I think I figured out why that happened and hopefully all will move forward from here.

  17. Oh, no, please don’t go! I love your blogs and Sherman and Leroy make me happy when I just look at them. I think everyone goes through ups and downs, doubts and wonder. I sure have. If you are pushing yourself too hard, you will get worn down. Blogging every day is not a rule. Give yourself a break. You are a natural.

  18. I have been in a slump lately too. I can’t seem to find inspiration to write and am asking myself why. I understand the questioning of why and how. I am glad you found an answer and aren’t going anywhere though. We like you just the way you are :)

    • I was in that slump for a few months, maybe more and then I snapped out of it. I hope the same happens for you because I love your blog :)

  19. I love it ALL! I especially love your sense of humor. :) You know that I blog for pay? It was difficult at first, figuring out how to keep moving forward, what to write about five days a week. My boss suggested I make a blog calendar. Every day I have a different topic. I love it. It allows me to keep up the variation, while anchoring me. There are times I change it up, because I can, but having the schedule makes a huge difference for me.

    • Thanks Flea! I did not know that you blogged for pay! Good for you! Thanks for the tips. I’ve been trying to use my blog calendar more lately and it does seem to help!

  20. Honestly I like your blog cause its just stories about your life with your dogs. You take nice pictures and I get a sense of honesty in your posts. That is what keeps me reading. It doesn’t hurt that Leroy is a total goof as well. Lol

  21. Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ Jen! Love your blog and am happy you are continuing! I often think of ending too…..it could happen, I am hoping not but in the meantime, like you, I will just keep “blogging along!”

    • Thank you Caren! The talk that we had at BlogPaws was one of the reasons why I want to keep this going! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me there! I hope that you continue to blog also, you are a fantastic blogger and I don’t know how you do it!

  22. I agree with Caren – just keep doing what you’re doing. And don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

    I had to take a week off from blogging due to PC issues. It was fabulous to have the extra time (and I don’t blog as often as you!) but I missed it. I missed interacting with the (few) folks who stop by. I thought about giving up as well, but as long as I’m enjoying it, what the heck. Might as well keep at it. I don’t have any illusions of my blog becoming HUGE (heck, I’d probably freak out if it did) but I like taking photos and writing silly posts and stopping by to visit other blogs. So I’ll keep slogging (and blogging!) along. For now anyway… :)

    {I always enjoy the pics with Gibby! So, if you’re taking requests, gimme more Gibby!} :)

    • Thanks Jackie! I totally understand what you are saying. If I take time off I have a lot of extra time to get other things done but if I take too much time off I miss it a lot!

      I’m going to work on getting some pictures of Gibby, he seems to have gotten a few requests on this post:)

  23. I feel the same way sometimes….that I just dont have the time to write although I love it dearly.

    I love seeing the dogs, everything they do with you and your family. Those posts are my fav.

  24. Overwhelmed, Inspired and Excited…. sounds like my life as well! :) I fully understand and have contemplated the whole blog thing before as well…….. and it’s all about the keep on keeping on……. YAY for you deciding to chug along!

  25. Glad you’re not giving up. I like the short simple posts that have photos of Leroy and Sherman. Although, I do occasionally like it when you go into detail, especially about the laser treatments and other helpful information.

  26. I can’t imagine not reading your wonderful stories!!! I am so glads you decided to keep on bloggin’!
    Thou, I can understand the ‘overwhelmed’ aspect of it (and I don’t even do ‘extras’ like you do on your bloggie!!! Ma sucks as an assistant….)
    We all chug along…some just more graceful than others…(in case you haven’t guessed, Ma has no grace… BOL)

  27. I always enjoy your posts. You have funny ones, informative ones about important issues, honest reviews of products. I have my ups and downs with our blog. Some days it is just hard to find material. And now that summer is here, my time is really consumed with the grandkids. But we keep trying:)

    • Thank you for the kind words!
      I’m a little nervous with summer coming too and the kids being out of school. We’ll make it work somehow!

  28. Oh you can’t stop blogging. I would miss you to much. I might not comment everytime but I do read every post. I love your photos of Leroy and Sherman and love to read the stories like the one of you at the ball park.
    My ear infections slowed to almost a halt with a occasional flair up from flying by switching foods. I changed to Nutro and the ear problems disappeared. I did have one when I got back from Blogpaws but we think its because of the flights and the cabin pressures.
    Don’t give up. I need my Newfie fix.

    • That is so nice and thank you so much! We know people read and don’t comment and that’s fine with us because we do the same thing too!

      Sorry to hear about your ear infection, hope it has since cleared up!

  29. I’m glad you’re going to keep going b/c I love your blog, Jen, and I love seeing pics of the dogs, lots and lots of them. No matter which useful topic you blog about, and they are always helpful, I also love to read posts just about the dogs and what they are up to, and see lots of pics of them too. 😀 So please always include a personal post here and there about Sherman and Leroy. Speaking of ears, whenever B comes back from the groomer, he seems to be itchy and has been shaking his head a lot since his groom a few days ago. Allergy to the shampoo? Hmm.. Thanks for blogging, you are an invaluable resource to me, and S and L stories and pics are invaluable entertainment! xoxo

    • Thank you Kelli!
      I will always include a personal post of Sherman and Leroy, they are why I’m here blogging. If I ever stop doing that then I’ve lost focus and this blog has lost it’s meaning.

      Does the groomer pluck his ears?

      Thanks for the sweet comment!

  30. Whew! BlogPaws to the rescue. You know, I get a little like that every year, just before Summer hits. It feels like the blog just overwhelms everything and I’d rather be out living life. Much like you though, I couldn’t imagine life without it.

    Besides, even if you decided to quit blogging, I’d be emailing you all hours of the day and night egging for newf pictures and Leroy stories and I’m so darn charming you’d feel compelled to respond ;0) Might as well just post those stories here for everyone, eh?

    In all seriousness, I’m so glad you’ve decided to keep MBN alive and going. I love what you share here and I can’t imagine the dog blogging community without you.

    • Thanks Jodi! It’s nice to know that other bloggers sometimes feel the same way. It is so time consuming, but also so worth it!
      I’m so glad I got some more motivation going!

  31. I totally understand how you feel! I recently started a business coaching program which is going to push me WAY out of my comfort zone – it’s scary and very easy to feel overwhelmed – but I am trying to feel excited instead of overwhelmed – it’s going to be a wild ride! I’m so excited that you are continuing your blog – I would really miss you all!!

    • Congratulations on your new coaching program Julie! That is so great that you took on that new adventure and I wish you tons of good luck with it!

  32. I love your stories with the dogs and the funny antics you have with them. I am always truly amazed by the dogs size and can’t imagine some of things they do.

    Yes, I have felt like it is a chore as well. I am lucky though, I able to set aside a couple hours a day just for blogging. Then again I don’t have kids and I’m a stay-at-home-dog mom. I don’t know how you do it all Jen, but I’m glad you do. I found only blogging 3 scheduled days a week works for me, with maybe an extra day if I feel good about it. Works for me. Takes off a lot of pressure, plus then I can do my cat blog on one of the off days.

    Find what works for you. We’ll be here. :)

    • Thank you! You do a wonderful job blogging. I always enjoy reading your posts and can relate to so many of them!

  33. Obviously, I’m happy to read that you and the big drooly dogs will be continuing with the blog. :) I’d miss you so much if you weren’t!

    I can totally relate though – every now and then I feel a bit overwhelmed too until I’m able to recharge a bit and get the rest of my life in order. :)

    • Thank you!
      I feel the same way, it seems a few times a year I just need to recharge. I need more hours in the day :)

  34. I, too, have been on the fence about the blog. We haven’t had the time to visit other bloggers consistently lately and between working with Corbin’s training, Amelia’s training, work and life in general… I’ve been left with little time to blog, or more importantly, have fun things and pictures to blog about and I’ve found myself losing my blog voice. We’re going to continue as much as we can and hope that my “blog voice” comes back in full force soon! I love reading about the boys and really enjoy your blog, so I’m glad you’re not giving up on it!
    -Corbin’s momma Jenn

    • I’m so glad your’ going to continue! You’ve had a lot going on and I know it can get so overwhelming with life and then a blog!

  35. Hi Jen – you are not alone! We do what we do for the love of our pets. Just visited your site, and will “follow” along. I enjoy your writing style, and I believe we met at BlogPaws! You have a gift, and there are many who are grateful that you’ve dedicated some time in your day to share. Looking forward to being “ani-pals” and not that I’m any different with the occasional panic attacks from time to time, but if there is ever anything I can do to assist (even if it’s pet talks from one blogger to another) don’t hesitate to find me – a “Doodle Mom” with two goldendoodles. You’re doing a good thing Jen, keep going.

  36. “I’m overwhelmed.

    I’m inspired.

    I’m excited.”

    I left BlogPaws feeling the same way. I’m nowhere near as established as you, but it’s bloggers like you who inspire me everyday, I’m so happy you’re going to keep blogging and can’t wait to see what you have in store.

    • Thank you Lisa! If i have offered any inspiration to fellow blogger that is awesome! I think we all offer it to each other and that is what makes this such a wonderful community!

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