I don’t even know where to begin.

Actually I do.

It happened last weekend and it happened in the backyard.

It happened with Leroy and it had to do with the pool.

Sherman’s pool.

Sherman’s pool in which Leroy would not go in so I picked him up and put him in.

I picked him up and put him in the kiddie pool and then he immediately jumped out.

The injury occurred somewhere in between me picking him up and him jumping out and me taking a blow to the shoulder as he fled.

It actually didn’t hurt much at the time but the next day when my left shoulder was making a weird crunching and popping sound and the left side of my neck was a bit numb, I was little concerned.

Better call the doctor cause something just ain’t right.

Which is when the awkward explaining started.

I had to explain the whole scenario a few times. Once to the doctor, once to the radiologist and once to the orthopedic specialist.

Me: “I lifted my dog into the kiddie pool and then he jumped out and ran into my shoulder.”

Doc: “What kind of dog do you have?”

Me: “A Newfoundland”

Doc: “Those are big dogs aren’t they? Like a 150 pounds big?”

Me: “Yes”

Doc: “And little you tried to lift him in a pool?”

Me: “Yes, and I was successful, I’m strong for my size” (should of asked her if she wanted to take a peak at the gun show:)

Doc: “And then your dog jumped out of the pool that you were kneeling beside and crashed into your shoulder and instead of falling down on the ground when he crashed into you, you absorbed the blow?”

Me: “Yes. I was pretty proud that I didn’t fall over at the time.”

Doc: “You need x-rays, now. Your shoulder should not make that noise or be that swollen or be sitting that far forward.”

So I headed for x-rays where I had to tell the whole story over again……….. and I showed some pictures of Leroy.

Went back to see the doc where she checked out the x-ray.

Doc: “Are you sure you didn’t fall on that shoulder?”

Me: “Positive” I was giggling when she asked because I could totally picture myself falling and it was a funny picture, but I didn’t. Fall. In real life. Just in my imagination. And it was funny.

Doc: “Interesting. Well your shoulder is subluxating, which means it’s sliding back and forth and it appears that when it’s resting it is resting too far forward on a nerve which is why you can’t move your neck to the left and why your arm is numb. So your dog partially dislocated your shoulder, which probably wouldn’t of happened if you would of fell over, but it also could of become dislodged when your picked him up”

Me: “Interesting and ouch.”

Then we talked about me getting older and not doing stupid stuff.

Obviously she knows nothing about me.

So then the doc had to go consult with the orthopedic specialist in which I heard her explain the whole story over again and it sounded really stupid when she said it. Then I heard her say, “yes, 150 pounds of dog. Yes a Newfoundland, No it’s brown, not black.” Then I heard her say something about pulling the shoulder out and putting it back in place and then I grabbed my purse and ran for the exit.

Just kidding. She did say that but I didn’t run because I was frozen in fear. She came back in  and we talked and she didn’t do any of the horrific things I heard her talking about to the specialist, probably because he told her that was stupid and painful, but I was put on restricted activity, no lifting anything over 10 pounds, and given some nice medication to help ease the pain and swelling.

The future of my left shoulder is to be determined.

The future of Leroy ever getting in the kiddie pool is in his paws.

 Permission to laugh at my pain and stupidity granted.


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46 Comments on That Awkward Moment At The Doctors Office When You Have Some Explaining To Do

  1. I hate to hear about your shoulder but I have to admit, I am smiling at the picture of YOU picking up Leroy and putting him in the pool, and I am amazed. I hope your shoulder heals properly and quickly and no surgery has to be scheduled.
    You are on my list of who I want on my football team. :)
    Carma Poodale recently posted…#WW -Wibbit WednesdayMy Profile

  2. Hahaha, even though you’re injured, the way you write is so funny! I’m also laughing because I pick Del up sometimes, just because he enjoys it. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but he’s not ready to become an adult yet, and enjoys being fussed over. A lot.

    I really hope your shoulder feels better soon and that Leroy learns to get himself in the pool. The silly boy :)
    Rach recently posted…Rossi- Europe’s Only Qualified Assistance RottweilerMy Profile

  3. Oh Jen. I can’t even picture teeny, tiny you lifting Leroy into the pool. It’s beyond even what my imagination can conjure.

    I can however picture the conversation with the Dr. and it makes me laugh. I’ve had to tell my Dr. some crazy things in the last year or so and it’s amazing that she sits there and keeps a strait face. I would share them here, but those stories are best told in person, after I’ve had a drink or two…:-) Hope you are feeling better my friend!

  4. Right after I started work at my job (over 2 years ago now), Fi and Abby were wrestling on the bed and head-butted me (it was an accident). I came into work the next day with a spectacular shiner. Apparently “my dog head-butted me by accident” is about as plausible as “I walked into a door”. Two years and thousands of bitey-face photos later, the shiner-by-head butt is a completely acceptable answer. Go figure! 😉

    -Dr. Liz, who is not currently sporting a dog-related injury, but that could change at any moment
    Dr. Liz recently posted…Back to Normal (Well, As Normal As We Get)My Profile

  5. While I think explaining it to the doctor’s was quite funny….I totally get how you hurt yourself! My dogs aren’t anywhere near that big, and they’ve still managed to injure me! Running with them and being silly, they’ve taken be out at the ankles (dang short-legged corgis!), wrenched my back on more than one occasion getting them in/out of the car, and I’ve had my share of herding nips.

    I hope your shoulder recovers without needing anything more than rest and ice!
    Taryn recently posted…Taking a Break!My Profile

  6. You did not mention if you got lots of treats for being so good and not running away??? We totally understand as mom is pretty small and she lifts and carries more stuff than most men can, the neighbors call her a machine – tiny but strong. Some people just don’t get it but it does make for a good story and the folks at the Drs office had something to talk about at the water cooler.
    Emmadog recently posted…And The Secret Code Is? | GBGVMy Profile

  7. ouch ouch! The amount of bruises and injuries Sophie has caused me can no longer be counted on two hands. I have just barely missed having my nose broken on several occasions :-P. Hope you feel better soon!
    Patty recently posted…ProgressMy Profile

  8. You clearly need a set of hockey pads when you are attempting to make Leroy do anything that he isn’t 100% on board with. 😀 And maybe a helmet when taking him for walks. Just sayin’. Might not be a bad idea. 😀 I hope your shoulder is feeling better or at least the medication is making you think so, and that it heals up perfectly and uber quick!!!
    Kelli recently posted…A Family TreasureMy Profile

  9. Oh no! So sorry to read this. Things are supposed to be less heavy in water, right? Guess not. Guess not a 150 lbs brown dawg exiting water. I hope your shoulder will heal (almost wrote heel…lol) without the need for surgery. (I would have typed that last word really small if I could.)
    2browndawgs recently posted…Follow-up Friday 6-28-13My Profile

  10. Oh, no! The things we do for dogs…

    I don’t have a colorful story, but I’ll confess that I can’t wear shorts in the summer because my thighs are completely covered in Silas-related bruises. Sure I could *teach* him not to body slam me, paws first, while we play tug, but where’s the fun in that?
    Jessica recently posted…Silas and the Dog Next DoorMy Profile

  11. Yep! Laughing in complete understanding. At this moment my arm is covered in bruises – Otto bites when he’s excited. Recently I spend time at the chiropractor AND acupuncturist getting my bazck and neck fixed up only to hop out of bed to lift 110# Bart onto the bed because he’s arthritic and can no longer jump up on the bed easily…DUH!!!
    rottrover recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  12. “No, it’s brown, not black.” Solid marketing you did there.

    Confession: I have not worn a bikini in over 5 years. Partially because no one needs to see that, but more so because Kolchak likes to wake me up by bouncing like a Tigger on my abdomen leaving behind these awesome round bruises. Last year at my physical, my doctor had a very delicate heart to heart with me about the signs of domestic abuse and offered to help me. ROTFLMAO – oh geeeeeeeze that was awkward. “Oh no, you have it all wrong. My husband doesn’t beat me, my dog is just an asshole.” I’m not sure she believed me.
    Jodi, Kolchak & Felix recently posted…Fetch Friday: It’s A Dog’s Life EditionMy Profile

    • Ha! My little 17 pound dog jumped up into my face when she was so excited to see me once and bruised my eye. Both the doctor and the nurse gave me that talk about “is someone hurting you? You can tell us.” Heh. I had to explain it was just my spazz of a dog. Not sure they believed me.

      Jen, hope your shoulder is on the mend soon!
      Stefanie recently posted…Teaching my dogs their place…via Downton AbbeyMy Profile

  13. I can’t help myself. “Yes. I was pretty proud that I didn’t fall over at the time.” You go, girl!! In all seriouslness, I hope your shoulder is already feeling better and you’ll suffer no ill effects in the future. As someone who has gotten injured in really stupid ways with 2,000 pound draft horses… I gotta say … I love ya!
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted…Follow-up Friday: Dog Treats Toys TornadoesMy Profile

  14. Hi, Well I can picture trying to lift a dog that size and I know your injury is painful but you did give everyone a smile or two. I hope it heals quickly and without any further treatment. I’m sure your pup was wondering if he was going to be in trouble.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Friday!
    Noreen & Hunter

  15. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, Jen. Ma was a nurse (waaaaay back when) and you are not the first, and surely won’t be the last, to have some odd story about how you became injured. Maybe one day Ma will share some of her funnier stories though some are not appropriate for my blog. BOL I hope you mend up right-quick! And hey, no more Superwoman…let those big doggies get in and out of the pool on their own.
    *Cairn cuddles*
    Oz (and Gina)
    Oz the Terrier recently posted…My Friday Finds for 6/28/2013My Profile

  16. Obviously those doctors just don’t appreciate dog lovers. Though we think 150 lbs is a bit much, we can totally understand trying to get Leroy to enjoy the water.

    However, whatever has to be done, do it. SHE has a very bad shoulder because SHE did nothing about it when injured about 10 years ago. It caused arthritis and all sorts of problems….And get’s the ‘well, if you’d seen to it earlier’…..

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  17. Okay, is it wrong Ma was ROTFLMAO? No? Okay, just checking. Once, I was all drugged up on tranqs cause the vettie had to examine my ears, and I HATE my ears probed! So, Ma was carrying me out to the truck, and I started gettin’ all wiggily, and Ma didn’t want to drop me, so she fell on her ass with me still in her arms, saving me from TOTAL DESTRUCTION! (okay, maybe not total destruction, butts it WAS impressive! BOL) She ‘bruised her ass’, and walked ‘funny’ for a couple of weeks, butts she, also, was ‘proud’ that she took the fall.
    Yeah, the doc wasn’t as impressed as I was….
    Hopes the ‘good drugs’ at least help! hehe
    Ruby ♥
    rubytheairedale recently posted…What?My Profile

  18. Don’t feel too badly! I have a dog nicknamed “Mr. Pee-body” (for obvious reasons) lol. I was heading through the kitchen in the dark and slipped on a patch of…um…pee, and tore ligaments in both knees. I can barely get around and my doctor’s appointment isn’t for a week! I can’t wait to explain that one to the doctor!

    Hope your shoulder gets well soon!
    Kimberly Parker recently posted…The demise of the basketball hoopMy Profile

  19. Oh Jen! I feel so bad for you!! Having been through a similar experience…lifting my big guy in and out of the RV because he was not capable of doing the steps…I ended up pinching a nerve in my neck and shoulder and had to do a month’s worth of PT! The drugs do help…and also “try” to follow doc’s orders!! Have to admit…you do tell a funny story! Hoope you are feeling better!
    bichonpawz recently posted…In Preparation for the Upcoming Fireworks Celebrations…My Profile

  20. BOL – thatnks for perking up typists monday morning! The one thing that made me smile when reading this story was the conversation you overheard where the colour of Leroy was being discussed, as if that made a difference to the outcome! BOL

  21. Hahaha. Been there/done that. Tore my rotator cuff lifting my 180 lb Newf into my jeep grand Cherokee to take him to the lake to swim. Had to explain it to @ 100 people including the ortho. surgeon and the entire operating room staff and the physical therapists….etc!!!! They are so worth it! :)

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