It’s not as easy finding festive holiday props for Gibby as it is for Sherman and Leroy.

For Sherman and Leroy any adult size accessory is most likely going to work for them.

But for Gibby it’s a little more of a chore.


I normally have an idea of what I want and head to local craft store and see what they have. I’ve had luck in the doll section, but most of the stuff is a little too small so I’ve learned that I need to keep an open mind when searching out props for him.

Or I just need to have Gracie with me, who is the one who spotted a cute adorable necklace that just happened to have a little hat attached to it.


It was a perfect find and I squealed with delight when Gracie spotted it.

However, Gracie thought the necklace was for her and was a bit bummed out when she saw me dismantling it at the kitchen table later that day.

I reassured her that the dismantling was only temporary and that I would have the necklace re-assembled again in time for her to wear it for the Fourth of July.

But then Leroy got a hold of it so now I have to go buy another one.

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29 Comments on What Am I Ever Going To Do With This Teeny Tiny Hat?

  1. OMD!!! That is just the cutest thingie EVER!! How in the world did you get Gibby to sit still with the hat on his head??! Ma can’t barely get me to sit still with thingies on my head! BOL
    I just loves the pic!
    Ruby ♥
    rubytheairedale recently posted…Our Furend ThunderMy Profile

  2. Stopping by to wish you a happy holiday weekend and to thank you for your kindness and friendship. Gibby looks all set for a parade.

    We want to thank you so very much for your kind words of comfort and friendship after our very sudden loss of Thunder. We are all still very sad, but the support and love from all of our friends from all over the world is helping to heal our broken hearts. We are sure that Thunder Dunder is now in a very happy place and also very thankful to have so many wonderful friends.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, Lightning, and Mom Kathie
    Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning recently posted…Thunder Forever – Our MemorialMy Profile

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s PAWSOME!! I found a small hat at Hobby Lobby, with a hair clip on the base, and used it for the dogs, the bunny and the duck. The clip was nice for fur and Jimmy’s pouf. I imagine hair clips would be easy enough to hot glue onto tiny decorations for Gibby.
    FleaByte recently posted…So Many Things …My Profile

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