Where the heck did this week go?

I swear it was just Monday!

I guess it was a busy week then so let’s get started!

Jen_dogs 68

Here on the blog we talked about another crazy incident that I had while walking Leroy.

It also appears that someone on Twitter was concerned about that post and advised me to stay away from the police because they were going to shot my dog. Settle down Twitter person.

We also talked about Leroy’s barking issue and how I’m going to get help for that! And I posted our first YouTube video! See Sherman and Leroy are real dogs and they move too!

My favorite post of the week was the 2nd Annual Human Shaming Blog Hop! Thanks to everyone who joined in and don’t forget, if you didn’t have a chance to join the fun you still have time!

My favorite picture of the week was this one that Gracie took of Leroy and I.

I posted it on Facebook and Instagram but if you missed it here it goes!


In other news:

I made dinner 4 nights this week. I came up short on Thursday. I don’t know went wrong there, so we ate Mexican.

Bobby injured his MCL at football practice on Tuesday. MCL is a Medial Collateral Ligament. I had no idea there was such a ligament and apparently it’s the ligament on the side of the knee that connects the thighbone to the bone of your lower leg.

Dear Lord, please stop the ligament injuries!

Thankfully, Bobby’s injury is only minor and he should be back to practicing later next week as long as he rests.

And Sherman had his first hydrotherapy session on Thursday!

I’m not gonna lie. It was a little scary. It took 3 of us to get him into the tank and I swear at first I thought he was going to have a heart attack when the water started coming in. He was quivering and tried to jump out but after a little bit of reassurance he did fine.

He had a 2 minute session that day and we will be going twice a week in the month of October and each time the sessions will increase by 2 minutes. One month from today the vet will measure his muscle mass in his back legs and see if its improving and we will go from there. I promise to get a video as soon as Sherman is more relaxed.

I’ve also added in a new routine during the week since I’m becoming claustrophobic in the house. A few days during the week, at lunchtime, Leroy and I will take a ride down to the local ball fields and walk around the track. It’s nice to get out and we’ve met some very friendly people. Wednesday we met a man named Dan. Dan was there alone going for a stroll but we talked for 20 minutes about his Terrier that he has at home. It appears as though Dan’s dog is the grandson of the spokesdog for Mighty Dog. How fun! Oh…and Dan likes to talk……. a lot.

So that’s about it for this week. Hope you have a great weekend!

This weeks What I Did While You Were Gone And I Was Home is dedicated to PetsMove.org. 

PetsMove is a “premier virtual fitness event for dogs and their humans. It’s for casual exercisers and serious athletes alike. It encourages people and pets of all ages and fitness levels to discover their inner “healthy-self” by offering goals, prizes and more within a supportive community. There are no intense guidelines, only guaranteed good times as you and your pet work your way to PAWsome health!”

Some of the great features that PetsMove has are:

  • An activity and feeding diary for tracking purposes.
  • Social networking and community tools to encourage members to share tips and other insights.
  • Fun activities to do with your pet.
  • And you can submit a video to PetsMove and have the chance for that video to be on T.V.! You can read all about that here.

What are you waiting for? Get movin!



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30 Comments on What I Did This Week While You Were Gone And I Was Home

  1. I’ve been going crazy just in the house this week. Lexie was sick for 3 weeks do we have been resting and making sure she is getting better. Mica is going crazy for woods walk but couldn’t. And the entire outside back of my house is covered with thousands of stink bugs and they come in every time I open the door Yuk! Love the picture:-)
    tylersat99 recently posted…Black and White Sunday – CoolMy Profile

    • I’m sorry to hear that Lexie hasn’t been feeling well. Hope that she is feeling better soon!

      The stink bugs are horrible here too! Eck!

  2. We like the photo of you and Leroy too. What is it with your family and knees? Usually it is ear infections that about wipe out a family, but with you, it is the knees. Watch out for lonely people that like to talk. Once they have found you they will seek you out again and again…drives us nuts, but we know who to avoid.
    emma recently posted…Lots of News This Week | GBGV | Follow Up FridayMy Profile

    • I know! When we call the call that Bobby was hurt and it was his knee I almost started crying!
      I told him that maybe we could get a 2 for 1 with hydrotherapy and he could jump in the tank with Sherman :)

      Lol-about the lonely people. I have a feeling I will be seeing Dan often!

    • I’m pretty sure it was just the newness of the whole thing. Sherman doesn’t like new things and I think he might of felt claustrophobic. I’m hoping each time it will get easier!

  3. Oh my, all I could think when seeing the photo is: is Leroy really that big, or are you tiny? :) It’s a great photo!
    Oh yes, watch out for those talkers….they can really suck up a lot of your time. I do bookkeeping as a side business, and my clients also seem to think I’m their bartender…..all I want is to get their paperwork, but I also get to hear their life stories. In detail. Sometimes, it’s interesting, most of the time it’s not! :)
    Jan K recently posted…The Real Guilt TripMy Profile

    • Thanks Jan! Leroy is a very big boy and he outweighs me by about 40 pounds :)

      It’s funny as I was talking to the man I was thinking : wow, I always attract the ones who like to talk A LOT!

  4. Love the pic! See…I told you you would not believe how busy you get! It is amazing! Yeah…watch out for the talkers! Hope Sherman does better this week…it is so hard to introduce something they are afraid of….because they trust us!
    Bichonpawz recently posted…Black and White SundayMy Profile

  5. Just catching up with my reading for the week and THANKS for the shout-out to PetsMove. We really appreciate it. I hope Sherman and Leroy are joining up!
    I’m glad to see Sherman getting the water therapy. We’ve used it with most of our dogs – particularly Becca who had been a service dog and came to us with a fused spine and two old ACL injuries. We got her in the treadmill (she loved it and would play fetch in it). It did wonders for her. She was really able to build up some much needed muscle mass and stamina. We used it on our Lab Sally after ACL injuries and shoulder dysplasia…yes our dogs are athletic, but injury prone. I think he will do great on it. And anxious to hear what the AKC trainer says about the barking. Neither Jack or Maggie bark much, but Becca was a barker like Leroy – just likes the sound of their own voice.
    Thanks again for the mention of PetsMove.

    • My pleasure! I had the time to explore around at PetMoves today and both the dogs are now members and I’ve logged in their first workouts! I’m a HUGE fan of what you have going on there and happy to spread the words and get more pets involved!

      I’m so glad to hear that Becca did so well with the water therapy, it’s taking Sherman a bit to get use to it, but he did so great today even though he tried to jump out! He’s up to 4 minutes now and he is working it!

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