I consider myself a pretty lucky person because I have special moments with Sherman and Leroy all the time.

There’s just something about being with these guys that make every moment we share together special. It can be the morning kisses they give me when I stagger out of bed, the wiggling butts and barks I’m given when I come home, the belly rubs and massages at night, or just a simple winter walk.

All of these special moments that we share every day makes it hard for me to pin point one special moment that means more than others, but there is one that happened last week with Leroy that is stuck in my mind right now.

It was the day after he came home from the vet after having his surgery and you could tell he was happy to be home but he was not quite feeling up to par. He was confused because I was taking him out in the back yard on a leash and you could tell all he wanted to do was to go sniff around the yard by himself to make sure nothing had changed since he had been away and he did not want to be restricted investigating by being on leash and me hoovering over him.

I felt bad for him but I wasn’t going to let him off leash and risk him taking off running around the backyard and injuring himself, so I stayed strong.

After awhile he realized he wasn’t going to get his freedom back anytime in the next several minutes so he sat down next to me and gazed out into the woods. I watched him as he observed his surroundings and took it all in. It was obvious he had missed this over the past few days and it seemed like he had lost some of the sparkle in his eyes.


He sniffed the air. He looked from side to side. He stared out into the open woods and he barked back at a dog that was barking far off in the distance.

Then he looked up at me.

We locked eyes for a few minutes and I smiled at him and he let out a big sigh.

Then he scooted closer to me, enough so that his body was touching mine, and we stayed that way for well over 20 minutes.

Just standing in the snow, staring out into the woods.

I don’t think either one of us wanted to move. It was exactly where we wanted to be and it was the perfect Nature’s Recipe for Moments.



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