_DSC03651 This winter sucks. I have nothing nice to say about it and I still have at least a month, probably more, left to deal with this crap.

So in order to make it through without going into a complete depression I have tried to grab my camera a lot more and capture some of the things that makes me keep smiling this winter.

1. Rolling in snow is much better than rolling in mud.

So, so, so much better.



2. This much air can’t happen on a hill without snow.

Gracie won the gold on this one.


and with this one


but not so much with this one




3. This dog loves to catch snowflakes.

With his tongue, every chance he gets.



4. All of this is going to turn to mud.

Dirty, brown mud that matches my dogs but not my carpet or walls. Mud makes me frown.



5. This dog is going to be heart broken when all his snow melts.

Poor, Leroy. He knows his time is limited with the snow.



As long as I can get out and capture some fun things that winter is bringing us, I suppose I can make it through, but not for more than 2 months.

So how about you? How’s your winter going? Are you done with it?

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29 Comments on 5 Reasons Winter Is Still Making Me Smile

  1. We are still loving winter and just got hit with a big blizzard yesterday. Snow is so much fun and a good work out for all of us! Mom is a bit tired of shoveling but I still enjoying watching her shovel from the comfort of my window. We just remember, the more calories burned, the more we can eat :)
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  2. WE love the snow, sometimes the snow is much taller than us and we get trapped and our mom has to save us, right now we have snow, ice and now mud in our yard, our weather has been crazy.
    stella rose

  3. Good Lord that girl got air!! We’re you freaked out? I probably would have been.

    I am not minding winter too much, it’s the damn ice. They don’t scrape our roads well enough and I can’t get out walking. It’s a bitter disappointment.

  4. We have had enough snow here in PA! We have a tornado warning up now. Crazy weather. I have been enjoying your blog very much. I have has 2 newfies before.best dogs ever! It’s been three years since my last one passed. We are getting a brown and white puppy in mid march and I’m so excited. I know exactly what you mean about the mud. The spring mess lol!

  5. Cute pics. Way to go, Gracie! We are having a long hot dry winter, so if this keeps up it’s going to be a long hot dry spring and summer too. Bleh. I like the cool rainy days of winter, but they’ve been way too few and far between this year. Doing a rain dance here!
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  6. Poor Leroy looks so sad!! Ours will be sad too. Me, not so much. I am pretty much done with it too. I had to drive to work on icy/slushy/nasty roads this morning and that is no fun.
    I try to get out with the dogs and take pictures too. They enjoy it so much that does make it more bearable. That and the thought of mud season, which I do not look forward to at all!
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  7. BOl – funny thing – our Mom totally agrees with you about the mud. We actually lost all our snow and we do have mud already. But a cold wave is on the way WITHOUT snow:(

    Love all these photos so much.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Amazing shots! We had an unseasonal warm up over the weekend (which I did not get to enjoy one bit as I’ve been sick since Friday) and now have a yard full of some still pretty snow, but a whole heck of a lot of icky, muddy, messy stuff. But it’ll all freeze again this week………. joy!
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