Paper towels are something that we use often in this house.

We use them for a variety of things, but we mostly use them for dog related stuff, such as wiping slobber off the windows, wiping slobber off the table, wiping slobber off the floor, wiping slobber off of guests, and we use them as needed for picking up dog vomit and sometimes even dog diarrhea.

My husband always tells me that I should buy paper towels in bulk because we will always use them, but I insist on ignoring him and I buy a roll or two each time I go shopping. On rare occasions I run out, but this is very rare and I feel that I’m a pretty good judge of our paper towel usage and if or if not we will run out during the week.

I totally miscalculated our paper towel usage last week and we ran out at the worst possible moment.

In my defense, I had no idea that Leroy was going to get sick and produce diarrhea and vomiting in the same day. The diarrhea wasn’t so bad but it was bad enough that it didn’t make it to the ground and instead made it onto Leroy’s ass and tail, which of course then got smashed on my floor when he sat down as I was trying to wipe him up.

Normally when this happens I would just rinse him off with the hose, but seeing as the temps have been so cold we were forced to shut the water off in the garage so the pipes wouldn’t freeze and of course, I needed the hose when my husband was at work and I’m not tall or coordinated enough to reach the valve that is in a very stupid place.

So that is where the first roll and a half of paper towels went. Wiping diarrhea off of Leroy’s ass and my floor. The other half of the roll went to cleaning up dog vomit later that night. Dog vomit that contained undigested food and slime. Slime that was so thick that it wouldn’t just absorb into the paper towel, instead it kept sliding off.


As Leroy continued to puke throughout the night and my paper towel supply was quickly depleted, all I had left was dog towels, and when all the dog towels were used up I had to move onto the regular bath towels.

I have learned my lesson.

Dogs are unpredictable and I just need to suck it up and buy more paper towels so that I don’t find myself in this situation again.

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69 Comments on Why Buying Paper Towels In Bulk Is Important When You Have a Dog

  1. Ha ha ha! Thank you! When we go to the store and I say we need paper towels, my husband looks at me like I grew another head because I tell him we need more than one roll at a time! I will have to show him this post.
    houndstooth recently posted…Looking For SpringMy Profile

  2. I always find that to accompany the paper towel you should always have a bottle of carpet cleaner/fabric handy too. Even if you have wooden floors, you can be sure that your canine pride and joy will choose to do his spontaneous business on a rug or some sort of upholstery…
    Rachael recently posted…Well Done Brandon!My Profile

  3. Poor Leroy. I sure hope he feels better this week.As for the paper towels , ma only buys in bulk just like she does toilet paper. We got to Sam’s Club and get the 24 roll packs of paper towels and 36 rolls of toilet paper. She keeps them all in closets, under the counter , sitting out in plain sight etc. Funny how we can have so many rolls of each but everytime she goes to grab the toilet paper or a paper towel its empty. Wonder if she will ever train the humans to replace those things.
    carma Poodale recently posted…Friday’s Fabulous Friends- Pawing It ForwardMy Profile

    • If your Mom finds a way to train those humans to replace the empty toilet paper let me know! we have that same problem here!

  4. Hi Y’all!

    Doesn’t sound to me like even buying bulk would have helped!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. My Human buys bulk from the warehouse club and buys a couple of packages at a time. They live on a shelf in the garage until she needs them.
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted…It’s Been a Ho Hum WeekMy Profile

  5. So we keep a variety of microfiber cloths about for the drool. I recommend you get some to cut down on the paper towels. That being said- you should totally buy paper towels in bulk!! They are cheaper that way & always on hand!!!

  6. My stock of paper towel and baby wipes make me look like I’m on an episode of Hoarders. I wait until they’re on sale and buy a woof load (also, I highly recommend baby wipes for runny butt moments.)

    I also like paper towel for raw food clean up. Even though I use a really reliable natural disinfectant for our counter tops and floors, I would rather toss the towel I used to mop it all up than be constantly washing & disinfecting kitchen towels.
    Jodi, Kolchak & Felix recently posted…DIY WOOF Welcome MatMy Profile

    • So maybe you should send me some? Lol.

      The baby wipes are a great idea too, I always forget about that since I don’t use them for the kids anymore!

  7. Yup, we buy them in bulk. We also have bags of old clothing around that’s not good enough to give away, and we use those as backup. With a puppy in the house, lots of paper towels were necessary, but I always bought them in bulk even before that.
    I’m so glad Leroy didn’t have bloat, I am familiar with it, and am careful with our dogs even though they aren’t one of the breeds at high risk. Also, I really hope Leroy is feeling better.
    Jan K recently posted…Sibling Sepia SaturdayMy Profile

  8. I use paper towels for cleaning up my spills (many) and Johns and for the dogs. I always buy paper towels and toilet paper in bulk. Those are the 2 things I don’t want to run out of at the worst possible moment. I make John let me get 2 pretty single rolls with decorations just for me to put out in kitchen. Bad things always come out of nowhere if you run out 😉
    tylersat99 recently posted…Black and White Sunday – AllMy Profile

    • Those are the 2 things that my husband keeps telling me to buy in bulk and I never do! I am now going to change my ways!

  9. Ugh, poor you and poor dog – and those poor bath towels will never be the same. We always buy paper towels and food in bulk. With kids and dogs in the house, there is never enough of anything on hand – more is definitely better.

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