I’m trying you guys.

I really am.

I don’t want to bitch about the snow.

The boys love it and that is the only reason that I’m trying to bite my tongue because I know in just a few months, when I’m smiling from ear to ear because it’s nice and warm outside, they will be yearning for the snow to return.


But the other day we got a taste of Spring.

For 2 days we had temps in the 60’s.

All of the snow melted.

Except for the pile that Sherman was laying on protecting.


It was glorious and I spent most of the day outside plotting my sunflower strategy for this summer.

Then the next day we got several inches of snow.

I was sad as I watched my soon to be sunflower garden disappear under several inches of ice and snow.

The only thing that perked me up was seeing the boys covered in snow and loving every second of it.


I’ll sacrifice a few more weeks of snow for them, but that is all.

I mean it. A few more weeks of this white cold stuff and then I want to plant my sunflower seeds.


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26 Comments on Gone Yesterday, Back Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. I’m with you, we had a beautiful day then we got snow. Today and Saturdsy will be in 50’s and then they all predictin snottSunday. If I didn’t see Mica run outside and dig her nose in for new smells and lay down and roll. Her eyes light up and she’s so happy . She hates summer so much it’s hard to wish that on her. I’ll survive another snow for Mica :-)
    tylersat99 recently posted…Black and White Sunday – AllMy Profile

  2. Glad the pups could make you smile during this otherwise miserable winter. My Leah is going to miss the snow too, so I know what you mean – but what was with that tease of nice weather we all had anyway? I think it makes it worse, cause you get your hopes up.
    Donna O. recently posted…Double Dog Trouble – Part ThreeMy Profile

  3. Love your blog. I am north of you and the cold temps have returned for a couple of days. The snow is melting and I am loving it. I have a Rottie, and while he likes the cooler temps, I think he and my shih/tzu mix are ready for spring. Real spring, not the teases we have been getting. My girl Sammi, however, is unaffected by the cold. Not sure what her mix is, she looks like a BC mix, but she will just sit out there and roll around in it and doesnt seem to bother one bit. I love Leroy and Sherman. Thanks for sharing them with us

  4. It looks like Leroy is praying to keep the fluffy white stuff lol. Love these photos Jen. Nice job keeping the saneness by telling yourself that its “for the boys, it makes them happy so I’m happy”. We have to keep it together somehow to Spring finally arrives.

  5. LOL, I can so relate. Of course, I still have probably 10 – 12 inches of the dog-awful white stuff covering most of my garden spots but I was still enjoying those lovely warm days at the beginning of the week myself.

    At least your boys enjoy it. Bella’s struggling with it because it’s so icy and dense but not quite dense enough anymore for her to walk on top of. Now she keeps falling into it. I think she’s just about as tired of it as we are. 😉
    Leslie recently posted…Little dog, Big problemsMy Profile

  6. Jen, I feel for you. It was 64 degrees on Wednesday, 23 degrees on Thursday and a nice 60 with loads of sundays today! I’m so confused. I cope with red wine! It works and I intend to continue until the weather works itself out! Hang in there girl, and get yourself a bottle …..
    Try to have a decent weekend.
    Cathy Bennett recently posted…PET PROTECT 360My Profile

  7. LOL my brown newfie pup of 6 Months loves the snow, and I make her run over the snow mountains in the yard daily. It wears her out but she gets morsels of hotdogs for her effort! Love those pictures of the boys

  8. I just can fathom loving snow! I love it the first day and on Christmas. After that, I want it completely gone! I never get what I want in regards to winter, but oh well… Can’t complain, we had a really mild winter this year. Just hoping that doesn’t mean we get a nasty one next year to make up for it.

    Hope the snow melts fairly quickly there, and the weather returns to spring.
    sprinkles recently posted…SojosMy Profile

  9. 60’s? We haven’t even come close. I am going to complain. We are so far behind with our training and we have a test is just 2 short months. We are skipping the one that is the beginning of April. No way we will be ready. I know the dogs like the snow, bit they have had enough…lol.
    2browndawgs recently posted…Party!My Profile

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