Three days after Leroy came home from his abdominal surgery he began urinating more than normal and in quite a larger amount. When I took him to see the vet they tested his urine and found that he had a urinary tract infection.

Leroy was put on antibiotics and we rechecked his urine about a week after he finished that course of medication.

From what I was observing with Leroy and his urination patterns I thought that he seemed better, but not totally better. Urine tests at the vet confirmed that the infection had improved but was still present so back on antibiotics Leroy went.

Unfortunately, Leroy  had a bad reaction to the antibiotics this time around and we had to take him off of them immediately. The plan was to get Leroy’s stomach issues under control and then discuss what medications might be better for him.

Surprisingly, during that recovery time, Leroy 100% improved and he was not having any issues urinating so the vet told us to keep an eye on him and if anything changed, to bring in another urine sample and they would check it.

So over the past month I’ve been keeping an eye on Leroy and his urinating seems normal but I still would like to have confirmation of that.

Enter in a new product that I just learned about called the PawCheck.


The PawCheck is a at home-testing kit for pets that allows pet owners to easily, quickly and safely check their pet’s urine without leaving the comforts of their home.

It’s a one-step urine test method that has easy to read test strips and gives fast results in 2 minutes,

The PawCheck is not intended to replace the care of a veterinarian but it is perfect for pet owners like me, who want to keep tabs on their dog or a pet owner like you, who wants to be proactive with their pet’s health.

Currently the PawCheck is offered in 4 different kits:

  • The PawCheck Diabetes Test which checks for glucose in a pet’s urine
  • The PawCheck Kidney Failure Test which checks for protein in the urine
  • The PawCheck Urinary Tract Infection Test which checks for blood in the urine, white bloods cells and nitrites.
  • The General Wellness Test which checks blood, glucose and protein in the urine.

The PawCheck Test kits are available for both dogs and cats. The kit for cats comes with a non-absorbent litter so that your cat can continue to use its own litter box.

Any test result that gives a positive result needs to be addressed by a veterinarian, because again, the PawCheck is not meant to replace the care of a veterinarian.


The Review:

I was sent the PawCheck Urinary Tract Infection kit which included:

  • An adjustable ladle to catch the urine
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Urinary Tract Infection Paw Test Strip
  • Color chart to refer to with the test strip

The adjustable ladle is an excellent idea and kept me from getting any urine on my hands, which is a first. The packaging was great and gave me piece of mind that I was using sterile materials.

The process was simple:

I took Leroy out and caught a urine sample using the adjustable ladle.

I carefully poured the urine into a small cup.

Took the cap off of the PawCheck urine device

Set the test strip in the urine for 2 minutes


And I had the results.

As you can tell from the stick below, the test shows that Leroy has a trace of Leukocytes (white blood cells) in his urine, which means we are off to see the vet later this week. I’m not hugely concerned about this finding because it’s a small amount, there’s no blood and the nitrites are negative, but with his history we’ll have the vet check a sample of his urine under the microscopic just to make sure.


What do I think about this product?

I like it.

You can tell so much from a pet’s urine so I think that this a great product for pet owners who want to be proactive with their pets health, or for pet owners who want to keep tabs on a specific condition in their pet.

The urinary tract infection test, kidney failure test and diabetes test for dogs are $14.95 plus shipping, which I think is a fair cost for this product.

For more information on the PawCheck and other products by Access Pet Wellness you can visit their site here.

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**Disclosure. I was sent a PawCheck urine test kit free of charge in return for my honest review of this product. All opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine only. My Brown Newfies only shares information that we believe our readers will be interested in. 

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30 Comments on An Easy, Safe And Clean Way To Check Your Dogs Urine From Home

  1. I would question the accuracy of the leukocyte test. It is typically a leukocyte esterase pad which is notorious for false positives particularly in cats.

    If the Paw Check test utilizes a different technology that would be great, but I would need some verification of that.

    Otherwise, a positive leukocyte test result in a cat is virtually useless and may cause unnecessary stress and expense for the owner and cat.

    • Hi there,
      I would have to say that this is basically the same as the reagent strips that are used in veterinarian clinics, based on my experience working in one for several years and I understand what you are saying. Both of my dogs, who have had urine tests done using the reagent sticks at the clinic have at times shown leukocytes, but no infection was present. Most likely it was due to contamination during the free catch, which is a chance you take when collecting urine this way. However, I still it’s a great test for checking blood in the urine, protein, glucose and nitrites….but that is just my opinion.

      Thank you for joining in on the discussion!

      • I agree urine protein, blood and glucose are nice to be able to check. Honestly nitrites are not particularly helpful, IMO.

        I feel the leukocytes can be more helpful in dogs, but are almost always positive in cats, even in normal cats.

        Of course, as you say, don’t simply rely on a simple test like this to mske a diagnosis: if you have questions about your pet tslk to your vet. And dont forget to bring a urine sample when you go! 😉

        • Yes! Don’t forget the urine sample and if your taking your dog to the vet for them to catch a urine sample-don’t let them pee on the way in! Haha-that always use to happen!

    • I think, and this is just my opinion, that it is as accurate as the reagent strips that are used in vet clinics. Same basic concept.

  2. Hi, is it just one reagent strip per box or is it a few? I guess the best thing about it is the ladle and its cute with the paw print, but is it really any better than just buying a box of reagent strips and using those? Sorry, dont mean to be negative, LOL. I really do think its cute and I love your dogs. Leroy is so cute and Sherman is so quiet! Also, I wonder if he has prostatitis? I dont know if he is neutered but is that a possibility too? Poor baby Leroy. I keep thinking of him and his rocks in the tummy

    • Ahhh, yes. Great question Michelle and you bring up a good point! It is one strip that comes with the kit.

      IMO if someone is testing multiple pets or has a pet that they are testing frequently and knows what they are looking for than yes, buying the strips in bulk may be better…but for those who are being proactive with one pet and testing 1-2 times a year, or would just like to have one on hand just in case, this is great. It has all you need and comes with instructions, plus I believe, and I could be wrong, reagent strips do expire, so if you’re buying a box of them and only using a few a year they might go bad.

      Thanks for the kind words on Sherman and Leroy! You are so right…Sherman is the quiet one! I was concerned about prostatitis, but we ruled that out with rads, bloodwork and a prostate exam…although performing one of those on a Newf is hard since they are so big! (not my conclusion since I don’t go there, but that is what the vet said :)

      I think about Leroy and the rocks in his tummy all the time too!

  3. Mom had a cat that she was supposed to collect urine from and that was tough, but so far no need with us dogs. Had no idea you could order this stuff, that is great!

  4. Thank You! What a great idea. I have a cat who has chronic urine infections. Whenever she gets stressed out (vacation, holidays, guests, etc) two weeks later off to the vet we go. What a great money and time saver.

    • Aw! I’m sorry that your cat gets so stressed out at those times! Since she has a history of this does your vet just let you drop off a urine sample or do you have to take her in each time?

      • My vet insists the sample needs to be sterile so we take her every time. This product would be a helpful tool to determine if she needs to go to the vet. If the home test was positive I would then take her. If the test was negative I would wait and monitor. This would save time (everyone’s) and money.

  5. I think this is great. I see it as being useful for when you might be on the fence about whether you should run to the vet or not. It looks like they make it simple for collection and if that ladle can be reused that would be handy to have just by itself.
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