When Sherman and Leroy get a bath we have a basic routine.

They get wet.

They get shampooed.

They get rinsed.

They get on the grooming table.

They get dried.


We’ve done it this way since they were puppies and they know the routine well.

So well, that if you falter at all from that routine they know it and they make sure to let let you know that they know.

Just like Leroy let me know that I broke our bathing routine on Thursday when I gave him bath and decided that, since it was such a gorgeous day outside, I would let him air a dry a bit before getting him on the table and blow drying him.

After I rinsed him he jumped right up on the table, which is good, I’m glad he knows the routine, but he refused to jump back down when I told him I wasn’t going to dry him yet and he just sat there glaring at me.


I can only imagine what he was thinking.

Eventually, I broke down and dried him because I couldn’t take the pressure of the glare.

So how about you? Does your dog ever let you know when you break their routine?

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38 Comments on Breaking Routine

  1. We have a routines here. I have to because I have a toddler and dogs. If I am running late and do not keep to our scheduled routine, the dogs let me know! They are not happy when their schedule is not followed and I will hear about it in great detail with the eyes and the whining.
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  2. Ha ha I love that they have you so well trained! Mity is very similar he has his evening routine, when he has his evening walk then decides it should be bed time so he takes himself off to bed. Half and hour later he comes down and glares at us as if to point out it is bed time. He’s very cute!
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  3. Dogs (and cats) like routine. They like knowing what to expect. They are masters of paying attention to details. It’s why we can train them. (Yes, we can train cats, too!) The only routine my crew care enough about to provide commentary is the feeding routine. They know when I’m late. To the minute.

    –Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats
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  4. We have our morning breakfast routine and our night supper routine, our mom sometimes gets off the routine schedule tho and then we make her pay in many ways…….next day she is back on schedule.
    stella rose

  5. Hi Y’all,

    Sorry we haven’t been around much, but the Humans are super busy this time of year and my Human Mama has been suffering from migraine, so we’ve been missin’ out.

    My Human is about to drag me out for a bath and grooming…wonder if Sherman could teach me to give her that “evil eye”?

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
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  6. It’s funny how they are so use to the routines that we have created. They become a creature of our habits and if we deviate they certainly let us know don’t they. Our Abbie is our four legged alarm clock, even on weekends when we don’t necessarily want to get up at 4am…. Still love them with all our hearts…

  7. Love that glare! My four Australian Labradoodles definitely know how things are done and when, particularly dinner and the glare is employed to remark on change from routine. Example: dinner is behind schedule. All four boys get up, stand and glare at me in my reading chair. I pretend to ignore them. They wait five minutes then as one all four dogs move across the room to where my other half sits in his reading chair and stand glaring at him intently, more focused than ever. We are both deeply amused. One of us breaks and calls “Release the Kraken!” and the boys know they’ve won, tails wag and we all head for food prep. All in good fun and we don’t do it every time. They have a great sense of humor. We love it that they have opinions. They aren’t bratty at all and are willing to “discuss” a situation and accept a change once explained. They might grumble a bit but we think quiet vocalization is reasonable under these circumstances. Hence our dogs also express quiet pleasure, displeasure, bliss, etc. verbally in a non bark. It’s kind of an extension of the glare but verbal. It’s acceptable, reasoning communication and I’m all for it. Why should the choices be bark/growl? They are capable of so much more as evidenced by the briliance of the glare. Note: I am compelled to mention the yen glare (will you?) vs. the yang glare (you will!).

  8. You mess with the routine, you pay the price! At best it leads to great confusion.

    The cutest routine related story? When hubby forgot to pick me up from the gym. There he is, driving innocently home with the dogs giving him a very evil look. “What!? What’s with you guys?” They just keep staring. Then it dawned on him. “Oh no!”

    They took care of their mommy and reminded him he was forgetting something.
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