Have you ever gone exploring for a new dog food and wondered what size the kibble was?

I do that all the time and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to feel the size of a kibble through a bag.

Sometimes I feel as though I may have violated the bag because I’m trying to get a really good feel.

Kibble size matters to a lot of dogs and it’s hard to feel the size of kibble through a dog food bag.

If all dog food bags came with a little window, life would be easier.


Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials Limited Ingredient Senior Recipe comes with a window right on the side of the bag so you can skip feeling up the bag of dog food and actually see what size the kibble is.

Not only can you see the size of the kibble of the Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials Limited Ingredient Senior Recipe, you can also see the other goodness that is happening in this food such as garden quality peas and gala, fuji and granny smith apples.


The chicken and sweet potato senior recipe also contains chicken, sweet potato, carrots, cranberries, flaxseed which round out the 7 core ingredients.

What you won’t see in this grain free food and what’s not hidden anywhere else is beef, corn, artificial preservatives or by-products.

That’s the way it goes with the whole line of Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials, including other fantastic formulas, canned food and treats for your dog.

So how about it? Are you ready to stop violating your bag of dog food and check out the new Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials line?

We’ve got you covered!

Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a $400 or $100 gift card to your local PetSmart to try the Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials line.


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*Disclosure- I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Pure Essentials dog food, but My Brown Newfies only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nature’s Recipe is not responsible for the content of this article.



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28 Comments on Stop Violating Your Bag Of Dog Food #PureEssentials

  1. I once got kibbles that were the size of boulders, according to my little dogs. They were not happy and I had to hammer away at them (the kibbles, not the dogs) until I could get some in their size.
    jan recently posted…How it began…My Profile

  2. I may have caught my Momma a time or two violating a bag of dog food she was thinking of getting for me, so this window is an awesome idea. After visiting the Pure Essentials website, glad to see they have options without chicken…like lamb and salmon…but more the lamb then salmon….yummy lamb!
    Poodle At Play recently posted…Sepia Saturday – Still here!My Profile

  3. that is very considerate of nature’s recipe to add the window. i can’t tell you how many bags of kibble i have “had my way with”. just because it is labeled for small breeds, doesn’t mean it is a small kibble. bailey is 4 pounds and needs the tiniest of tiny kibble. until i found petcurean, i would have to break each and every kibble for her.
    judy at bailey unleashed recently posted…happy fourth!My Profile

  4. Thank goodness for the window! My girl is very dainty in her eating habits and won’t touch anything over a certain size.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. We will definitely have to try this food for our new girl Dottie. Love that this is all natural ingredients and that we can see the size of the food. Thanks Jen!

  6. Oh! Hahahah! And here I thought I was the only kibble size maniac! It really does make a difference to Greyson.

  7. The dog food we usually buy changed the shape and size of the kibble in the last bag & it wasn’t a good surprise. Maggie, the picky princess, now takes a mouthful, drops it on the floor and sorts out the weird shaped new pieces.
    We definitely need to switch foods for the 20th time, so Pure Essentials looks good!
    2 Punk Dogs recently posted…Slightly awkwardMy Profile

  8. I love the fact that the food doesn’t have artificial colorants in it. The fact that you can actually see it is a great perk. Don’t you just hate that food that comes with yellow, red, green and orange kibbles, with no explanation other than artificial coloring?

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