A Proper Burial

Another one of my favorite shoes bit the dust late last week due to a very big and clumsy newfie paw.

The Newfie paw belonged to Leroy.

It’s the same paw that has ruined several slippers because Leroy has an issue with invading my personal space when I’m walking.

In this case I guess you could say that it technically was my fault for wearing flip flops on a walk with a 160 pound dog who has issues of invading personal feet space, but hey, it’s summer and my feet live in flip flops during the summer.

Who would of thought that my dog was going to step on the back of my flip flop as we were crossing the street causing my flip flop to snap in half and me fall flat on my face in front of an undetermined amount of cars stopped at the red light of the street we were crossing?

Not me man. Not me.

Apparently, I need to add flip flops to the list of things I should not wear while going for a walk with Leroy.

No loose pants. No flip flops.

Got it.

Disclosure-This post is NOT sponsored by Nike. My favorite flip flops are Nike. Period. If Nike wants to partner up, say by sending me a new pair of flip flops, that is fine by me. :)

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26 Comments on R.I.P. Flip Flop

  1. I hope you are not hurt! As for the flip flops – I am still trying to find one that disappeared a month ago – the dog loves eating our shoes. He managed to get one of my Croc flip-flops, which I adore and would wear always, and I have no idea if he was actually able to consume the dang thing or if he just put it in the best hiding spot ever. Newfs rock :)

  2. Poor flip flop. Poor you! I can’t wear flip flops when I walk Barley, either. She doesn’t break them, but she does find a way to step on them so they stay on the ground and my foot is shoeless! I finally broke down and bought some Merrell sandals this summer because I just hate having real shoes on in the summer! So far, so good.
    Beth recently posted…Running Away to the CircusMy Profile

  3. Please send your picture to Nike! I’m sure they would be happy to compensate you if they can use that picture in their advertising. Just don’t tell them Leroy was instrumental in breaking your current pair. :)

  4. Oh boy, glad you didn’t get run over! Mom knows never to wear anything but good walking shoes on our walks because she may need solid footing at any given moment and flip flops would send her flopping like you did!
    Emma recently posted…Baywatch GBGV StyleMy Profile

  5. Somebody needs to invent a flip-flop that can sustain a large dog on the back of ones flip-flop. Did you stay down for a few extra seconds so folks wouldn’t laugh because they felt sorry for you? I would have BOL. Take care.

  6. Sorry to hear about the loss of your flip flops. I worked with a dog trainer once who told everyone on the first day of class not to wear flip flops, for the exact reason. It doesn’t take a 160-pound newfie to trip you up; she said any dog could do it. (Hope Nike hears you, though!)

    –Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats
    Susan and the gang from LifeWithDogsAndCats.com recently posted…Story: Dogs vs. GroundhogMy Profile

  7. Goodness! I’m glad you weren’t hurt. But it does sound quite embarrassing. If it helps, I fell in Maya’s poop once on a walk when I bent down to pick it up and she knocked me over. I was mortified, but I have a sinking feeling that Maya thought it was pretty funny.

    BTW, I hope Nike sends you another pair of flip flops!
    dawn recently posted…Barks & Bytes #7 New Funny Dogs in Car VideoMy Profile

  8. Uhmmm wear real shoes? Flip flops are so dangerous we just don’t get people who wear them all the time, sorry! Mom saw a woman get hers caught in the escalator running to catch a train. Ouch. I destroyed a few shoes in my younger days, the tips off of shoelaces were her favorite, but luckily I out grew it. Love Dolly
    Dolly the Doxie recently posted…How Pets Help Seniors’ LivesMy Profile

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