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What’s In Your Easter Baskets? (Pssst…..I Need Suggestions)


I’m trying to fill up the Easter baskets for the kids and just like every year one is easier than the other.

I always try to keep the candy in their baskets to a minimal which makes things a bit more difficult.

Gracie’s always the easy one.

You can fill her basket with hair ties, nail polish, fun lip gloss, cute outfits, sunglasses and everything in between. Light on the candy though because she’s a little candy monster and her teeth have already cost me a fortune.


Let’s Talk About Muddy Paws.

 muddy dog

This puddle found me. I did not find this puddle.

We’ve officially hit mud season here in Ohio.

I thought it was going to skip us this year but apparently that was just a teaser.

For those who aren’t familiar with mud season it’s more commonly called Spring.

April showers bring May flowers, right?


Well March and April showers also bring mud.

Mud equals muddy paws.

Muddy paws equal an aching back and a muddy house.


They’ve Got It All Wrong


Sherman and Leroy have taken an interest in football over the past week and they really don’t seem to care that it’s not football season.

Sherman got a new football to replace his old nasty football and he has grown quite attached to it.

Sherman only plays with these types of toys so he grows very attached to the new ones that he gets.

I’m actually getting a little jealous of their relationship.


His Future Is Bright And That Is Priceless


Yesterday Leroy had another recheck.

His last recheck was January 16th and it was a great recheck that included normal levels and big jump in his weight.

For yesterday’s recheck the plan was to check his cobalamin/folate ( B12) status but he’s also had some issues with urinating more than normal so we wanted to check that out too. While the urinating was enough to gain my attention it was pretty intermittent so we just monitored it.

Leroy’s on steroids so urinating more than normal can be a side effect but because long term steroids can cause issues in some dogs we wanted to make sure his kidneys were functioning properly and that his long term steroid use didn’t induce diabetes. Of course, we also wanted to rule out a urinary tract infection.


PupJoy. A Pet Subscription Box Customized For My Dogs


PupJoy is a new subscription pet box that just launch in January and I was contacted by them last month to see if I would be interested in reviewing their box.

I  know what you guys are thinking.

Not another pet subscription box review.

I hear ‘ya.

I’m not huge into reviewing pet subscriptions boxes because there are so many of them out there right now but after checking this one out I was intrigued and I think you will be too because it’s unique.

Here’s the low down on the PupJoy Subscription Box.

What PupJoy Is:

PupJoy is a customized pet subscription box proudly built in Chicago. They understand that every dog is unique and that we don’t live in a one size fits all world. All their subscription boxes come with clear-labeled healthy dog treats, unique well-crafted dog toys and artisan accessories that are sourced from small suppliers who are focused on creating quality, responsible products.


I Wish There Was More To This Story But There Is Not


So remember how last Monday I said that last week was kind of crappy and that things kept happening that I didn’t see coming and they were making me cry?

Well the bad news is that this week wasn’t much better. The good news is that I didn’t cry so maybe those hormones went and straightened themselves out.

I would love to start off with a big elaborate story that leads into this but I don’t have one.

Last week I had a collapsed lung.

I don’t know when it happened but the pain started on Tuesday.

I didn’t know I had a collapsed. I thought I had a pulled a muscle but the pain was pretty bad so after day 2 of thinking I had a pulled muscle I went to see my doc.


What Is Cetyl Myristoleate And Why Is It In My Dog’s Joint Supplement?


Cetyl Myristolerate is the key ingredient in Natural Stride which is the joint supplement that we have been giving to Sherman for well over a year now.

When we first started giving it I wasn’t familiar with Cetyl Myristolerate so I thought we could have a little lesson on what Cetyl Myristolerate is because it’s pretty darn cool.

What is it?

Cetyl myristoleate is a fatty acid ester of myristoleic acid, a common fatty acid found in fish oils, animal fats, dairy products and butter. Cows, beavers, sperm whales and mice are said to produce Cetyl Myristoleate naturally.


10 Things To Keep In Mind When Searching For A Dog Breeder


sherman 21

You’ve spent months researching a particular breed.

You’ve learned all there is to know about it from common health issues to grooming needs. Now it’s time to take the BIG step and find a breeder.

Before you begin your journey here are 10 important things to keep in mind.

1. You’re not looking for a puppy, you’re looking for a breeder. Unfortunately you can find a puppy anywhere. You need to find a responsible breeder to give you that puppy!  A breeder who will give you a puppy that is healthy and sound. Someone who knows the breed your looking at up and down. Someone who is NOT just looking to make a quick buck. Your puppy should come from someone who cares about his welfare, his breed and his future. You know what you want now find someone that has that to offer. For example-when I was looking for Sherman I knew I wanted a brown show male from German lines. I had done my homework and I had my reasons for wanting what I wanted so I just needed to find a breeder that could deliver that.

2. Give yourself plenty of time. Don’t expect to get a puppy right away. Many reputable dog breeders have waiting lists. Sometimes you only have to wait a few months and sometimes you may have to wait a few years. Some of this may be due to your preferences. I didn’t decide I wanted a Newfie puppy in May and got him in July. The litter Sherman was from was only planned when I first made contact with the breeder.  If you aren’t looking for specific qualities in a pup your wait time may be less.


5 Things I Didn’t See Coming Last Week


Last week was an emotional week for me.

I don’t know if it was because I was delirious from the melting snow and consistent sunshine or what but a lot of things kept catching me off guard and making me cry.

I’m not normally a crier.

I mean I cry…… but not over spilled milk, or puddles or poop.

But something last week kept triggering my emotions.

Here’s 3 things that caught me off guard and made me cry last week. It’s ok if you laugh.

1. Someone called Leroy a Mastiff. Leroy and I were out running some errands and someone stopped us and asked if he was a Mastiff. I politely said no and stated he was a Newfoundland. The woman said, “Oh. I thought Newfoundlands were fluffier. (insert big pout face here from me) And that’s when the waterworks started and the poor woman looked like a deer in headlights. I felt bad for her so I explained about Leroy being sick but that he was recovering and doing much better. She was so apologetic and that made me cry more.


Dried Beef Tripe For Dogs From @Chewy


I’ve been curious about beef tripe for several months now and to be honest it both grosses me out and intrigues me at the same time.

For those who aren’t familiar with tripe it is the stomach lining of grazing animals, mostly cows but it can be from other animals like sheep.

Today we are specially talking about beef tripe.

Let’s have a quick lesson about where tripe comes from.

Don’t worry it will be quick and painless but a little gross.

Ruminant animals (an animal that has more than one stomach and swallows food and then brings it back up again to continue chewing it) have multi-chambered stomachs, and tripe generally comes from either the rumen, reticulum or omasum chambers.


The animal swallows barely chewed food which is slightly broken down in the rumen and reticulum and promptly sent back to the mouth for more chewing fun.  It then passes through the reticulum and omasum and into the abomasum where it is further broken down by gastric juices, amino acids and digestive enzymes.


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