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Before We Go Any Further You Should Know These 5 Things About Me And My Dogs



I’ve been writing this blog for a long time.

About 5 years to be exact.

During that time readers have come and gone and some have stayed on for the duration. Thanks for that and the things in this post will be nothing that you probably don’t know about me so we are good.

For the rest of you that have come aboard we should talk before we move into the next year. There’s things that perhaps I haven’t made clear over the last year or three and I don’t want anyone to say that they are here under false pretenses.

I want you here because you want to be here, despite it all.

It’s about to get real people.

1. Sherman and Leroy come from a responsible breeder. It’s crazy but it’s true. I bought them with money and they weren’t cheap. I even signed a contract. According to some people, who live in a delusional world, 500 dogs died because I bought my dogs so in essence I am a dog killer. Huh. Interesting. Bite me delusional people. And by delusional I mean PETA, not our friends in rescue. ;)

2. Sherman and Leroy are/were show dogs. Otherwise known as beauty pageant dogs who don’t really get to live the normal life of a dog. Both boys have finished and are now enjoying retirement. Well, technically, Leroy was suppose to show in the Veteran Class next year but he went and got himself all messed up…so now he’s officially retired.  I am such a selfish bitch to put my dogs through such a rough life. Damn me.


So Who Ruined Christmas This Year?


Luckily no one really ruined Christmas but we had a few close calls and it all started when we were strategically hanging our stockings on the mantel on Christmas Eve and I sent Gracie upstairs to grab something and all of a sudden I heard her yell:

“Leroy! Get off the table!”

“Mommmmmmm! Leroy’s on the table eating the Reese’s cups. He’s seriously ON THE TABLE!”

“Leroy no! Get down!”

I ran upstairs as fast as I could but since I’m 40 now I’m a bit slower than when I was 39 and by the time I got upstairs Leroy was just standing there licking his chops and the Reese cups and wrappers were gone.



From Us To You

Holiday 2014 0011

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

I was hoping to send this first ever picture of my family all together out as holiday cards but time was not on my side.

My family and I are so blessed to be in such a great community of amazing people.

We hope this holiday season finds you and yours happy and healthy.

Gibby The Guinea Pig Still Exists


Many of you were around about 3 years ago when we welcomed another pet to the family.

It was Gibby the guinea pig and he was Bobby’s dream pet.

I’ve was super excited to welcome Gibby to the family and I knew that even though Gibby was Bobby’s pet, I would eventually become the sole care taker and we would have so much fun.

That’s the way it goes with kids. It went that way with me when I was little and I expected it go that with Bobby…..and it did for a little bit but then I became allergic to Gibby.

It started off minor with just sneezing, then swollen eyes and it has now built up to me not being able to be in the same room with the pig for longer than 10 minutes or I start to wheeze and have trouble breathing.

True story.


The Kids Have More Proof That I Love The Dogs More Than Them


A few weeks ago Gracie and I had to go to a local craft store to pick something up for my sister’s birthday.

Gracie never misses a chance to go to the craft store because she always suckers whom ever she is with to buy her something.


I’m onto to her game so I knew she wasn’t going with me because she wanted to bond.

She wanted something.

She didn’t know what she wanted because I sprang it on her without warning and she didn’t have time to plot her scheme, which is exactly where she went wrong.

I told she could get some of her little crafty rubber bands or some yarn but Gracie had other plans.

She wanted Olaf.

I told her no.

No Olaf. He didn’t have a price tag on him and I knew he wasn’t in my budget.

I was willing to spend a few bucks….not Olaf bucks.


Our Christmas Tree Is Trimmed With Lights And Balls And Now I Wonder If My Dog Will Eat It All


Trimming the tree is my favorite thing to do for the holidays.

We all have our separate box of personal ornaments and everyone takes great care finding just the right spot for their favorite ornaments.

Because we have large dogs with happy tails and a dog who likes to eat things we have special rules when it comes to ornament placement.

Breakables go on the top part of the tree.

The only “food” type ornaments allowed are gingerbread men and they also have to go towards the top and on the inner part of the tree away from nosy noses.

So basically, our tree is a little top heavy.


Is The Assisi Loop Working?


As promised I’m updating on the progress of Leroy’s pressure sores with using the Assisi Loop.

We have been dealing with this pressure sore for a good 2 months now with no improvement. It never got any worse but it never got any better.

Then we started using the Assisi Loop and within about a week we started to see a noticeable change in the pressure sore.

So what exactly is the Assisi Loop?

The loop is a medical device that uses tPEMF technology that helps reduce pain and inflammation.

tPEMF = targeted pulsed electromagnetic field

There is no actual magnet in the loop but it creates a magnetic field by running electricity through a circle made of conductive metal……hence the loop.

The pulse, or drop and surge in frequency creates an electro-magnetic field and causes a small amount of electricity to flow through all of the tissues penetrating the field creating a healing effect.


Let’s break it down and get to the part that excites me.


Squeak This Not That While I’m Trying To Take A Nap. Hear Doggy

gift guide 2014

A few weeks ago I came home from work early.

I was super tired and the kids were still at school so I decided to seize the moment and sneak in a short nap.

Naps are a very rare luxury here so whenever a rare opportunity to sneak one in presents itself, I’m all over it.

The only obstacle standing in my way of this rare nap opportunity was 2 brown dogs so I carefully calculated my time.

If I take the dogs for a walk, give them a snack and have a small playtime session that would give approximately 60 minutes of nap time.

Game on.

Let’s do this.

I was right on schedule after playtime so I eagerly settled myself down on the couch and covered up with the blankets,

Just I was about to drift off Sherman decided it was time to lick his man parts.


The Weigh In

So I have a dog scale that I inherited when I worked at the vet.

They were getting a new one so I jumped at the chance to take the old one off their hands.

I was so excited to get this scale home and I swore I would use it all the time.

Well about 2 years later I’m finally putting it to use.

That’s right.

I brushed the dust off it and my husband fixed the part that was broken and calibrated it.

My motivation was Leroy.

I need to keep a closer watch on his weight because I don’t want to be blindsided when we go to the vet for his next recheck AND we need to make sure he is going in up in the weight department.

But Sherman was my motivation also because people keep telling me that he looks fat and I keep telling them that he just has a very full coat right now and that he is NOT fat.

Which then makes me go and feel all over his body to make sure I’m not kidding myself.

It’s just hair. Once I make it past all his fluff I can feel his ribs and I don’t have to dig.

He still has a manly curve.

And then I go over to Leroy, who looks anorexic, who I can feel every single one of his ribs because he has no coat or fat and I wonder where the hell is all the food going that I am feeding him.

Where is it going?

It’s obviously not going to his thighs or butt.

So Sunday it was the day to find out just exactly where my dogs stood in the weight department. Do I have an obese dog and a severely underweight weight dog? If so, what am I going to do about it?

My hands were sweaty and this weigh in was going to make or break my Sunday.

Sherman was up first.


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