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The Petties 2011

It’s time for the 2011 Petties Award!

Don’t know what a Petties Award is? 
That’s ok I didn’t either until recently, so here’s DogTimes definition of a Pettie Award:
The Petties Awards are Dogtime’s annual celebration recognizing excellence among animal-loving bloggers of all stripes. The Petties are the only awards nominated by, voted for, and presented to individuals in the pet blogging community.
How it works
Between now and June 29, 2011, ­we invite all readers and writers — that means you! — to nominate your favorite blogs. This year, we’ve added four new categories to the ballot for a total of eight awards:
  • Best Dog Blog
  • Best Cat Blog
  • Best Cause-Related Blog
  • Best Overall Pet Blog
  • Best Designed Blog
  • Best Individual Blog Post
  • Best Social Integration Blog
  • Funniest Blog or Blogger
In addition to receiving a wonderful  statuette winners will award winners with a $1000 donation to the shelter of their choice!

 Cool..Very cool!

To learn more about the Petties Award please visit DogTime
So what are you waiting for? Get on with it and start nominating your favorite blogs in each category.

Here is who I am casting my nominations for:

Best Dog Blog-DawgBusiness

Best Cat Blog-The Tiniest Tiger

Best Cause Related Blog-Be The Change For Animals

Best Overall Pet Blog-Pawcurious

Best Designed Blog-Two Little Cavaliers

Best Individual Blog post-CatChat for this post

Best Social Integration Blog- DogTipper

Funniest Blog or Blogger- MyBrownNewfies!

Yes it is a reach, and I can’t expect much when running with these HUGE blogs, but well…you know us, we are always up for a challenge and we have nothing to lose only money to gain for our favorite shelter!

Now…. I am going to go for the sympathy vote here:

Oh yes I am!
 -When voting please keep in mind all the injuries that I have suffered when sharing some of my posts such as, 
but not limited to- many fat lips, bloody noses, concussions, a chipped tooth, black eyes and the many, many trips and falls

Oh….. and let us never, never forget about the tomato post:)

To nominate your favorite blog please go here.

There Are No Responsible Breeders?


I have stewed over this statement for almost a  week a now.
Trying to get my thoughts straight in my head, trying to find any logic in that statement.
“There are no responsible breeders” is what an author over at 

 DogTime has recently stated.

Without going into what constitutes a breeder as being “responsible” I will agree that there are not as many “responsible” ones out there as there should be, but they are among us.

This article written by a very strong minded individual who believes that breeders are “adding to the number of animals in need of homes.”  Which I think does have some truth in it but then the author goes on to say:
“It doesn’t matter that you have grown up with Collies or that a German Shepard once saved your life. I don’t care what breed you love above all others. Your passion for wanting to see that breed proliferate is irrelevant when it comes to the welfare of a single animal. Breeding is a hobby for humans. It’s morally intolerable to value the worth of a breed over the worth of an individual. No exceptions.”

The author also goes on to state that there should not be any breeding until the pet overpopulation problem is solved.  I am sorry but stopping breeding is not going to help that.

From the research that I have read the dogs that are acquired from breeders make up a small percentage of the dogs that are found in shelters, and I am sure that these are pets who came from backyard breeders or the people that thought that breeding their dog just one time would be fine, and opps.. 12 puppies were born.

So what makes up the rest? Strays? Lost pets? Owner surrender?

Doesn’t this all come down to “responsible” pet ownership?

Some people just are not “responsible” pet owners.

Some people need more education before being allowed to have a pet.

There lies your problem.

Breeder or shelter.

It doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately, there is always going to be pets in shelters, just like there is always going to be children in foster care, as long as there is irresponsible people.

So fine.

Take out the “responsible” breeder.

You will still have Mr. A who goes to a shelter, adopts a pup and then 5 years later decides he doesn’t have time for it. Or Mr.F who adopts a dog, leaves it alone for hours on end, it tears up his house and he takes it back to the shelter because it is “destructive”. Or Mrs B who adopts a pup and 2 years later the pup is bigger than she expected and there is not room for it in her home. Back to the shelter it goes.

So don’t tell me that the breed that I love and cherish, the breed that I will take steps to preserve and protect should go extinct because you, my friend,  want a solution.

I am tired of certain people or groups trying to make me feel guilty for owning a purebred dog.
I SUPPORT THE PUREBRED DOG  and the “responsible” breeders that breed them,
I also SUPPORT  and contribute to local shelters.

You can do both.

If the “responsible” breeder stops breeding you are still going to have a problem.

Probably even a bigger one.