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You Asked And Now We Will Deliver

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On Monday I said that I wasn’t sure if Monday Mischief was going to continue because it’s been kind of sporadic and unstable.

After further discussion and feedback from you I am happy to report that the Monday Mischief Blog Hop will continue. It’s clear that many of you look forward to the hop each Monday and well……we don’t want anyone to be deprived of mischief.

After talking with one of the co hosts of MM I was given step by step instructions on how to handle everything.

I know.

I’m as nervous about all of this as you are but fingers, paws and toes crossed I will be able to handle this. Since MM began I’ve never been the one in charge of the linky. I always took the easy way out and grabbed it from Snoopy’s blog because it was posted first.

Sorry. I’m a total cheater.

But going forward, or at at least until Snoopy is all settled in to his new home, I will be putting the MM link up at 12:01 am (EST).


Life With A Dog With IBD And What We Watch For


When Leroy was first diagnosed with IBD I was terrified.

I was happy that we finally had a diagnosis but that diagnosis was a scary one and one that I wasn’t familiar with.

I knew that IBD could be a deadly condition for dogs and Leroy was about as sick as they come.

To be honest, he was knocking on death’s door but thankfully death was out of town

When Leroy was released from the hospital it wasn’t because he was all better it was because there was no more treatments left to be given and Leroy was beginning to get depressed so sending him home was the best and only thing that could be done.

Leroy was sent home with some medications along with a wish and prayer.

Since IBD can’t be cured, only managed, over the last several months I’ve gone over all the signs that may have been overlooked prior to Leroy’s diagnosis so that I can be on top of it if they show up again.

SIGN #1-Picky eater.  Before Leroy was diagnosed with IBD he had a history of being very picky about his food. One day he loved it and the next day he couldn’t even look at it. Leroy hasn’t’ refused his food since he’s been diagnosed. That’s almost 7 months straight that he’s been eating well. That’s a lifetime achievement for him. If he stops eating there’s a problem. We were lucky that the first food we opted to feed Leroy after his diagnosis worked.  Honestly, I didn’t want to feed the prescription diet that was recommended and I even consulted with a canine nutritionist about it. It went against everything that I trained my mind to think was good for my dog. All that goes out the window now because right now, today, this food has kept Leroy alive. Nothing that anyone can say will make me stop feeding it. The only one who gets to tell me that it needs to change is Leroy.


Two Reasons I’m Giving In To Winter


It’s March.

It’s still snowing.

I can’t complain about it anymore.

I mean I can but obviously my complaining isn’t helping my situation at all because it’s still snowing in March.

The only hope I have of ever seeing Spring or Summer is to give in to winter and start looking at it in a different way.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:


So You Think You Want A Show Dog. Here’s 9 Things You Should Know


With the Westminster dog show comes dog show talk.

While many people choose to pick the sport apart there are just as many people who want to learn more.

I’m here for those people who are intrigued.

Before the show ring and all the glitz and glamour that’s rumored, there first needs to be a dog.

Here’s 9 things you should know about that show dog that you think you want:


Neighborhood Watch


Last week was a bitter cold week.

To cold for school.

To cold for walks.

These two were pretty bummed out about that.


So they decided to make sure that no one else was going to school or taking walks.

When they figured out that there was absolutely nothing going in the neighborhood they felt a little better.

Well. One of them did. The other one was still a little perturbed.




Leroy Gets Busted

I’m sorry I don’t have a whole long post to share today.

I worked most of the weekend and when I wasn’t working I was transforming our dining room into a craft room for Gracie.

My dining room is the island of misfit everything that doesn’t have a home so it was a big project but Gracie was completely tired of doing her crafty things in the front room because she always had to pick dog hair out of the things she made or…… if she was doing her crafty things at the kitchen table, Leroy would try to eat them.

The girl needed a craft room STAT.

So because that occupied most of my weekend here is video of Leroy that I took last week stealing a rice cake off the table. (I shared this on FB already but just in case you’re not into that….here it is!)

I totally set him up like I promised:

And for those of you who may notice my counters, yes they are a mess and I’m fully aware of that and I don’t care :)


2 Brown Males Looking For Love


Sensitive mature adult brown male seeks mature female of any color or large breed. I’m big brown and fluffy, I groom regularly My likes include long walks, playing catch, cuddling, naps, mud, snow, good food, slobber bubbles and quiet evenings at home. Dislikes include loud noises, girls who are vertically challenged, being left alone, confrontation and carrots. I’m looking for a girl who is not afraid to slobber or get dirty and likes to rub bellies. I’m a part time nanny with lots of love to give. Call or text me: 411-222-7777. Single ladies only please.  If you have a prior conviction or animal control is looking for you, please do not call. 




Energetic adult brown male seeks spunky little lady. Particularly brown or blonde and well groomed. I’m large and in charge and have a great sense of style.  I groom occasionally but prefer when the ladies do it for me. I like hiking. digging in mud, rolling in snow, a good game of chase, toys that squeak, barking, counter surfing and eating things that I’m not suppose to. Dislikes include being told no, my ears cleaned, carrots and dogs who don’t share. I’m a recovering rockacoholic so I need a bitch that doesn’t hang around in rocky areas . I’m a part time model and I have a wagon so I can pick you up! Call me! 666-123-4567. If I don’t answer I’m probably outside taking a pee so leave a message! The world is ours bitches!



Stages Of Pressure Sores And Wound Healing In Dogs

A few months ago I talked about pressure sores and how we are dealing with Leroy’s sore. In that post I discussed what a pressure sore was so today I thought we would talk about the stages of a pressure sore and the healing process.

According to Web MD there can be 4 stages of a pressure sore:

Stage 1: Sores are not open wounds. The skin has no break and tears but may be painful. The skin is red and warm to touch and the sore can feel softer or firmer than the area around it.

Stage 2: The skin breaks open, wears away, or an ulcer forms. This can be tender and painful. The sore can go deeper into the skin. It can look like a scrape, blister, or small crater in the skin. In this stage the sore can look like a blister filled with clear fluid. Some skin may be damaged beyond repair or die at this stage.

Stage 3: At this stage the sore expands and goes into the tissue beneath the skin and forms a small crater. Fat may show at this stage but not muscle, tendon, or bone.

Stage 4: The pressure sore is really deep and into the muscle and bone which causes extensive damage and may cause damage to tendons and joints.


My Three Blizzard Essentials.


February seems to be the month when the snow machine gets kicked into full gear here in Ohio. For the last few years we get next to nothing in measurable snow and then as soon as February hits we are instantly buried in at least a foot of snow for the next 2 months.

Our first significant snowfall came last week on Superbowl Sunday and the weather people underestimate the amounts that we were going to get a bit which is why I’m glad I made sure to start stocking up on my “snowed in essentials” Thursday.

I’m a freak when it comes to weather.

Bad weather=me staying home and not going anywhere until it’s safe.

Which means I have to make sure I have all that we need for at least a few days in case we get snowed in.

Besides the basics like milk, toilet paper and Pepsi I also look to have these 3 things:


Pet Friendly Valentine Contests And Other Fun Stuff


Love is in the air and who better to share it with than your best furry pal…or your fish, or iguana, or snake or eel.

To each his own.

Cupid is not one to judge.

Here’s some of the best Pet Valentine Contests that cupid alerted us too.

1. Our absolute favorite online delivery delivery service is hosting their first ever Valentine’s Day Photo Contest! The prize up for grabs is a FREE year of pet food. OMD! Do you how much money that could save someone? I entered because even though it’s only one bag OR a case of a cans a month (up to $1,000) that would help us out tremendously with Leroy’s prescription food because he’s a pig. Visit here for more details on how to enter. Visit here if you would like to vote for Leroy by clicking like :) Yeah. I’m soliciting votes. Lover Boy needs your vote.

2. Fidose of Reality. Dog Love Photo Contest.  Carol and Dexter want to see your best photos of the love you share with your dog! There’s a variety of prizes up for grabs in this contest including a hand drawn pet portrait and a custom hand painted wine glass! ‘Um…yes please! My homemade apple pie moonshine would look good in that!  You can read more about the contest here.


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