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4 Easy And Quick Ways To Check If Your Dog Is Dehydrated


If your dog is coming up shy of consuming the amount of water that his body needs, there’s probably no need to worry. Unless they have a serious medical condition most likely they are still staying hydrated.

Dogs become dehydrated when they are losing more water than they are taking in. This can often be due to long bouts with diarrhea or vomiting, overheating and diseases such as kidney disease, cancer and unregulated diabetic dogs.

A dog doesn’t just lose water when they are dehydrated they also lose electrolytes which include minerals such as sodium, chloride and potassium.

If you suspect that your dog is dehydrated here’s 4 easy and quick ways to check:


DIY Dog Sling For Large Dogs

DIY dog sling using reusable bags

When Leroy was sick I ran into many obstacles that I wasn’t prepared for with a giant breed dog. It’s not that I never thought about it but I just wasn’t prepared to have a debilitated dog as soon as I did.

Helping him up was nearly impossible and getting him into the car proved to be impossible for me alone. It was scary and frustrating and a huge wake up call.

We got a ramp. We got a sling. We made alterations to our home.

Of course by the time we had all those items at our disposal, Leroy was on his way to recovery and our need for them wasn’t as dire but I know they will be needed again in the future.

Before our sling arrived in the mail we used a towel to help Leroy up. It worked in a pinch but it certainly wasn’t ideal. A towel is hard to grip on the sides when your lifting a 130 pound dog. A small towel won’t do because it doesn’t fit around a big dog. A towel puts a lot of pressure under the belly, an area that was already sensitive in Leroy’s case, when your lifting. Not to mention the tension it put on my back.

But what other options do I have when I need a dog sling in a pinch?


Let’s Be Friends Because I Don’t Want To Hurt You


A few weeks ago I walked into the front room to see the sight above. Both boys laying next to each. Paws touching.

It warmed my heart.

There was a time that I never thought I would see something so sweet but I’m starting to see it more and more as they get older.

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of that.

Sure dogs do this all the time with other dogs that share a living space but these are 2 intact male dogs. In some cases intact male dogs can’t even be in the same house.

6 years ago Sherman and Leroy were trying to bite each other’s heads off. It got so bad and I became so upset and nervous that I thought I would have to find another home for Leroy.


Baseball And Skills Testing


I’m finding myself missing baseball.

We haven’t had a summer without baseball games since Bobby was 5. I thought I would be excited to have a summer free but it turns out I’m missing going to the games and sitting there for hours listening to parents yell at their children and umpires and coaches.


When I put it that wait, I’m not missing it.

I am missing taking the boys up to games. They always enjoyed going to the ballpark and hanging out for a few hours and getting some extra attention.

I was feeling desperate last week and I almost took Leroy to Bobby’s girlfriends game. For all of you that have been reading this blog since Bobby was 7, I’ll give you time to take that in.

So I dropped Bobby off at the game and told him maybe I would be up later to watch some of it. Bobby’s response was:


Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Fountain Review

Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Fountain

With Sherman coming up on 9 years old and Leroy having a past with urinary issues it’s more important than ever that they are getting the water that they need to keep their bodies in top condition.

As I discussed in Tuesday’s post they should be drinking at 160 ounces on an average day. More when they are active or when it’s super hot outside.

I’m going to be 100% honest with you. I don’t know if they really are drinking 160 ounces of water a day. We have various size water bowls that range from 2 quarts to 4 quarts and they are always being used. I fill them several times. Sometimes one is empty, one is near being empty, one has slobber or chucks in it or one has been drank out of once.

I don’t measure them out. That would be way too much math for me and my head would explode. Just from observation I would say that Leroy is getting the correct amount of water that he needs but Sherman could be coming up short.

Sherman spends a lot of time down in the basement in the summer months but for some reason he doesn’t drink from the water bowl that is down there even though it’s the same bowl like he has upstairs.


Rub A Dub Dub These Brown Newfies Don’t Have A Tub

dog bath

I get a lot of people who ask how often I bathe Sherman and Leroy  and seeing as they both just got a bath I thought this would be the perfect time to make a public statement about that.

On average people say dogs should be bathed 1-2 times a year but I would assume that’s for a dog who doesn’t slobber all over themselves, roll in stinky rabbit shit, had a bout with diarrhea that dripped all down their leg, have urinary issues or just went swimming in the grossest lake ever.

Some of us have dogs that do this on a regular basis and some of us do not.

Because of that I’m sticking with my normal answer to general questions like this.

It really depends on the dog

Every dog is different and some dogs are dirtier than others.


Is Your Dog Getting Enough Water?

Pet Hydration

If I had a dollar for every time that I filled water bowls around here for the past 8 years I’d be one rich lady.

Let’s see…………we have a total of 3 water bowls in the house and 1 outside.

The water bowl upstairs gets filled at least 4 times a day.

The bowl downstairs about 3 times a day.

The bowl in the front room about twice a day.

And the bowl outside about 4 times a day.

The bowls aren’t always dry but sometimes there’s more slobber in the bowl than water and every bowl is always filled fresh each morning regardless.

Right there I’m looking at $13 a day. That’s a minimum.


I Lost My Dog On The Worst Day Of The Year


Before we begin I will let you know that Leroy is fine and safe with us. 

When Leroy was about 1 year old he jumped up on the gate to our fence, hit the latch with his paw and took off in the woods.

Just like that he was gone and he wasn’t looking back.

Luckily a tree stump with some good smells held his attention long enough for us to tackle him and bring him back home where locks were immediately put on all 3 of our gates.

When Leroy was about 3 years old he hit the front door handle with his nose and slipped out onto our front porch. 2 people were in the driveway and called his name as soon as they saw him. Leroy ran in the opposite direction and took off.

Again, something with good smells held his attention long enough for us to tackle him and bring him back him and immediately put a baby proof lock on the front door.

When Leroy was 4 he somehow opened the door to the garage and was found standing inside the garage looking out,  probably plotting which route to take off in.

He’s gotten better over the years but I still consider him a flight risk which is why we are overly careful that doors are always shut securely and to occasionally check on his whereabouts throughout the day.

I’ve even been working on his recall which was nonexistent 2 years ago.


Dear Leroy, On Your Birthday Here’s A Hat We Made For You

Happy Birthday Leroy

Dear Leroy,

I’ve struggled with your birthday this year for at least the last month. I feel I’ve said all there is to say about you over the last year and there’s not much I can add.

You’re an amazing dog.

You know it.

I know it.

You know I love you to the moon and back.

Trying to find something spectacular for your birthday was challenging.

I mean what do get the most amazing dog in the world?


When Experiments Go Bad

When I was 10 and was on summer break the world was my oyster.

I would wake up whenever I wanted and then conquer the world in my own little way.

Telling stories, making mud pies, blowing bubbles and just being happy and 10.

This is why I love having Gracie home for the summer.

She likes to conquer the world in her very own way.

She’s very creative and she likes to create things and experiment.

Last week was experiment week for her.

She comes up with these ideas on her own. Well she has a little help from YouTube but she finds them and then puts them into action.

Last Monday she did the water cycle experiment, which shows the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth.


Or in this case the continuous movement of water, using ice cubes and sunlight, above and below plastic wrap over a large glass mixing bowl with a drinking glass inside. Close enough.

I’ll admit. It was pretty cool. Water formed in the drinking glass.

Next up she did something called walking water. She filled plastic cups up with the water and some with food coloring. Then folded up paper towels and the goal was for the paper towels to soak up the colored water and change the regular water (that had no color added) to other pretty colors.

It didn’t work out well. I think she needed to add more water but who am I to say?

The next experiment was one of the funnest ones because it had to do with bubbles.


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