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Peanut Butter On Dog Noses


I’ve been having a little bit of trouble giving Leroy some of the medication that he’s on.

He can be quite stubborn and smart when it comes to taking pills and it’s normally just a matter of time before he catches onto my sneaky pill disguising ways.

Not to mention the fact that he is extremely picky when it comes to eating something new so I have to be very careful in my pill disguise items of choice or I’m left with a soggy pill that is melting in my hands as I try to cram it down his throat before it disintegrates.

So I decided to try the messiest and tastiest thing I could find to disguise a pill.


Up Close And Personal, Big Dog Style


I was totally going to title this post “Up Close and Personal, Doggie Style” but then I started to think about what the search engines would do with that and I decided to go a different route.

It’s better that way. A lot less people will be confused and I will get a lot less hits from people who are looking for porn.

So now that we have the reason for the title clear, let’s get onto the good stuff.

We got a few more inches of snow the other day and I refuse to go outside in that crap and take pictures anymore this year so I was looking for something new and challenging to do with the camera. As luck would have it, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a post from my friend Mel over at No Dog About It.

Mel had referenced to a post called “The Secret To Taking Awesome Dog Portraits By Elke Vogelsang.” If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out. It’s amazing.


Bugsy’s Box Favs and Giveaway!

Who is Bugsy?

Bugsy 2

Bugsy is an adorable little 3 year old Pug and is the face behind the Bugsy’s Box. He’s the best friend to the founder of the Bugsy’s Box and was the ultimate inspiration because the founder wanted to give Bugsy the best treats and toys that he could find without having to run around to several stores trying to locate them, so the Bugsy’s Subscription Box was born!

I was lucky enough to be asked to review the Bugsy’s Box a few months ago but I ran into a little shipping issue when the box was accidentally delivered to my neighbor, a little over a month ago and she just brought it over to me a few days ago, so the box that I will be talking about today is the February subscription box.


As you all know, I’m a pretty big fan of dog subscription boxes because I love opening up a box of dog fun and Bugsy’s Box did not disappoint.


Why Buying Paper Towels In Bulk Is Important When You Have a Dog


Paper towels are something that we use often in this house.

We use them for a variety of things, but we mostly use them for dog related stuff, such as wiping slobber off the windows, wiping slobber off the table, wiping slobber off the floor, wiping slobber off of guests, and we use them as needed for picking up dog vomit and sometimes even dog diarrhea.

My husband always tells me that I should buy paper towels in bulk because we will always use them, but I insist on ignoring him and I buy a roll or two each time I go shopping. On rare occasions I run out, but this is very rare and I feel that I’m a pretty good judge of our paper towel usage and if or if not we will run out during the week.


Getting Back To Basics


Since it seems like I seem to have more of Leroy’s attention these days I decided that it’s time for a us to take a little step back and get back to the basics.

One of the things that I truly enjoy doing with both of the boys is taking pictures of them out in the elements. This can sometimes be tricky because each of the boys has their strengths and their flaws when it comes to be photographed.

While Sherman has come a very long way over the last year, Leroy is still by far, the more photogenic dog. The camera loves him and he loves the camera. He has no problem looking right into the lens and giving me some attitude.


5 Reasons Winter Is Still Making Me Smile

_DSC03651 This winter sucks. I have nothing nice to say about it and I still have at least a month, probably more, left to deal with this crap.

So in order to make it through without going into a complete depression I have tried to grab my camera a lot more and capture some of the things that makes me keep smiling this winter.


62. That’s The Number Of Rocks Leroy Ate


How does a dog eat 62 rocks?

That is a very good question and it’s a question that I wish I didn’t have to try and answer, but I will give it my best try no matter how much it pains me.

Leroy has been eating rocks for several years now. The first time I wrote about it on the blog was back in March of 2011. This wasn’t the first time he had eaten rocks but it was the first time I realized that we had a big problem on our hands. At that point Leroy was not only eating rocks in our yard but he was also eating rocks on the sidewalk when we went for walks.

We did our best to rectify the situation and removed any rocks that were visible in our yard. We had rocks that went around our pool and rocks that were under our deck so we removed all of those. We thought we had broke him of this nasty habit until the following year when we noticed that he was eating rocks again. The rocks weren’t rocks that we had put in our yard, they were just apart of the ground, so we did our best to try and get rid of those and block off areas that he liked to go to dig in.

We poured a new concrete patio, poured a concrete sidewalk where rocks use to be, and put down more sod. I even went to the extreme of having him wear a basket muzzle at times when he was out in the back.


Jenny Has Lost Her Groove


I have lost my groove.

My blogging groove.

This is the exact reason why I try not to ever take a long break from blogging.

The chocolate Hershey Santa’s and pistachios have taken me over and instead of blogging I’ve been sitting on the couch eating and I’ve just totally lost my groove.

The good news is that I have now eaten all the chocolate and pistachios in the house and I feel my groove coming back.

The bad news is that my ass is now a little bigger than it was when I wrote my last post.


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