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Are Pet Cooling Mats Worth Your Money?


Sherman and Leroy have been testing out a cooling mat that we we got about a month ago.

I purchased this pet cooling mat so this is not a sponsored post. I’ve been wanting one forever so I finally bit the bullet and ordered one.

Let me just say-pet cooling mats for BIG dogs are not cheap. I’ve found that they range anywhere from $25-$75 and that what some companies view as large are really not all that large.

There are ones that you fill with water and ones that are filled with gel.

I finally settled on a pressure activated pet cooling mat from The Green Pet Shop. A $50 Groupon that a little birdie told me about got me a really good deal on this for $15.

It was a steal.


Commercial Mills Cost Newfs Their Lives. 29 Saved, 15 To Go. Help

A commercial dog breeder is someone who produces dogs solely to make a profit.

There’s no love there, just greed.

They are often referred to as a backyard breeders, puppy millers or USDA Breeders. They differ from responsible breeders because they care nothing about the breed of the dog that they are producing and more about how many dogs they can produce and how much money they can make. They don’t care about healthy puppies. They don’t care about YOU. They give you a puppy and never want to hear from you again. They sell their puppies to dog brokers who sell to pet stores.

They do not do genetic health testing for the breeds that they are breeding. They don’t offer long-term health guarantees. They breed every heat cycle, with no concern for the bitches health. The dogs are not cared for properly. They often live in cramped dirty areas, have no vet care, are not proper socialized, are not fed properly and are not groomed properly. They are not loved. They aren’t taken for walks or given toys to play with. No special treats, no birthday wishes. No fun adventures.

Here’s a few Newfoundlands that recently came from a commercial Newfoundland dog producer back in December. A breed that thrives on companionship. A breed that is defined by its temperament: Sweetness of temperament is the hallmark of the Newfoundland; this is the most important single characteristic of the breed.

rescue newfs

There was actually 44 of them.

Most of them have moved into their forever homes but 15 still remain in foster care due to medical issues.

Here’s their story:


She’s Leaving On A Jet Plane

She’s leaving on a jet plane.

Don’t know when she’ll be back again………

She's Leaving On A Jet Plane

Well she’s not really leaving on a jet plane but she did leave for 5th grade today.

If I remember back correctly, 5th grade is where things start to get complicated for little girls.

So while she was busy packing her backpack with school supplies yesterday I was busy hoping that over the last 10 years that I’ve packed her mind with enough wisdom to come out of 5th grade the same way that she went in.


8 Photos Of Happiness

I was tagged by Kelsie from It’s Dog or Nothing to participate in 8 Photos of Happiness. Thank you for tagging me Kelsie!  This couldn’t of came at a better time!

This whole challenge was started by Ariel’s Little of the Internet to spread a little bit of happiness around the world!

Picking just 8 photos from the thousands of pictures I have stored on my little computer is definitely a challenge but here it goes!

1. This puppy belly picture of Leroy. Is there a puppy belly that doesn’t make anyone happy? I don’t think so.


2. This picture that was taken over the weekend at a place called Squire’s Castle. Any picture of my children together laughing and having fun is happiness to me. This one was a bit magical too.


3. This picture of Bobby and Gracie. Such a big difference from the picture above in their looks but still happy kids. The fact that I have happy kids makes me happy.


4. This picture of Gracie having a conversation with Leroy. I have no idea what they are plotting but I’m sure it was good. Kids and dogs plotting something together makes me happy.


An Open Letter To The Dog Peeing In The House


Dear Dogs,

I know there’s not much of a chance that you’re reading this but if for some odd reason either one of you has a brief moment where you can hop on the computer during one of your naps…… that would be awesome.

Who the hell is peeing in the house?


I’m not blind. I see the puddles.

I actually walked through one yesterday morning and my pajama bottoms got soaked.

That’s just what I enjoy.

Walking through dog urine first thing in the morning and then having to take my pants off and walk through the house in my underwear searching for another pair of p.j.’s. You know I only have one favorite pair.


Dirty Texts With My Husband That Might Make You Jealous. AKA. Poop Texting

Texting. It’s what we do these days.

50% of contact with my husband comes from texts.

25% from actually speaking on the phone.

25% from face to face dialogue.

We work different schedules and when we’re actually home together it’s usually not in the same room.

Hey. It works. After nearly 15 years of marriage we’re still going strong.

We keep the romance alive in our texts.

These last few texts from earlier this week highlight that: (I’m blue)

poop texing


4 Easy And Quick Ways To Check If Your Dog Is Dehydrated


If your dog is coming up shy of consuming the amount of water that his body needs, there’s probably no need to worry. Unless they have a serious medical condition most likely they are still staying hydrated.

Dogs become dehydrated when they are losing more water than they are taking in. This can often be due to long bouts with diarrhea or vomiting, overheating and diseases such as kidney disease, cancer and unregulated diabetic dogs.

A dog doesn’t just lose water when they are dehydrated they also lose electrolytes which include minerals such as sodium, chloride and potassium.

If you suspect that your dog is dehydrated here’s 4 easy and quick ways to check:


DIY Dog Sling For Large Dogs

DIY dog sling using reusable bags

When Leroy was sick I ran into many obstacles that I wasn’t prepared for with a giant breed dog. It’s not that I never thought about it but I just wasn’t prepared to have a debilitated dog as soon as I did.

Helping him up was nearly impossible and getting him into the car proved to be impossible for me alone. It was scary and frustrating and a huge wake up call.

We got a ramp. We got a sling. We made alterations to our home.

Of course by the time we had all those items at our disposal, Leroy was on his way to recovery and our need for them wasn’t as dire but I know they will be needed again in the future.

Before our sling arrived in the mail we used a towel to help Leroy up. It worked in a pinch but it certainly wasn’t ideal. A towel is hard to grip on the sides when your lifting a 130 pound dog. A small towel won’t do because it doesn’t fit around a big dog. A towel puts a lot of pressure under the belly, an area that was already sensitive in Leroy’s case, when your lifting. Not to mention the tension it put on my back.

But what other options do I have when I need a dog sling in a pinch?


Let’s Be Friends Because I Don’t Want To Hurt You


A few weeks ago I walked into the front room to see the sight above. Both boys laying next to each. Paws touching.

It warmed my heart.

There was a time that I never thought I would see something so sweet but I’m starting to see it more and more as they get older.

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of that.

Sure dogs do this all the time with other dogs that share a living space but these are 2 intact male dogs. In some cases intact male dogs can’t even be in the same house.

6 years ago Sherman and Leroy were trying to bite each other’s heads off. It got so bad and I became so upset and nervous that I thought I would have to find another home for Leroy.


Baseball And Skills Testing


I’m finding myself missing baseball.

We haven’t had a summer without baseball games since Bobby was 5. I thought I would be excited to have a summer free but it turns out I’m missing going to the games and sitting there for hours listening to parents yell at their children and umpires and coaches.


When I put it that wait, I’m not missing it.

I am missing taking the boys up to games. They always enjoyed going to the ballpark and hanging out for a few hours and getting some extra attention.

I was feeling desperate last week and I almost took Leroy to Bobby’s girlfriends game. For all of you that have been reading this blog since Bobby was 7, I’ll give you time to take that in.

So I dropped Bobby off at the game and told him maybe I would be up later to watch some of it. Bobby’s response was:


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