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The Kids Have More Proof That I Love The Dogs More Than Them


A few weeks ago Gracie and I had to go to a local craft store to pick something up for my sister’s birthday.

Gracie never misses a chance to go to the craft store because she always suckers whom ever she is with to buy her something.


I’m onto to her game so I knew she wasn’t going with me because she wanted to bond.

She wanted something.

She didn’t know what she wanted because I sprang it on her without warning and she didn’t have time to plot her scheme, which is exactly where she went wrong.

I told she could get some of her little crafty rubber bands or some yarn but Gracie had other plans.

She wanted Olaf.

I told her no.

No Olaf. He didn’t have a price tag on him and I knew he wasn’t in my budget.

I was willing to spend a few bucks….not Olaf bucks.


Our Christmas Tree Is Trimmed With Lights And Balls And Now I Wonder If My Dog Will Eat It All


Trimming the tree is my favorite thing to do for the holidays.

We all have our separate box of personal ornaments and everyone takes great care finding just the right spot for their favorite ornaments.

Because we have large dogs with happy tails and a dog who likes to eat things we have special rules when it comes to ornament placement.

Breakables go on the top part of the tree.

The only “food” type ornaments allowed are gingerbread men and they also have to go towards the top and on the inner part of the tree away from nosy noses.

So basically, our tree is a little top heavy.


Is The Assisi Loop Working?


As promised I’m updating on the progress of Leroy’s pressure sores with using the Assisi Loop.

We have been dealing with this pressure sore for a good 2 months now with no improvement. It never got any worse but it never got any better.

Then we started using the Assisi Loop and within about a week we started to see a noticeable change in the pressure sore.

So what exactly is the Assisi Loop?

The loop is a medical device that uses tPEMF technology that helps reduce pain and inflammation.

tPEMF = targeted pulsed electromagnetic field

There is no actual magnet in the loop but it creates a magnetic field by running electricity through a circle made of conductive metal……hence the loop.

The pulse, or drop and surge in frequency creates an electro-magnetic field and causes a small amount of electricity to flow through all of the tissues penetrating the field creating a healing effect.


Let’s break it down and get to the part that excites me.


The Weigh In

So I have a dog scale that I inherited when I worked at the vet.

They were getting a new one so I jumped at the chance to take the old one off their hands.

I was so excited to get this scale home and I swore I would use it all the time.

Well about 2 years later I’m finally putting it to use.

That’s right.

I brushed the dust off it and my husband fixed the part that was broken and calibrated it.

My motivation was Leroy.

I need to keep a closer watch on his weight because I don’t want to be blindsided when we go to the vet for his next recheck AND we need to make sure he is going in up in the weight department.

But Sherman was my motivation also because people keep telling me that he looks fat and I keep telling them that he just has a very full coat right now and that he is NOT fat.

Which then makes me go and feel all over his body to make sure I’m not kidding myself.

It’s just hair. Once I make it past all his fluff I can feel his ribs and I don’t have to dig.

He still has a manly curve.

And then I go over to Leroy, who looks anorexic, who I can feel every single one of his ribs because he has no coat or fat and I wonder where the hell is all the food going that I am feeding him.

Where is it going?

It’s obviously not going to his thighs or butt.

So Sunday it was the day to find out just exactly where my dogs stood in the weight department. Do I have an obese dog and a severely underweight weight dog? If so, what am I going to do about it?

My hands were sweaty and this weigh in was going to make or break my Sunday.

Sherman was up first.


A Thanksgiving Wish For You


This Thanksgiving, as I’m gathered around the table with my family getting ready to eat myself silly, we will all go around the table and say what we are thankful for.

It will be the usual stuff.

We are thankful for our family and friends.

For our health.

And to all be together.

We are blessed.

I know that and you know that but what worries me at this time of the year is that some people overlook how blessed they are.

The holidays can be a very lonely and stressful time for some and I can totally understand why but I wish for all you to at some point in time to find peace and love in the holiday season, even if its only for a brief moment.

If you’re reading this and dreading the holidays and feel lonely, know that you are not alone. We’re here.


Dogs And Pressure Sores And How We Are Dealing With Them



Pressure sores, hygromas or decubital ulcers are wounds that are caused when the bony part of the body such as the elbows, hocks or hips rest for an extended amount of time on a hard surface which restricts blood flow to that area resulting in dead tissue and/or calluses. Often this happens to dog who are seriously ill or injured and are confined for long periods of time.

Pressure sores can be seen in any breed of dog but large and giant dogs seem to be more at risk for developing them.

Pressure sores can often be difficult to treat and can lead to infection if they become deep and are not treated properly. The most common form of treatment is to relieve the pressure from the sore and provide the dog with a soft surface to lay on, such as a padded dog bed or blankets. Pressure sores should be kept clean and in some cases may need to have an antibiotic ointment applied. Pressure sores that form on a dog’s elbow or hock may need to be wrapped with a non-stick bandage to prevent infection and provide a cushion.

Leroy developed pressure sores when he was hospitalized for 4 days. They got worse when he came home because he was pushing off his hocks in order to stand to up.

With guidance from our veterinarian we’ve been able to get the pressure sore on his right hock to almost heal with applying triple antibiotic ointment and wrapping the area with vet wrap.

Keeping the pressure sores covered are a pain in the butt because they are located by a joint that bends constantly. Sometimes I get a good wrap to stay in position and sometimes I don’t.

Even though we’ve been doing the same treatment on the pressure sore on the left hock, it is not being as cooperative.



And Then This Happened


The snow came before I had a chance to put the patio furniture away last week and an unfortunate chair took on a little bit of the white stuff.

After a few days all the snow melted in the yard expect for the snow on the chair and Sherman and Leroy decided they would eat the remaining remnants.

I watched from the window as they were doing it and then this happened……



Leroy decided he could get more snow if he stuck his head under the arm of the chair.

I muttered from the window that I didn’t think that was a good idea and shook my head because I knew his head wasn’t going to come out as easy as it went in.

And I was right.


What Sherman Is

Besides being the obvious Newfoundland dog, Sherman is also so much more to all of us.

We go way back me and him and these are some of the things that Sherman is to me and some things you might have missed over the years.

Sherman is a loyal friend and protector

gracie and dogs051


A study partner



Welcome To Sherman Week. It’s Kind Of Like Shark Week But Cuter and Fluffier


Welcome to Sherman Week!

It’s kind of like Shark Week but cuter and fluffier!

This week this blog and all of our social media sites will be solely devoted to Sherman because on Friday Mr. Sherman turns 8!

It’s a big birthday for my big boy and since my birthday post for him last year was totally lame I decided I needed to make it up to him and devote a whole week gushing over him.

I don’t know if it’s just me or if every Newfie owner takes a deep breath when their Newf turns 8.

I’ve taken my deep breath and I’m ready to move on and start enjoying senior life with Sherman.

He’s got a little bit of grey on his muzzle, a small limp and he sometimes groans like he’s 125 years old but other than that I’m pretty proud to say that Senior Sherman has a lot of pep left in his step. I would go as far to say that Sherman is actually doing better as he approaches 8 then he was when he was approaching 7.


All Is Well In Leroyville, Except He’s Trying To Eat It


Today I take Leroy in for another check of his weight, albumin levels and protein levels.

I’m kind of torn on how he’s doing right now.

Everyday he gives me signs that I’m getting the old Leroy back.

Yesterday he jumped in bed to wake me up which is something he hasn’t been strong enough to do in quite a few for months.

Monday we went for our longest walk that we’ve been on for months and while he seemed to walk a little slower I could tell he loved every second of it.

His appetite is awesome and his poops are normal.


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