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Living Among The Newfs-From A Beagles Perspective

I adopted Plunger about 12 maybe 13 years ago, honestly I can’t remember, it was probably 12 years ago.
I adopted him for $25 and if I knew what I know now back then I may have tried to deal a bit. (just kidding)

Plunger was actually a gift for my husband (before we were married) and he came into his home as “only” the dog.
He lived with my husband for a few years and then we married and he had to share his home with my first Newf-Thunder. After Thunder passed away Plunger had the house all to himself again.

Then Sherman entered into his domain and although Plunger was not as excited as the rest of the household,  he dealt with it.

By the time Leroy came along Plunger was all ready to enter into his retirement years.

Sleeping and eating was really all he longed to do. The thought of another
hairy, drooly dog, crowding the house, leaving slobber in his water bowl, totally
repulsed him and I swear the first time his eyes met Leroy’s, he grabbed his bed and headed for the door.
Plunger had no idea what Leroy had in store him. Life with Sherman was easy compared to life with Leroy.

So here is a glimpse of what Plunger goes through on a
daily basis living with Leroy two Newfs.


Get you HUGE frickin paw off of me. Your one leg weighs as much as I do.


You drank all my water so now give me some spit.


Dude! Back off! I am retired!

Give me my damn toy!


Seriously…I could take you down if I wanted too.

I CAN NOT breathe!

Plunger has never quite been the same since Leroy came into his home.
For those of you who have ever shared your home with a beagle you may have noticed that they hold a grudge for quite some time.
Plunger is no exception to this,  and has let me know how disappointed in me he is just about every night since Leroy came to town…..  when he takes his nightly crap on my floor….and it’s not because he is old….it is simply because he is pissed off.

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Kolchak Puggle

Saturday 17th of September 2011

Awwwww what a cutie!! Beagles totally hold a grudge and they can give you the cold shoulder like nodoggy's business. Koly is only half beagle and he is the worst pouter ever. Poor Lunger, dude, you could totally take those newts down.

Kolchak Puggle

Saturday 17th of September 2011

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Friday 16th of September 2011

@Karen I feel the same way! As long as he keeps pooping in the same spot I should be ok, if he changes his routine, that may cause a problem:)All beagle owners that I have come across have told me that their Beagles hold grudges too, maybe it's only the senior ones who live with Newfs:)

Karen Friesecke

Thursday 15th of September 2011

I don't know if I should give Plunger a thumbs up for keeping up with his nightly protest and sheer evilness, or if I should scold him. I did not know that beagles are grudge keepers.

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