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Monday Mischief- And We’re Rollin

This weekend the weather was finally cool enough for us to hook the dogs up to the cart. I was beyond excited to finally do this.

My plan was to hook them up and get them use to the harness and cart being attached to them. I was going to practice having them sit and lay down while being attached and maybe walk down the driveway once with them. I really wasn’t expecting them to walk around the front yard with it, just yet.

However, when my husband and I were hooking Sherman up to it and making some last minute adjustments, Sherman got bored and sat down, then he laid down, all while he was fully hooked up to the cart.

My husband looked at me and said, “I think he’s comfortable with it.”

“Well then, have at it.” I said.

And so they did.

I sat back and watched. I wanted to see how they did it.

We kept them attached to a leash so that we could guide them.

Sherman seemed to be more comfortable with the cart then Leroy.

While it may not look like it in the above picture, Leroy was nervous.

At first he refused to move, then when he got moving he went too fast and had to be told repeatedly to settle down. We had to unhook him from the harness and use his collar so that we had better control over him. The last thing we wanted him to do was get spooked.

I wonder if he may of been trying to get away from the cart.

We didn’t having anything weighted in the cart, but now that I think about it, it may have been a good idea to put a little weight in the cart, just so the cart was heavier.

After my husband went around the yard with the boys, it was my turn. My husband made it look easy, so I thought I wouldn’t have any issues.

Yeah, right.

My problem was that I was more worried about the cart than walking and I kept looking back to make sure everything was in proper working order.

Amazingly, Leroy and I did way better than Sherman and I did. I was using treats with Sherman and that proved to be a bad idea at first.

Give me the treat and then I’ll move.

No Sherman, you’ll move now. I know you can because I just watched you do it for 10 minutes with the big guy and he didn’t give you any treats.

After a brief discussion between the two of us, I did away with the treats and then I faced our next obstacle.

I misguided our turn and we ended up on the side of the house. Sherman didn’t seem to mind, he was just going to keep going.

“Whoa Sherman, hold on a second.” I said.

“No treats for me, no stopping for you.” Sherman said, or at least I think that’s what he would of said.

So just like with most things I began to struggle, lucky for me my husband was near by taking pictures of my struggles. He knows I’m an accident waiting to happen and rarely does he have my camera in his hands to document it.

He took full opportunity of the sight in front of him.

Above picture shows accident happening.

My left leg got stuck in between the rail and Sherman, because I’m sure that happens all the time, NOT. Lucky for me my husband paused taking pictures long enough to come free me before my leg was amputated. (I’m over exaggerating here, my leg wasn’t in any real danger but I did some assistance backing Sherman up.)

After my leg was freed we got back to moving. As you can tell, Sherman is still focusing on the treat that he thought I had in my hand.

Even though I had a little mishap, I had tons of fun doing this with the boys. It was great to see them pulling the cart and after a little more practice I can see us moving on to hauling things!

We’ll continue to work with the cart this fall with the goal being that by next year the boys will be able to haul and maneuver the cart on their own, while following voice commands from us.

Before we get onto the hop I wanted to let you in on little fun we are going to have in a few weeks:

Jodi from Kol’s Notes had a great idea and thought it would be fun to have a little bit of fun with this dog shaming thing and since we have been shaming our pets why not let them have a little fun shaming us!  Let’s face it, our pets know all our secrets and now is there chance for them to share some of them!

I’ll have more information coming up soon about the hop and I’ll have this awesome button that Jodi made displayed on my sidebar to remind you of the date. We’re keeping this light and fun and hope that you and your pets will join us for this one time hop!

Now let’s see who else was up to mischief this weekend!


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Thursday 13th of September 2012

So interesting that Sherman and Leroy had different reactions to the cart. Goes to show how unique each personality is.

Love the idea for your blog hop. I'm sure Honey has plenty of ways she'd like to shame me.


Wednesday 12th of September 2012

This looks like so much fun. I've always wanted to get a cart for Buster to pull and Ty to ride in - to balance out the energy levels between them. =)

2 brown dawgs

Wednesday 12th of September 2012

LOL on you getting your leg on the wrong side of the rail. Could happen to anyone! Both Sherman and Leroy look like naturals.


Wednesday 12th of September 2012

I know right? I told my husband I was sure that I am the only person that has happened too!


Tuesday 11th of September 2012

That is so cool! Sherman is a natural! That's a dog who can earn his keep. ;-) It sounds like Leroy may be up for it as well, with a little more time. I'd imagine most dogs would be a little uncomfortable at first, just the feel of something following behind them would be a little freaky. In no time, you'll have quite a carting team!

Love the human shaming idea, as well. I am definitely up for it!


Tuesday 11th of September 2012

That's really cool you were able to get your dogs to do this. It's probably a good thing my boys are too small for this. Shiver gets spooked really easy and I don't think it would turn out well if I tried something like this with him.