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Best Amazon Finds We Bought And Used Last Month

The My Brown Newfies product selections are curated by Jen, the sole owner of this website. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you because we proudly participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We only recommend products we genuinely love and use.

From raised dog bowls to air purifiers these are 5 dog products I purchased from Amazon last month (June) used them the entire month and feel comfortable sharing them with you as trusted products. 

You can find these 5 Best Amazon Dog Fnds that I bought last month in my Amazon Idea List

Ceramic Raised Slow Feeder For Dogs

Lou was in need of a new slow-feeder dog bowl so I upgraded him to this cute and durable slow-feeder. 

He’s been eating out of it for well over a month now and I have ni complaints. 

It is smaller than his previous slow feeder bowl. 

big dog sitting in front of elevated slow feeder dog bowl


Myos Muscle Powder For Dogs

I was sent a sample of this product last month and I’ve been using it for the dogs ever since.

I’m always looking for ways to maintain muscle and joint health.

I do wish I knew about this product when Leroy had so much muscle atrophy from being on medication for his IBD.



Levoit True Hepa Air Purifier

Another product that I was gifted from being in the Amazon Influencer Program and another product that I’ve been using since I opened it. 

I’ve been looking for a small and affordable air purifier not only for dog dander floating around but also because of the poor air quality we’ve been having here in Ohio. 

This machine might be small but it is definitely mighty!


ChuckIT Hydro Roller

This dog toy has been Finn’s favorite toy for years.

Not only is fun but it’s also super durable and has held up great with his heavy chewing. 



Tomlyn Hot Spot Spray For Dogs

This isn’t a product that I’m currently using but one that I always have on hand just in case.

It has worked well for us with hot spots and bug bites.


You can find my 5 Best Amazon finds that I bought last month in my Amazon Idea List




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