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Favorite Dog Stuff!

My Brown Newfies has their own shop at Amazon.

This shop contains all of our favorite products from grooming tools to dog toys.

Click HERE to visit our Amazon Shop.

Our Amazon shop has a lot of the products that we use on a regular basis including grooming tools and must-have toys!

If you’re looking for cooling pads- check out this blog post-> Are Cooling Pads Worth Your Money

If you’re on the hunt for a walking harness for your Newfoundland visit this post -> Best Walking Harness For Newfoundland Dogs


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Favorite Dog Grooming Stuff

Dog Brushes

Where to purchase:

Dog Combs

Rakes & Slickers

Dog Dryers

Dog Shampoos

Grooming Sprays

Favorite Dog Toys

Strong Toys

Favorite Dog Treats


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