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Best Amazon Finds We Bought And Used Last Month

The My Brown Newfies product selections are curated by Jen, the sole owner of this website. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you because we proudly participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We only recommend products we genuinely love and use.

From storage containers to dog toys, these are 5 dog products I purchased from Amazon last month (May) used them the entire month and feel comfortable sharing them with you as trusted products. 

You can find these 5 Best Amazon Dog Fnds that I bought last month in my Amazon Idea List

Divided Veggie StorageTray

I did a restock of some of our favorite frozen dog treats last month and I posted the final product on TikTok.

That TikTok went viral and everyone was curious where I got the nifty storage container from. 

I love this container and I actually ordered another one for the fridge!

DIY frozen dog treats stored in freezer safe container


Kin + Kind Lavendar Tick Spray

This has been my go-to tick spray for the past 2 years and it’s finally back in stock.

I use this spray before we go on a walk each and every day and I have nothing negative to say about it.

I even spray it on myself!

all natural tick spray for dogs


Happy Howies Natural Dog Treats

I was in desperate need of a high-value treat for Lou because we’re having a few issues with getting him in the car and I needed a good bait for the show ring. 

Lou is highly treat motivated but when he doesn’t want to do something, he refuses everything he normally loves.

I asked our friends on Instagram if they had any recommendations and someone recommended these treats. 

They worked like a charm!


Evercare Lint Roller

Not all lint rollers are made the same!

Evercare is my favorite lint roller because of its amazing sticky power.

Not only do I use it on my clothes and furniture but I also use it to check the dogs for loose ticks after every walk.


Jolly Ball

Lou loves his red Jolly Ball and every time I post him in the backyard romping around with it, people ask what it is. 

It’s held up well as long as Finn doesn’t get ahold of the handle!


You can find my 5 Best Amazon finds that I bought last month in my Amazon Idea List




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