I give Sherman and Leroy treats a few times a day.

They expect treats at certain times of the time and so they get them.

The treats really have no purpose other than to keep them happy.

They’re not bad treats, they’re healthy veggie treats, but that’s it.

So when I was contacted by Cloudstar to try out their Dynamo Dog Functional Dog Treats I was interested to see what they were all about.

Dynamo Dog Treats come with everything that I’m looking for in a dog treat.

  • Grain Free
  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • Family Owned
  • Made in the USA

They are formulated for a dog’s specific needs and infused with specially-selected vitamins, minerals, fruits, and herbs to support joint function, digestive health, or skin and coat health and come in the following flavors: 

  • Hip & Joint. Bacon and Cheese
  • Hip & Joint. Chicken
  • Tummy. Pumpkin and Ginger
  • Skin & Coat.  Salmon


I was sent all of the above treats for Sherman and Leroy to try along with a box of Buddy Biscuits. The boys loved the treats and they were definitely slobber worthy, although I did not give the Salmon treats to Leroy because of his suspected food allergy to fish. 

So the boys loved the  Dynamo Dog Functional Treats but what did I think?

I really liked the added glucosamine HCl and chondroitin in the Hip & Joint treats, however, according to the simple yet detailed “Feeding Table” on the back of the package that details how many treats should be given per day based on a dog’s weight, I would have to give Sherman and Leroy about 5 of these treats a day and since we already have a joint supplement that we are giving once once a day, I look at this as giving them extra calories that they don’t need, and a bag would only last us a few days.

All in all a great functional, healthy treat, but maybe more economical and less calorie filled for the average sized dog.

Disclosure-I was sent all of the above listed Dynamo Dog Treats from Cloudstar in return for my honest review of their product. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine only.

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22 Comments on Dog Treats With A Purpose. Dynamo Dog Functional Treats.

  1. A friend of ours has nothing but good things to say about the pumpkin tummy treats. We don’t use many commercial treats at our house (for obvious reasons) but if we did treats that were also health supplements would be a good choice.

    (PS – It’s Tasty Tuesday over at our place. This post would fit right in.)

  2. Yum, we love Buddy Biscuits. Mom never pays too much attention to the feeding instructions. Her take on something like that is that treats are just a snack on the side and if they add something additional to our diet great but they are never meant to take the place of any supplements we take, they are kind of a bonus, so if we eat 1 instead of 5 we only get 20% of the bonus. Everyone thinks about it differently I guess.

  3. That is the trouble with the fortified treats. If you already give a supplement, then you are overdoing and it is may not be beneficial. Of course if a doggie is picky, I guess it is a way to get them to eat the supplement.

  4. Mmmm. Tummy treats. My babies’ only snacks are Jones Natural Chews, obviously. Fortunately, neither of my dogs has health issues. Their supplements are chicken, duck and rabbit poo. I am SERIOUSLY going to have to check and see if those have any health benefits for dogs.

  5. They sound delicious. I think it is time to consider hip and joint treats for Maya. She’s getting older and Labs have a tendency towards arthritis.

  6. I’ve heard of these treats before, but haven’t had the boys try them. They do sound yummy! Well, they probably would if I were a dog, lol! My boys generally only get one treat a day, so that bag would last us awhile.

    I recently took care of my dad’s beagle for a couple of weeks. He gets all kinds of treats on a daily basis. I think he went home thinner than usual, because I didn’t give him nearly as many as my mom does.

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