Leroy and I have always had a complicated relationship.

It’s weird and it’s fun and there is no doubt that we share a special bond, but over the years I kind of questioned his loyalty to me.

With Sherman, I know 100% that he loves me and needs me.

With Leroy it has always been more like as long as someone is here to let him out and feed him, he’s good. It doesn’t matter who it is, as long as it’s someone.

He never seemed phased if I was home or not.

Sherman gets anxiety when I’m gone and half the time I don’t think Leroy even knows that I’m gone.

But over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a pretty big change in him.

I’m sure it’s due to the fact that we have been spending a lot more time together since his surgery. He’s more aware of my presence because I have to keep my eye on him when he goes out.

I’ve given him a little bit of leeway but he’s still on probation.

I don’t always walk outside with him but I do watch his every move from the window and he’s knows I’m watching him.

To my surprise he’s actually been pretty well behaved.

He hasn’t tried to eat any rocks but that’s because the area where he was getting them from is blocked off and he’s found some big piles of ice to chomp on.


I’ve been letting chomp on the ice for a bit because I figure it’s better than rocks but after a few days he started to get too obsessed with it and I caught him trying to dig in the ground for more ice so I shut it down.

What’s funny is that he still goes over to the same place everyday and then looks at me through the window and as soon as I tell him no, he walks away and comes inside.

Good boy.

He’s also been hanging around me a lot more than he use too and every morning I wake up to him in bed with me. He use to only jump in bed a few times a week but now it’s every morning.

And then this weekend I went out for the night with some friends and my husband and the kids went somewhere else for a bit.

The family got home before me and my husband said that both the dogs stood at the door for several minutes waiting for me to come in.

I expect this reaction from Sherman but not from Leroy.

And then later that night, my husband said that when he went to bed both the dogs came in the bedroom and Leroy jumped in my spot on the bed and just whined, (Leroy never jumps in the bed at night, only in the morning) then he got up and sat next to my husband, leaning all his weight on him, and whined some more.


He missed me. He really, really missed me.

Perhaps our relationship has finally matured.

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34 Comments on He Missed Me. He Really, Really Missed Me.

  1. Sometimes I think Chico feels kinda the same way about me. As long as he’s feed and let out to do his business, it’s all good. But then he’ll curl up on my chest and snore loudly, and I know he’s comfortable enough with me to go into a deep sleep.

    Glad Leroy is doing better and seems to be recovering quickly.
    sprinkles recently posted…Happy Valentine’s Day!My Profile

  2. I wonder if the rock eating was triggered by a compulsions to chew. Since he doesn’t have access to rocks, he’s gnawing on ice ~ I wonder if you could provide something that would satisfy his need to chew (without SWALLOWING!) if that might help alleviate the problem. Just a thought.

  3. Awe, so sweet! You know he’s loved you all along, he just never showed it before. Sephi was like that. I swear she only looked out for me because I was the one who fed her. Otherwise, she could care less about what I did. I loved her to pieces, though. If she had been human, she would have been the teenage daughter rolling her eyes and saying, “Mom! You’re embarrassing me.”
    Dawn recently posted…Help! My Dog Keeps Getting Out of His Dog Car HarnessMy Profile

  4. It sure sounds like he did!
    And I’m glad to hear my dog isn’t the only one that gets obsessed with eating things. Toby eats leaves in the fall only to bark them up at three A.M. – and in the winter he eats snow until he pukes. Not to mention the poo… :-(
    Donna O. recently posted…A Story to Melt Your HeartMy Profile

  5. This is just way too sweet. Thanks for sharing. I sometimes feel this way about Rodrigo; not often, but sometimes. There are times since we brought home the puppies when he hasn’t been his affectionate self.

    One night we were on the sofa and he barked. I was napping (sick) and said “if you want to come closer, then come closer.” A minute passed and then he came and laid on the other side with his head on the pillow with mine. We’ve slept like that many times since. Now I’m happy :)
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Dognition | Starting to Wonder if My Dog Loves MeMy Profile

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