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The Azalea Bush

I use to have a beautiful Azalea bush in my backyard.
It wasn’t quite this big, but it was still very pretty. It was the only beautiful thing in my backyard.
I use to have it until last winter when Leroy got a hold of it and now it looks like this:
So I put a garbage can over it and the plan was to dig it up in the Spring and move it to the front yard.
Well Leroy forgot about it and I took the garbage can off of it in the summer and he left it alone.
So last week Sherman started vomiting at night. He was vomiting up bile and stick pieces.
I searched the back yard and couldn’t find where he was getting the sticks from.
The next night he vomited 5 more times, same thing, sticks and bile.
So the next day I spied on the boys when they were outside and found that a certain brown Newf
Was pulling the branches off the Azalea bush and spitting them out on the ground.
Then the other brown Newf
Was picking them up and eating them.
Did you know that Azalea’s can be toxic to dogs?
And not just the flowers…all the parts of the bush.
You can read about that here.
So yes, Leroy was trying to poison Sherman!
That SOB!
So now the Azalea bush looks like this again until I can dig it up in the Spring.
And Leroy has been sentenced , once again, to the local jail
where he is awaits his trial.
He still maintains his innocence.

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Pup Fan

Monday 21st of February 2011

Oh my goodness!

Team Beaglebratz

Sunday 20th of February 2011

Shiloh Beaglebratz here - that duz bring bak memoriez fer my mom - b-4 Shasta came along an'Angel Oreo wuz still here, mom had a Burning Bush that both of us attacked - when mom finally moved it tu the front yard, there wuzn't much left except the main trunk an'a few spindly branchez. Mom sez now it iz flourishin'an gettin'tall. She loves it when the leavez turn a beautiful red in the Fall. I also attacked her Forsythia bush when I wuz younger - nuthin'left x-cept the main trunk an'bout a haf duzen branchez. Butt now it growz so much that mom haz tu prune it 'bout twice a year an it iz over six feet tall.Leroy - we B-bratz thinkz it iz all circum-stanshal evidence - u coodn't hurt your bruther. Glad tu hear Sherman iz ok now.~Shiloh'Shasta~


Sunday 20th of February 2011

I am so glad Sherman is OK! I think Leroy was just thinking he was sharing some mid-winter discovered snacks...maybe? Can we help bail him out of jail???


Saturday 19th of February 2011

Bad Leroy! Who knew those dead looking sticks could make Sherman sick? Thanks for the tip.Slobbers,Mango

♥I am Holly♥

Saturday 19th of February 2011

We didn't know that about those bushes! Thanks for the information. We sure hope that Sherman is going to be okay after eating them. Lots of love, Holly and mom

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