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A New Fur Friend

Over the past few months I have been slacking on grooming Sherman and Leroy.
Yes, that is right I am a slacker.
Admitting this is my first step in recovery.
I mean it’s not that I haven’t been brushing them, because I have, just not as well as I should be.
So this weekend I dedicated 6 hours of my time to grooming.
(In the winter grooming is done in the basement,)
First up was Sherman, who as always, was ready and willing.
Next it was Leroy’s turn, who of course, was not as cooperative as Sherman, but with a little coaxing and some heavy lifting he was up and ready in no time.


Each of them was up on the grooming for a total of 3 hours, broken down into 1 hour sessions.

After I was finished I stepped back and looked at the hair I had groomed out of them.

There was enough hair to make  a whole dog.

So I did.

A new fur friend just for Leroy.

Aren’t they so cute together?


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Wednesday 9th of March 2011

Oh dear, how ironic that I've just read a similar story about a doggie's new "fur friend". Still very funny!

Pup Fan

Wednesday 9th of March 2011

I always joke that I could make a new dog out of the hair Bella sheds... I love that you actually did! :)

Amy / Layla the Malamute

Tuesday 8th of March 2011

OMG!! I LOVE it!! I can totally appreciate the amount of hair. Layla is finishing up her spring coat blow, and I should've had the creativity to make a fur friend. Oh well - in 6 months I'll try to remember!


Tuesday 8th of March 2011

The Fur Friend is beyond hysterical!!!!! Oh my goodness... laughing!SIX hours for grooming. I cannot imagine it. I don't think that I've groomed my dogs for six hours in their whole lives put together (slight exaggeration but not much!).I have to agree with kristi just a little bit :)


Tuesday 8th of March 2011

Hey sis, if you think I am a bit looney, just wait until tomorrow when you see what I do with a few pieces of dog food:)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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