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Dog Hair Leads To A Hairy….. Or Harry…. Situation


We’re in the midst of a hairy situation right now and it’s only going to get worse over the next few weeks.

That little nest of hair above is only about 5 minutes of brushing.

This big nest of hair below is about 20 minutes of brushing.


This little dog of fur below, who happens to be named Harry, is going to multiply and have Harry babies all over my house and my yard.


We encounter this hairy, or Harry, situation every spring when the Sherman and Leroy blow their coats, but what’s different about this year is that I’m using a different kind of grooming tool to assist me in this hairy, or Harry, situation.

Normally I use a Mars Coat King in situations like this, but this year I’m using a FURminator.

That’s right, I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone and I’m putting the FURminator to the test on Sherman. I’m even bagging all the hair that comes out so I can show you on Friday. My husband isn’t too happy that there is bags of dog hair laying all around the house but I assured him it’s all for a very good reason.

I think I might surprise him one day this week with a whole bunch of little Harry’s laying around the house.

Anyway, I’ll have my full review of the FURminator up on Friday so be sure to stop back and see how much dog hair I’ve bagged up!

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Monday 5th of May 2014

Wow, that is impressive! - And I thought we were dealing with a lot of fur with our Goldens!

Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers)

Sunday 13th of April 2014

Oh my! The picture with the hairy nest and the eggs, melts my heart! Darlin!


Friday 11th of April 2014

I love the nest of fur with the eggs! I won't pretend to know what its like when newfies blow their coats, but when we brush Linus in the Spring we call the fur piles baby Linus similar to your Hairy babies. If we don't vacuum for a couple days we have fur balls rolling around the house like tumbleweeds.


Thursday 10th of April 2014

Oh lord, when you're done with that, I really need some leaves bagged. ;-)


Thursday 10th of April 2014

So much hair! We use the furminator too.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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