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I Love My Purebred Dogs And I’m Not Afraid To Show It, Are You? #PurebredDogs

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Today, May 1st, is the first ever National Purebred Dog Day.

It’s a day dedicated for dog owners to show their love of purebred dogs.

I show my love for my purebred dogs everyday.

I take great pride in them and I love them more than words can explain which is why I have devoted a great deal of time sharing them with others for the past several years.

They bring me joy. They bring you joy. And OMG they’re purebred dogs from a responsible breeder with a responsible owner!

OMG they really do exist!

But wait, how could that be? Rumors these days have it that such a thing doesn’t exist!

Purebred dogs are tainted and show dogs? Well… show dogs lead a sad, miserable life…. as I’m sure you’ve seen here.

Get over it.


You’re over it?


Me too.

That’s why today I invite you to join me in celebrating National Purebred Dog Day,

a day on which we celebrate the purebred dog. Created to work alongside man as they provide inestimable companionship, purebred dog breeds have served as guide dogs, earth dogs, search and rescue, military and police dogs and guardians of home, hearth and livestock; They are herders, vermin control, water rescuers, carting and sled dogs, retrievers, protectors, hunters, and bird dogs, and always, they are the heart beat of a companion near and dear to us. We value all dogs, whatever their ancestry, but we cherish the purpose bred dog and the predictability of its respective breed. –National Purebred Dog Day

You don’t have to write a blog post but you can show your pride and support by posting a picture of your purebred dog doing what it does best on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #PurebredDog.

Jen’s note-There are no pictures of Sherman and Leroy in this post because they are all going up on our social media sites! Ha! You’ll have to hashtag us to find us! 



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Friday 16th of May 2014

Tiffany, as the creator of National Purebred Dog Day, I'm delighted (DELIGHTED!) to see your comment. There are many of us with this point of view and you are hardly alone. I invite you to the National Purebred Dog Day page on Facebook - and keep reading My Brown Newfies and me. Jen is good people!

Tiffany & The Cattle Aussies

Wednesday 21st of May 2014

Thank you Suzi! I just went and liked the page on Facebook and look forward to being part of a community of like-minded people :)

Tiffany & The Cattle Aussies

Friday 16th of May 2014

Wonderful, wonderful post! I am so happy to find people of this similar mindset and not to one extreme or the other. I have two purebred dogs from responsible breeders (well, I know Terra is, and I'll be asking my aunt about Bella since my mom got her for me when I was young), and one who I adopted from a rescue as a pup. I was talking to someone about where I got my three dogs, and when I told him I got my third dog from a rescue, his comment was, "I bet you'll never get another dog who is not a rescue." Well, honestly, I don't know that I would. Kronos may be my first and last rescue dog-I do not know for sure. However, I can see the sides and mindsets of both worlds, and I respect and understand both. I actively support rescue and promote rescue as well as advocate for getting an animal from a responsible breeder. I appreciate the predictability of a purebred dog (in look and general temperament), the socialization that the responsible breeder provides, and the genetic soundness or predictability. And if I'm looking for a purebred or a certain type of dog where I would know the history, a reputable responsible breeder would be the best place to go. Then I would be able to trust that if the breeder had an unfit or unsound animal, that that responsible breeder would take out the animal from the breeding program. I would definitely not be going to the free puppy section, nor the pet store (which I've now learned that those dogs are around the same price as a puppy from a sound and responsible breeder, yet they are unpredictable in temperament, health, and genetics even if they have "AKC Papers.") for my next dog (which is years down the road). I did not know this before a few years ago when I began to get involved in the dog world. Thank you for posting about this topic and sharing! Very eye-opening!

Mary E Haight (@dancingdogblog)

Tuesday 6th of May 2014

Phooey on the PC police. I've never bought into the notion that those who love breeds are somehow doing something wrong by not adopting a shelter pet. I've had tons of breed dogs, though all but 2 have come from shelters. My Lhasa came from a breeder when I was in New Delhi and my Eng Springer Spaniel was rejected by a breeder in IL for being too tall (OMG he was beautiful!). I currently have a Shih Tzu, who is perfect and lovely in every way who came in from the projects. The shelter I'm on the board of had no room at the inn.

Breed dogs are purposeful dogs -- love them and I love shelter dogs too! Dogs are sentient beings and all deserve our care, protection, and love, breed, mixed, and street dog. So even though I have no papers, I'll celebrate right along with you if that's okay :D


Saturday 3rd of May 2014

Well, I totally missed this day, didn't I? Then again, the Soapbox celebrates Moses and Alma regularly, so it's really every day for us!


Friday 2nd of May 2014

MANY thanks for helping celebrate yesterday's first ever National Purebred Dog Day! It's a good beginning, I think, and we hope to build upon its success by expanding the dialogue about purebred dog ownership and ethical breeding people people invested in their respective breeds. Thank you again!!

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