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The Stair Barrier. A Better Option For The Bottom Of The Stairs.

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When one of the boys are injured or super sick the stairs in my house become a big issue.

When Sherman tore his cruciate the stairs were off limit for quite some time.

This presents a problem because the only way to get outside is to go down a flight of stairs in the basement or to go down a flight of stairs off of the front porch.

Our fix for Sherman was kind of simple.

Sherman likes to be upstairs where we are most of the time and only goes down in the basement when we go down there or to go outside so we built a dog ramp off of the porch and put up one of those wooden baby gates at the top of the stairs just as a reminder he couldn’t go down there.

Keep in mind, Sherman could of easy knocked the gate over if he wanted to, he’s just not like that so just having it there was enough to keep him away from the stairs.

Easy fix.

Photo courtesy of The Better Options Co.


However, Leroy is a different story and when he had his abdominal surgery he wasn’t allowed to go upstairs for at least a week.

At that time Leroy liked to be downstairs more than upstairs so the easiest thing for him was to keep him downstairs.

The problem with that was that the baby gate had to be at the bottom of the stairs and Leroy could easily hop over it or knock it down because he’s like that.

We didn’t want to buy a gate that was $500 and screw it into the wall to only really need it for a week just because Leroy is a dufus so instead we pushed the couch in front of the stairs and hoped he wouldn’t try anything dufus-like.

I know.

We’re pretty classy people using our couch as a blockade.

But don’t worry…….if you’re ever in my situation where you have to block off the bottom of your stairs you might not have to use your couch or one of those crummy wooden baby gates because I just learned about this super cool product called The Stair Barrier.


Check it out:

The Stair Barrier was invented by a mom almost just like me with 2 kids and 2 dogs.

She didn’t use a couch to block her stairs but she did use one of those ugly crummy baby gates to prevent her dogs and kids from going up the stairs when they were little but then…… as most moms do…..she had a genius idea and came up with a functional and good looking product to block off the bottom of her stairs.

The Stair Barrier is intended to be a safer and more stylish barrier than other barriers that are currently available.  

It can be used with a variety of stair banisters and is easier to set up and use.

It’s not a permanent gate and there’s no drilling.

It can be easily rolled to the side when you want it to be and this product is made to be set up at the bottom of the stairs, not at the top.

It requires no drilling and there are no additional purchases/extension kits.


The Stair Barrier is handcrafted in the USA and is made of Class 1 upholstery grade fabrics, internal plastic struts, heavy polypropylene webbing, and standard dual-side release buckles.

The BB Regular Collection are barriers designed to fit stairs with an opening of 36″ inches to 42″ inches in width and the BB Wide Collection are barriers designed to fit stairs with an opening greater than 42″ inches, but no wider than 52″ inches between the banisters. 

The Stair Barrier can be customized to fit in with a home’s decor and be customized with a pet’s name or with the family’s name.

The Stair Barrier


Seeing as I don’t have banisters in my house I wasn’t able to actually try The Stair Barrier out but I’m super excited to see what the Wall to Wall Stair Barrier is all about and I think this is an awesome option for those with banisters……. because how do you people ever find a good stable gate for those?

Photo courtesy of The Better Options Co.

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