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Please Cut Off Tag Prior To Play!


Last week I made a shocking discovery.

There’s this tag on Leroy’s FurBallz.

It says Please Cut Off Tag Prior To Play.

My first thought of course was that I was a horrible person for NOT ever reading the tag.

My second thought, after I read the tag, was that I was horrible person for leaving the tag on. So I started to think how this little tag could be harmful, expect for the obvious-some dog tearing it out, the only thing I could come up with is that it could possibly get caught on a dog’s tooth. A big tooth.

I could totally see that happening to Leroy but even though I sometimes question his intelligence, I think he would be able to get it off.

My third thought was why in the world would I want to remove that tag?

I love that tag.

If I removed that tag I would not be able to twirl the FurBallz around my index finger anymore. I do this when I’m sitting on the couch.

It helps me think.

It’s like how some girls twirl their hair, but I twirl the FurBallz.

Sometimes I twirl it so much that it cuts off the circulation in my finger.

Sometimes. Not all the times.

I also thought that the FurBallz had that tag on it so people could tie fishing line to it and act like it was floating.


We couldn’t do that without THAT tag.

FurBallz don’t just float in mid air.

They totally need assistance to do that.

You know what else I just realized?


Leroy’s dinosaurs have have those tags also.


I don’t know.

I think those tags are an added feature.

It kind of makes it a multi-purpose toy don’t ‘ya think?

p.s. I’m totally not saying that if you have a toy that has a tag on it that says to remove it before play, you should leave it on. No I am not. You should totally do what the tag says.

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