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Drinkwell Outdoor Dog Fountain By PetSafe Giveaway + More!

Drinkwell outdoor pet fountain giveaway

When I attended the BlogPaws conference back in May in Nashville I was invited to attend a private lunch with a few other bloggers hosted by PetSafe.

PetSafe was a company I was slightly familiar with as I already had a few of their products so I was excited to learn to more about the company.

At the luncheon we were able to watch a short video highlighting some of PetSafe’s amazing products including their fences, dog training collars, harnesses, doors, treats, toys and my absolute favorite, fountains.

At the end of the luncheon we were given a nice array of Petsafe products and a voucher to use on products that we would like to try.

I’ll tell you what, there was a ton of products that I wanted to try out but the most important one was the fountain. I also selected a few toys that I’ve been eyeing at our local pet store.

Instead of using the whole voucher on products for us I doubled up on each thing I chose and thought I would split it with you.

1/2 for me and 1/2 for you!

Here’s what I picked out for us.

Drinkwell Outdoor Pet Fountain. Just like the one we reviewed here.

Drinkwell Charcoal Replacement filter. (3pk) Because I know you don’t want to go out and get them so I did it for you.

Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom (Large). It keeps dogs engaged as they work for their food. I just gave this to Leroy and he loved it which made me happy because he always ignores treat dispensing toys but he can’t get enough of this one. I’ll share more about it soon.

Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (Large) It has 3 chewing surfaces for dogs to gnaw on. The durable nylon bone, rubber nubs, and nylon bristles stimulate gums and help clean teeth. The refillable treat rings entice your dog to chew and reward good chewing behavior. Choose from natural rawhide treats or dental treats made in the U.S.A. I haven’t used it just yet because I’m waiting to get my hands on the cornstarch bacon flavored rings which every store in my area is sold out of.

Busy Buddy Twist N Treat. The two halves are adjustable to work with a wide variety of treat options. Twist the halves far apart to give your dog a quick reward, or twist the halves closer together for more of a challenge. Sherman loves this one because I did it wrong and all the treat feel out. SCORE!

Pogo Plush (2 LARGE) The patent-pending design of Pogo Plush toys provides a unique bounce-back action that dogs prefer over traditional stuffed plush toys. For dogs who quickly chew through stuffed toys to get to the stuffing, this is a great way to give them soft, plush fun without the stuffing.I got one of these at the BlogPaws conference and loved it. You’re gonna get 2, the bunny and the bee. I’m keeping the ladybug.

Pogo Plush Ball. The toy features a flexible inner frame covered with faux sheepskin, so the toy squeaks and bounces back when your dog grabs it. Leroy loves sheepskin toys and he definitely loves this one.

Bust Buddy Fun Durable Toys (2 LARGE)  Each toy features the durable Treat Meter® so you can fill them up with your dog’s favorite treats. Treats pop out randomly while your dog plays, making playtime last longer. You get the cow and elephant, I’m keeping the pig.

What you’re getting is valued at about $250 of PetSafe fun!.

So that’s that. Enter below for a chance to win it all! Thanks for being awesome and for all your support over the years!

OPEN TO U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY. Sorry to my Canadian friends. I’m shipping this out myself and it’s a very BIG box.

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Kelly Boyd

Thursday 23rd of July 2015

My dogs are ALWAYS playing in their water dish and spilling it everywhere. I would love to try the fountain so that no matter if they splashed around in it, they would have water available. Plus, they always love toys.

Lisa F.

Monday 20th of July 2015

I have six dogs and am always filling water bowls. (One is a huge water hog and another is in kidney failure.) It would be nice to have one that helps with the process, LOL! Thanks!

Tenacious Little Terrier

Monday 20th of July 2015

It's been so warm lately, I worry if he's drinking enough.

Vera K

Sunday 19th of July 2015

It would be great to have good water available!


Sunday 19th of July 2015

My dogs need this because their vet recommended it, that it is healthier to use than remembering to change the water all the time

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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