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A Day Off From The Weekend

Do you ever come off of the weekend feeling exhausted and needing another weekend?

Like a weekend from your weekend?

That’s exactly how I’m feeling tonight after a weekend filled with events and mom emotions.

Here’s a look at went down:

On Friday Gracie had her first school dance. It was a Halloween dance and I was filled with emotions. Happy for her to experience such a fun and memorable event but sad when I dropped her off and she didn’t turn around to wave goodbye.

PicMonkey Collage2

This picture really hit it home for me on how fast time is flying with her. She was 5 in the first picture and is now 10 going on 18.

Sherman and Leroy sent her off in style and wished they could of walked her all the way into the dance but WE weren’t allowed to get out of the car.

Then this happened.

PicMonkey Collage1

Where did my little Bobby go?

When people say time goes fast when they’re kids they really mean it 🙁

Saturday Bobby played in his school’s championship game. They were undefeated going into the championship and came up short with a 28-8 loss. The boys played their hearts out through rain, sleet and snow and never gave up. They fought till the last second and to see such determination in my son and all those boys made me so proud.

Bobby had a hell of season and next year he will start high school ball.

Bobby turns 14 on Tuesday you guys!

snow newfie

We also had our first snow shower and Leroy refused to come inside. I don’t blame him. He’s been waiting for this for months! Thankfully it only snowed for about an hour and nothing stuck to the ground.

Sherman and I got out for a nice long walk and I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of him with the Fall colors in the back. Every day him and I go for a walk together I count as a blessing.

fall newfie

We also added a new member to our family!

He’s a Betta fish named Spike and you’ll hear more about him in an upcoming blog post and he’s Gracie’s first fish! We got him at PetSmart!

Too much for one weekend and sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going with these 4 BUT this weekend filled me with emotions of the good kind so I would like to take that as a sign that we are headed in the right direction!

Now I’m toast and I need a physical and emotional break today!

So how was your weekend? Any mile stones?


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Monday 19th of October 2015

Mica thinks we hit a milestone. We've been working hard to get her legs stronger again. We had her woods walk and she made the entire 3 miles. She was really tired but very happy that she made it. She still has work to do but for her this was fantastic:)

Dachshund Nola

Monday 19th of October 2015

The kids are getting so big! You blink and it's gone. :(


Monday 19th of October 2015

Don't blink!!!

Jackie Bouchard

Monday 19th of October 2015

Wow, the kids are getting so big! Happy birthday to Bobby. Can't believe how many people have seen snow already! That last pic with the fall leaves is gorgeous!

Denise Gruzensky

Monday 19th of October 2015

Needing a vacation from your vacation, check. Weekend to recover from your weekend, check. You got amazing pictures to document the weekend!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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