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Thank you to everyone for the heart felt birthday wishes for Sherman!

The above picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I think it’s adorable and if I’m going to be 100% honest, I tried to get a picture with Sherman this weekend on his birthday and things did not go as planned.

First I tried with my daughter’s new selfie stick and that was a debacle. Apparently I’m the only one in the world who can’t figure out how to work that thing.

First the phone fell off the stick and I almost died because it was my NEW phone that fell to the ground. Then, when I finally got it back on the stick, it did a flash burst of 30 pictures. All of which were of my wall. I didn’t even know my phone could this and I’ll probably never be able to get it to do it again.

Then Sherman refused to look. He knew I was trying to get his picture, even though I was trying to NOT be obvious. So all I had was my goofy face and the top of Sherman’s’ head.

A few hours later I tried again but I left the selfie stick behind and had my husband take a few shots.

That didn’t go well either.

In the ONE picture that I looked 1/2 way decent, Sherman looked like I was choking him. I can assure you I was not. He was just being super dramatic because he knew someone was trying to get a picture with him. The other 30 pictures I have my eyes closed.

The next round of pictures Leroy kept trying to knock me down so they are all a blur as my husband repeatedly tried to save me from face planting on the floor.

So I gave up and had a beer and Sherman took a birthday nap.

Sherman didn’t like any of the presents I got him either. Well, he liked the birthday cookie. The other 3 presents he refused to look at.

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2 Brown Dawgs

Sunday 22nd of November 2015

LOL sounds about right. Freighter would not cooperate for birthday pictures either. The one you included is adorable.


Wednesday 18th of November 2015

LOL! I can so relate to everything that went wrong. That was exactly what happened with me during the Halloween shoot. :)

Barbara Rivers

Monday 16th of November 2015

Haha, I don't even own a selfie stick ;-) I do have an auto time app though called "Timer Camera" that gives you up to 15 seconds to get ready to have your picture taken. It works fairly well. ..the birthday nap sounds pretty awesome, in my humble opinion...

This Is For My Dog

Monday 16th of November 2015

We pet bloggers know how much effort and time it takes to take one successful photo...not to mention the number of outtakes =D!

Jan K

Monday 16th of November 2015

That sounds like a typical photo shoot around here. I'm very disappointed you didn't share some of those photos with us. LOL

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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