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What Temperature Should I Keep My Thermostat On For My Dog In The Summer?

I’m the type of person that always liked to keep the windows open in the house.

I like the fresh air, I like hearing the birds and the frogs sing.

I also grew up with out air conditioner.

But then I got married and bought a house that had central air.

We used the air conditioner but not often. I still wanted to leave the windows open as much as possible.

I remember my husband coming home from work and asking why the air wasn’t on.

“You’re fine. Just don’t move a lot.” I would tell him.

Then we got Newfs and everything changed.

Not only was the air conditioner on in the summer, but it was also on in the fall, spring and depending on how the winter went, it was on then too.

The only problem was figuring out what exactly was the right temperature to set the thermostat at for a Newf in the summer?

Is there a formula for that?

Can I take 1/2 their body weight, minus 3, add 2 and have the perfect setting?

Unfortunately, no. There is no formula.

It’s just set it so the dogs are comfortable.

Obviously that’s going to be different for everyone but out of curiosity I asked around on our Facebook page the other day to see what others set their thermostat at in the summer.

Here’s what I found:

Out of 92 people,  (in Farenheit)

77 degrees 5

76 degrees 3

75-74 degrees 14

73-72 degrees 18

71-70 degrees 14

69-68 degrees 7

67-66 degrees 8

65-64 degrees 6

63-60 degrees 6

No air conditioner – 2


Keep in mind that these numbers are from people across the globe and while I’m not a heating and cooling expert, I would imagine it depends on the size of house that you’re cooling and what type of unit that you have. I’m pretty sure that if I set my thermostat at 62 degrees, my unit would blow up.

Also, as George L pointed out in our discussion, “an AC unit removes the moist, humid air and that is how the air is “conditioned”. You can have your house set a higher temperature if you simultaneously run a dehumidifier.”

I keep my thermostat at 74 in the summer. That’s the temperature upstairs but the boys normally hang out in the basement in the summer and the temp down there is 5 degrees cooler.

The bottom line is that there is no right or wrong answer. The temperature of your house is based on what is comfortable for your dog.

Thanks to everyone that participated!



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Mary Nielsen

Sunday 13th of August 2017

Considering how the temperatures are going higher and higher with every year during the summer I am afraid that our long haired pets are getting in more and more danger.

I always keep AC running during the summer and late spring and early autumn days.. I have a long haired dog and a long haired cat and when I can't stand the summer heat I must wonder what would it be like for them if I hadn't had the AC...

Shadow and Ducky's Mom

Tuesday 1st of August 2017

We have central air, too, so I try to keep the temp at 75 during the summer. It works well for all four of us, though sometimes it's a little too cold. I also close the front blinds to keep the afternoon sun out. While I love the sunshine, I don't like the heat.

Mat Coulton

Sunday 30th of July 2017

I have two short haired dogs so I don’t have to keep it quite as cool in the house, which is nice. I also keep them inside during the worst of the heat. I have found with them that they seem to stay more acclimated to the heat when I don’t keep the house too cold, but I can see how this is probably a totally different story with Newfies. Fun read!


Sunday 30th of July 2017

I am in Vegas where we are regularly 105-115 for July and August. I keep my home air at 71-72. It's where I am most comfortable and Maisy, our Newfie is most content. She still only likes to lay on tile and gets restless on carpet. Can't wait until it cools down!


Friday 28th of July 2017

It also depends on your house. Ours is super open, so we have to set it cooler or it feels too warm. We have the windows open as much as possible, but when a/c, then 72 is our temp. We are not as needy for cold as a Newf!

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