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Best Winter Dog Walking Gear

When you have a Newfoundland and you live in an area of the world that experiences windchills and snow in the winter, you assume the responsibility of being out in the cold probably more than you would choose if you didn’t have a Newfoundland.

You can’t tell a Newfie that it’s too cold for YOU to take them for a walk.

You can’t turn down a Newfie who wants you to stay outside in the snow with them.


You bundle up for 20 minutes as they sit there and watch you and you do it.


You bundle up, pull up a chair, and sit outside with them.

It doesn’t matter if you work outside or if you have a condition that makes your fingers and toes turn white if you’re outside in the cold for too long.


You find something that keeps those fingers and toes toasty warm or you suck it up and feel the burn.

Being cold is nothing compared to the guilt that you’ll feel if you don’t woman up and get outside and play in the cold.


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Being cold sucks and if there’s a way to beat the cold and be a tad bit warm so that you can enjoy your time outside, then we’re all about that.

That’s why we asked some of our friends in the Midwest, what they think is the best walking gear for people who walk their dogs in the cold, and here’s what they said:

Best Winter Dog Walking Gear-Head

Keeping your head and ears when you’re walking your best furry friend is a top priority. 

I have a few dozen winter beanies that I got when I was a professional dog walker but unfortunately, Lou got ahold of some of the best ones. 

Here are the best winter dog walking hats:

Yooper Chook

A Yooper Chook is a hat with “hidden heat” and they are handcrafted in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 

The “hidden heat” comes from a face warmer that is built into the crown of the hat.

This was the only hat recommendation that I got so if you have a winter hat that you keeps you toasty and warm, let me know!

I just have basic knit hats and a few bun hats that work fine for me. 


Best Winter Dog Walking Gear-Hands

I have very poor circulation in my hands and I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome a few years ago so it’s super important for me to keep my hands warm.

Here’s a list of the best and warmest gloves for you when walking your dog

Under Armour Gloves

There’s a variety of Under Armour gloves that look to be great for winter.

I can’t narrow down one particular pair. 

Ozero Deerskin Thermal Gloves

Ozero winter gloves are made of lightweight polar fleece and 1.0mm thick deer leather with softness and water-resistant. 

Hollow thermal fibers wrapped in microporous sponge create an internal heat cycle inside the cold weather gloves.

Gobiheat Gear Gloves.

The Gobiheat gloves are a little out of my price range but they look very warm.

They have steel fiber heating that surrounds your hand in warmth, down to the fingertips, One-touch LED controller with 3 different heat settings, LED battery charge indicator.

Can be used as glove liners or used on their own.

Isotoner Fleece Lined Gloves.

Isotoner has many styles but their fleece-lined gloves are stretchy soft fleece lining provides a contoured fit with a layer of supreme silky softness for a custom fit for the perfect balance of warmth, style, and comfort

Best Winter Dog Walking Gloves

Jack Wolfskin Gloves

Jack Wolfskin has a few different styles of gloves available that are cute!

These warm gloves are made of versatile 200-weight fleece and have a large paw print on the back. 

The palms are reinforced with a robust fabric for added durability and a firm grip on your ski or trekking poles.

Carhart Gloves

Again, tons of options to choose from.

I got a pair of Carhart work gloves from Tractor Supply for Christmas but I haven’t had a chance to give them a good trial run. 


Best Winter Dog Walking Gear-Feet

While you’re worrying about keeping your dog’s paws free of snowballs and ice balls, don’t forget about keeping your feet warm and dry!

These winter walking boots are great for winter walks with your dog according to the most adventurous dog walkers. 

Santana Canada Boots

Santana Canada boots come in a wide range of styles and they are straight from Canada.

Waterproof upper, warm boa fleece lining for warmth, pro-dri waterproof membrane to keep feet dry, and reflective thermal insoles.

These might be my dream boots.

L.L. Bean Insulated Boots

There are a lot of L.L. Bean boots to choose from so I looked for the boots that are meant to keep your feet dry and toasty.

The Women’s L.L. Bean Snow Boots are said to keep feet warm up to -45° when active and they have removable felt mining.

Best WInter Dog Walking Boots

Sorel Boots

The Women’s Joan of Arctic Winter Boots are really cute and have a removable felt liner, a bonded felt fast plug.

They are handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell with herringbone outsole and rated for -25.

CLARKS Women’s Artic Venture Waterproof Boots

I have these boots and love them.

I’ve had them for a little over a year now and they still look brand new.

Constructed from full-grain leather, suede and coated PU, this waterproof boot has faux shearling linings and lace-up closure for easy on/off and a secure fit.

With its removable Ortholite molded insole and EVA midsole, it keeps your foot fresh and offers ultimate shock absorption.

Featuring a textile sock liner with nylon shank, arch support, and heel support, it provides maximal stability and comfort.

women walking dog in snow

Best Winter Dog Walking Gear -Upper Body

Tested and approved by dog walkers in the chilly Midwest, these are the coats that should be the main part of your winter dog walking clothes.

Columbia Jacket with Omni Heat Lining

The Omni-Heat Jacket came the most recommended by Newfie owners. 

This hooded jacket combines superior synthetic insulation and a thermal-reflective lining, so you can focus on dropping a line, not the cold or in our case-focus on walking the dog.

professional dog walker in snow wearing warm boots and gloves

Gobi Heat Jackets

The Gobi Jackets have a small battery pack that heats the jacket up for 10 hours! 3-zone heating – 2 in the chest and a large zone in the back.

Paja Coats

Made in Canada the Paja Jackets are made from a Durable Oxford Shell: 100% Nylon, Lining: 100% Polyester, Duck Down, 4 Layer Construction, Water Repellent. Total Length: 38” / Temperature Rating: -30°C/-22°F

These jackets look to be the best of the best but are a little out of my personal price range.

Schmidt Sherpa-Lined Coat

I love my Schmidt coat and it’s so warm.

To me it’s not an everyday winter coat, it’s a severe winter warning weather coat.

I’ve worn my coat in blizzards and bone-chilling temps.

It was the coat that kept me warm a few years ago when we went to see Lake Erie when it was 100% frozen over.

We had super cold windchills that day and it was so windy but my Schmidt coat and coveralls kept me cozy!

It’s hard to find Schmidt clothing for women now but Carhart has an identical lined jacket but not in pink.

winter walk on lake erie

Circa Snowboard Jacket

The Circa Snowboard Jacket has a 10,000mm waterproof rating, to keep you dry and also features a 10,000g breathability rating so you don’t overheat!

Eddie Bauer Down Parka

This winter coat has a water-repellent polyester shell and is insulated with 650-fill Premium Down for exceptional warmth without weight or bulk.

Unique rectangular quilting creates a more sleek silhouette.

Available in sizes ranging from Petite XS through Plus 3X.

golden retriever dog going for walk in snow

Northface Goose Lined Jacket

The Nuptse Jacket is a boxy puffer jacket that provides lofty warmth with deep baffles that are stuffed with 700-fill goose-down insulation.

Sounds cozy!

Best Winter Dog Walking Pants

Every dog owner or dog walker deserves a warm pair of walking pants in the winter. 

Here are the most recommended dog walking pants:

L.L Bean Flannel Lined Jeans

Fully lined for extra warmth and comfort, these women’s relaxed fit jeans are 100% denim cotton and came recommended by many woman readers!

Cuddl Duds

These leggings look super comfy and cute.

The extra-soft fleece wear with stretch legging is the ultimate warm layer, designed to be worn alone or with other pieces, for cozy comfort with the perfect fit.

I like the long sleeve crew they have in this too!

best winter dog walking gear

Carhart or Schmidt Coveralls

I love my pink Schmidt coveralls and they are so warm. 

They don’t seem to be available anymore but here’s a similar Carhart pair.

I could wear basic leggings under them and be perfectly warm on a negative-degree day.


I wear these when I go out in the woods with Leroy, especially when the snow is knee-height!

And don’t forget the ice cleats and hand warmers!

ice cleats for dog walking

Best Ice Cleats and Hand Warmers For Dog Walking

The cleats allow you to stride easily while providing traction on ice and snow-covered pavement and gravel and the hand warmers will keep your hands nice and toasty.

I’m a fan of the toe warmers too! (Just make sure to keep these out of reach of your dog because they can be toxic!)

Another great idea that someone gave us was to look for a Gov issued Navy night watch cap, you have to do some digging to find the right one, Army Navy surplus stores are a good place to start. 

Also, now is a great time to stock up on winter gear because most of it is on SALE!

Thanks to everyone who helped us make the best winter walking gear list.

Many of us haven’t needed it this winter but hopefully, it will come in handy for future winters!

Edited 2022: It doesn’t seem like there is many women’s Schmidt outerwear available anymore.

Carhart is almost the exact same so that would be my next option. 

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Shadow's & Ducky's Mom

Friday 18th of January 2019

We haven't had much of a winter yet this year. Last year we already had snow on the ground. All we've gotten this year is cold rain. UGH! Anyway, I love my flannel-lined BeanJeans!! I've had the same two pairs for about 5 years already - and my cuddle duds! My gloves are ok for here in SC, but I doubt they'd be worth much in Ohio.

My GBGV Life

Wednesday 9th of January 2019

Cold winter walks are the best, and we are not even Newfies! Mom says as time goes on, she narrows down her idea of the best gear, as it is so important! Happy winter...hope you have some, ours stinks so far!


Wednesday 9th of January 2019

I agree! My favorite is winter walks at night when it's snowing. It's so peaceful! We finally had what feels like the first real day of winter today. It was a little bit of adjustment from yesterday when it was 55 degrees!

Tails Around the Ranch

Wednesday 9th of January 2019

What a fantastic batch of cold weather equipment. I must have a dozen gloves and none of them keep my fingers totally warm-just various shades of cooled off. I may need to check some of these out. If they keep you warm I usually find they're too bulky to managed leashes and still be able to open up poop bags. ?


Wednesday 9th of January 2019

Exactly! I feel like I need to be able grip the leash well and I can't do that with mittens and I can't seem to open any poop bags with gloves on! I got 3 pairs of gloves for Christmas and I'm slowly trying each of them out. The ones I tried today (it was about 23 degrees out) looked and felt super warm but after10minutes outside my fingers were freezing!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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