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Newfoundland Dog Cookie Cutters

If you’re looking for some fun Newfie-themed cookie cutters to make your dog some extra special homemade dog treats or if you want to treat yourself to some homemade sugar cookies that look like your Newfie’s face, you’ve stumbled into the right place!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Newfoundland dog cookie cutters that I’ve used and loved. 

We’re talking full body Newfies, Newfie faces, Newfie stamps and the tried and true tin Newfie cutter. 

Newfoundland dog treats

Where To Buy Newfoundland Dog Cookie Cutters

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My first Newfie cookie cutter came from a small bakeshop and it was gifted to me from my sister.

A few years ago year I ordered the standard tin plated Newfie cookie cutter.

Last year, I bought the below Newfie face cookie cutter on Amazon and the cookie stamps on Etsy. (I do not see the full body Newfie stamp available anymore)

This year, I accidentally noticed that Bakerology came out with a new one, and ordered that one too. (It’ll be here tomorrow 9/14/2023)

I’ve convinced myself that one can not have TOO many Newfie cookie cutters and Odin and Lou don’t seem to mind as long as I keep making them crunchy dog treats. 

I’m going to directly link you to specific ones below:

2 of the Newfie stamps that I got last year on Etsy are not available anymore (the pink and gold one pictured below) and I can’t find them being sold anywhere else so I don’t have them linked. 

What To Use Your Cookie Cutters For

cute newfoundland dog cookie cutters for homemade dog treats

Cookie cutters aren’t just for cookies!

Cookie cutters are versatile and cheap making them a great accessory to have in the kitchen or in the craft room!

A few things I use my cookie cutters for other than cookies are:

  • Cute food creations
  • Salt cough or clay ornaments
  • Stencils for doormats or pumpkin carving
  • Molds
  • Gifts

salt dough dog paw print ornament painted with craft paint

Adorable Food

You can use these to make shapes out of a variety of foods such as pancakes, sandwiches, mini cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and jello molds!

How cute would a Newfie ice cream sandwich be?!

clay ornaments!

Use as a stencil

You can use your Newfoundland dog cookie cutter as a stencil to make:

  • cards
  • pumpkin carvings
  • clay ornaments
  • photo frames
  • gift tags
  • welcome mats

DIY welcome mat using newfoundland dog cookie cutters

Use as a mold

You can use your cookie cutter as a mold to make:

Give as a gift

Cookie cutters make a great gift for almost anyone and you can spruce up the Newfie cookie cutter with a bow and gift with a creative cookie mix and/or some potholders and kitchen towels!

You can even gift it with your Furball Ornament!


Dog Cookies

Since this cookie cutter is a little bigger than most it will make perfect Newfie-sized dog treats!


I’ve also seen a few people use cookie cutters for garland and to make wreaths. 

Human Sugar Cookies

My daughter and I used our new cookie cutter to make sugar cookies a few years ago. 

I cheated and used Pillsbury premade sugar cookie dough.

I baked them according to the decorations and they puffed up so I had “plump” Newfies instead of “standard” Newfies. 

newfoundland dog sugar cut out cookies decorated with icing

(These cookies were made about 4 years ago and I think I’m going to try them again this holiday season) 

Out of about 2 dozen cookies that we made only about 6 of them actually came out looking somewhat like a Newfie. 

Some of them lost their necks and some of them had cankles. 

That’s alright though, the fun was in the decorating and my daughter and I had such fun dressing them up. 

The Newfie sugar cookies are also super fun to decorate, however, if you have Newfies in the kitchen helping you bake we can’t guarantee that your cookies will not have that extra special Newfie hair touch!


Last year we made really cute salt dough ornaments and clay ornaments using a variety or dog-themed cookies and we had so much fun painting them. 

A few notes about these Newfie cookie cutters since I’ve had a few years to play around with them. 

If making human or dog treats, the cookie stamps can be tricky.

You need a good dough that’s not too sticky and not too crumbly and I recommend dipping them in flour before you stamp the dough. 

cookie cutting being used as shape in DIY salt dough

The plastic Newfie face cookie cutters are pretty easy to use but again, the dough matters. 

If it’s too thick or too sticky, the tongue part is going to stay in the cut out and it’s going to give you anxiety. 

Also, press hard so ALL the details like the eyes and eyebrows come out clear. 

p.s. For our friends that don’t live in the United States or Cananda, I recommend checking Etsy to see if they ship to your region. 




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Roberta Hewson

Monday 7th of November 2022

I look forward to you updates, pictures and information about Newfies. We welcomed a pair of sisters onto the farm 2 years ago and really life has been super changed since. They are so loving and joyful.

Cheryll A Howe

Wednesday 11th of December 2019

Of course I had to order one : )

Tails Around the Ranch

Wednesday 11th of December 2019

Whoa...those are adorably decorated! Love the Landseer version. Now that's amazing creativity!

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