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Meet Dutch: The Newfie Mix Without A Tongue

Dutch was found in December 2019, in a rural area of Oklahoma. After noticing that he was having a hard time eating and drinking, rescuers discovered that he had no tongue.

This is Dutch. 

Dutch is thought to be a Newfoundland/Pyrenees mix that was recently found roaming in a rural area of Oklahoma earlier this December. 

He’s a sweet boy that was extremely emaciated when found. 

His rescuer describes Dutch as a submissive young boy that appeared to have some sort of mouth injury. 

The woman that rescued Dutch quickly noticed that he was having trouble eating and drinking and upon further investigation, realized the unthinkable. 

Dutch was missing his tongue. 

It appeared as though Dutch’s tongue had recently been cut at the base. 

newfoundland dog mix that had tongue cut off

The area where the tongue had been removed appeared to be almost healed but the fact that someone would do this and then dump Dutch is cruelty at it’s worst. 

Thankfully, Dutch is in wonderful, caring hands. 

Newfoundhaven, a rescue organization that specializes in rescuing Newfoundlands and other big dogs in Oaklahoma, is supplying his care. 

The woman who found Dutch is fostering him and due to his condition and special needs, Dutch will remain with her and is not up for adoption. 

Dutch has received medical care for his injury and is learning how to eat and drink without a tongue. 

According to Newfoundhaven, Dutch uses his bottom jaw to scoop water and he is fed a mixture of wet food and softened kibble from a large spoon while sitting so that the food is easier for him to swallow. 

(Dutch will soon be getting a Bailey Chair. A Bailey Chair is a feeding station that allows a dog to sit upright while he eats)

While Dutch certainly isn’t out of the woods he is slowly gaining weight and enjoying being pampered by his caring foster mom. 

It’s amazing that Dutch didn’t bleed to death or get septic when his tongue was removed and he still has many challenges ahead.

Without being able to pant properly Dutch will risk overheating, aspirating from not being able to eat and drink properly and pneumonia. 

He also can’t do things as normal dogs do like give a kiss, lick the snow or clean himself. 

Why was Dutch’s tongue removed? 

No one may ever know for sure but it’s suspected that Dutch may have been a bait dog.

Oklahoma is well-known for having areas with large dog-fighting operations so it wouldn’t be unheard of if Dutch was intended to be used as a bait dog.

It’s believed that some bait dogs have their tongue removed because it’s considered “bad form” for a fighting dog to latch on to it during a fight. 

Since Dutch doesn’t appear to have a mean bone in his body he may have been dumped because he failed to perform well. 

If you would like to follow Dutch’s story or donate to his care, please visit Newfoundhaven on Facebook. 

He will need lifetime care and once again, Dutch is NOT available for adoption. 

Dutch’s story is tragic and shows us that cruelty to animals is still very alive today and that dog fighting has no breed discrimination. 

Thankfully, there are wonderful people out there that will care and love Dutch for the rest of his life.

They will give him the life that he deserved from the beginning. 

Let this also remind us why we treasure our beloved dogs so much. 

Dutch has no ill feelings towards people just a will to live in the present and to enjoy life unconditionally. 

Let’s spread this story far and wide so that Dutch’s story is known. 

All photos of Dutch here in this post belong to Newfoundhaven

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Torunn Magnusson

Tuesday 17th of December 2019

Thank you for rescuing him. I'm happy that he is in a place that will shower him with love. I have a Newfie/Pyrenees mix and he is the live of my life.

Helena Boyd

Tuesday 17th of December 2019

I just can't imagine someone doing something like this is beyond horrible. There aren't words to describe the ,scum bag,that did this. Thank the Lord there are wonderful people out there that are taking care of him. God bless Dutch and the wonderful people caring for him!

Elizabeth Ford

Tuesday 17th of December 2019

After getting a rescue(5th) Newf I almost cried for this poor fellow..lots of love to the people who found him All of our Newfs have been rescues. And will continue to be even after we have had horrows Betty Ford, New Jersey


Tuesday 17th of December 2019

Thank you for reminding us of the continued, unfathomable, horrors exacted by humans on these beloved creatures. My husband became aware of this practice 15 years ago, after we received our first Newfoundland pup, Miss Sweet Bonita Cross. I couldn't imagine, looking at the dearest puppy in the world, that people set out with deliberate thought to torture this beloved breed--or any dog. Louie said Newfoundland's are frequently used because they are fearless and don't back away from a fight, hence making them excellent "bait" or training "tools".

Jen, you've mustered your mighty army of Newfoundland Devotees. I am going to contact Newfoundhaven. Thank you for providing all the information for the shelter so that we can get involved. I'm hoping for a account to send food through. We'll see.

Much appreciation to you and love and hugs to Leroy and Odin.

Melinda and the Fairfield Newfoundlands

Ducky's Mom

Tuesday 17th of December 2019

This is beyond my worst nightmares. How can any human be so cruel to another living being?? God Bless Dutch and his rescuers! Sending him tons of love and POTP!

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