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Muddy Paws Anonymous Of America And Beyond

I’ve made it 6 months with keeping Odin’s white as pure as I can. 

We made it through Fall with only a few splashes of mud and now, well, and now we’re here. 

The official mud season, also known as Spring.

I guess I’m about to show the world what a black and brown Newfoundland would look like. 

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. 

muddy paw season

Welcome to Muddy Paws Anonymous of America and Beyond. 

We are a support group that offers support to those dealing with a major muddy paw crisis.

Members here share their experiences and offer advice about dealing with muddy paws in a safe and confidential setting. 

Here you gain hope and coping strategies when it comes to dealing with muddy paws. 

After you realize you aren’t alone and within a safe and supportive environment, you will begin to feel comfortable sharing your feelings and life circumstances with the muddy paws group.

This can be a very therapeutic and healing experience, particularly as you find that others in the group will listen nonjudgmentally and will praise you for your openness and courage of dealing with muddy paws.

As you work through various issues and concerns in this group, it’s common that you will begin to notice a reduced level of overall distress and discomfort.

This is a positive sign that progress is being made and that you are feeling better about muddy paws.

As you learn more effective ways to cope and handle muddy paws, you gain a better understanding about yourself, your needs and your own unique personality.

Just as you benefit from the group experience, you can also help other group members as you grow and make progress.

Others will be affected positively by hearing your muddy paw stories and by your kind and caring humor.

You will also notice you feel better when you are able to help someone else dealing with muddy paws. 

We’re a free group. There’s no membership charge.

If you determine that Muddy Paws Anonymous of America and Beyond is a good fit for you, you can attend regularly.

Soak up information and learn effective coping strategies from other members who are dealing with muddy paws well.

There’s no pressure, when you feel the time is right, share your story, your challenges, your fears, and your successes.

Support other group members with encouragement, validation and a pat on the back for making it through this trying time.

Our door is always open for those in need. 

muddy dog season

I’ll go first. 


My name is Jen and I have a dog that has muddy paws. 

Actually, he has more than muddy paws.

He has a muddy chest, a muddy undercarriage, mud stuck between his toes, up his nose and probably some in his ears.

It’s doesn’t matter what I do, he still brings mud into the house

My feelings about having a dog that has muddy paws for the next 3 months. 

I know it’s a life with a Newf. 

I know it’s going to happen every year but after 60 days of mud sometimes I cry.

Sometimes I feel very inadequate of my paw wiping. 

I try to do a good job.

I try to get inside the webbing and under the nails but sometimes when I’m done and my dog walks through the house there’s still mud.

Coping strategies of having a dog with muddy paws.

Sometimes I hide in my closest when my dog wants to go outside.

Sometimes, when my dog is running from the back of the yard to the front of the yard and the mud is flying everywhere, I scream really bad words inside my head. 

Sometimes, I look around the house at the mud splatters on my drapes, walls and ceilings, and I choose not to wipe the muddy paws at all that day. 

Sometimes, I drink wine so I don’t see the mud as clearly.

Sometimes I go to the store and call my husband and tell him to let the dog out. 

I take my muddy paw anxiety out on other members of the family because I can’t take them out on the dog.

Treatment of muddy paw anxiety

Besides putting pants on your dog, which does help with the muddy body part, the only other treatment is a summer drought. (we only use the pants for walks not for casual backyard wear)

But, you can find comfort in knowing that you are not alone during this time. 

Thousands of other dog owners stand with you and support you. 





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Angela Crudgington

Wednesday 4th of March 2020

I have 3 large breed mutts that love to run in our muddy yard. I use the Muddbuster that helps squeegee their feet


Tuesday 3rd of March 2020

Sometimes I hide in my closet too. ? Next time, remember to grab a glass of wine on your way. Thanks, as always, for your humor and candor as we grapple with the love and labor of our beloved Newfs.

De Hufford

Monday 2nd of March 2020

Lol! I don’t have newfies, but totally feel the mud. Do you accept other breeds?


Monday 2nd of March 2020

???!! Thanks Jen!!


Monday 2nd of March 2020

Having had solid black and then landseer and now our pupstar Luke is another black newf I've found for us the easiest way to keep mud or most of it out of the house is always trimmed feet and pads, a clean foot rinse bucket and towels at the back and side entrance especially when we're out in the pastures bringing the horses in. I've never had a brown newf but after a pasture trek Luke comes pretty close! That mud bath was solved by a quick swim in the ocean then a full bath and blow dry March April and May in New England can bring any dog owner to their knees trying to keep up with mud. After seeing Odin's "track suit" I'm thinking I need stock in that company ? and him as the woofdog pitchpup

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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