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Does Your Newfoundland Need A Dog Bed?

newfoundland dog laying on dog bed

I spent more than 6 years of Sherman’s life trying to get him to use a dog bed. 

I tried all different sizes and styles of beds.

I bribe him, I tricked him and I begged him to lay on a dog bed. 

He never wanted anything to do with them because he preferred the hard but cool ceramic tile over any soft surface. 

When he was about 10 I finally convinced him to use a cooling pad but that was the closest he ever got to a dog bed. 

Leroy was about the same way until he got sick. 

Then he preferred to lay on a soft surface. 

It had to be the right soft surface though, not too thin and not too thick. 

Odin is a little different than both of them. 

Odin isn’t opposed to dog beds if they’re there. 

He seems to adapt well to any surface. 

This might be because he’s still moldable and not as stubborn as Sherman and Leroy. 

Odin has 2 beds, a cot and his cooling pad and he loves them all. 

Our most recent addition is a Big Barker Dog Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is the bed of all dog beds. 

Benefits Of Dog Beds For a Newfoundland

Joint Support

Since Newfies are prone to joint issues such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia due to their large size a supportive dog bed is helpful to cushion their body and provide some relief to aching joints.

A good dog bed can also help support the joints of fast-growing puppies too.

Beds like the Big Barker Orthopedic beds contain special interlocking fill material that ensures that the bed provides soft, supportive comfort for your dog’s body, especially the joints.

This keeps pain for older dogs with arthritis to a minimum at night and during naps throughout the day.

Pressure Sores

Giant breed dogs are prone to pressure sores which are often caused by laying on hard surfaces. 

A soft surface like a dog bed can help protect the areas such as the elbows and hocks where pressure sores are prone to develop. 

Good Sleep

Dogs need good quality sleep to stay healthy.

According to a study published in a 2017 edition of Scientific Reports,  good night’s rest improves your dog’s memory and can even make your pooch smarter. 

That’s because when dogs learn new commands, they tend to do better in repeating those commands when they sleep properly.

landseer newfoundland on dog bed

After all, when dogs are rested, they have more energy to devote to learning.

Like people, dogs also need a good night’s rest to stay healthy.

This is especially important for senior dogs and larger breeds who need more sleep than their younger, smaller dog friends.

A good bed that cushions their bodies encourages dogs to go to sleep and to stay asleep throughout the night.

Tips On Choosing A Dog Bed For Your Newfoundland


Other breeds of dogs use a dog bed to cozy up and keep warm but most Newfoundlands will want to sprawl out so make sure that you get a dog bed that is big enough. 

You’ll want to choose a bed based on your dog’s weight and length. 

While your Newfoundland sleeping start at the tip of his nose and measure all the way to his rump, and from the crown of his head to his pads.

Alternately, obtain these same measurements while your dog is standing.

If he sleeps in a ball, measure their diameter side to side, and top to bottom.

And if he sleeps on his back, measure from the crown of his head to the tip of his tail.

There may be other factors to consider: the size of your living space, but as a general rule of thumb, use your dog’s weight and dimensions as the most reliable measurements for choosing the best size bed for them. 


Round Dog Beds
Does your dog walk around in a tight circle before she finally plops down into a ball? You’ll want to choose a round-shaped dog bed for her.

Rectangular Dog Beds
Alternately, choose a rectangular shape dog bed for her if she sprawls on one side with her legs poking straight out from her ribs, or if she sleeps flipped over on her back. And choose a rectangular bed when she shows signs of aging; curling up may no longer be comfortable to her.


Dog beds come with a variety of fillings and you’ll want to choose one based on your Newfoundland’s needs. 

Chambered, Spun-Polyester Fill

Soft and cozy; this indulgent, hypoallergenic material is appropriate for most dogs without special needs.

Probably not the best for a Newfoundland that wants to be cool. 

Memory Foam

Best choice for a Newfoundland.

Memory Foam is not just for dogs with orthopedic problems, but it is best for them: a dog who requires extra support for any reason will benefit from memory foam.

It also helps maintain their temperature, keeping him from overheating.

And a memory foam dog bed is as comfortable for our dogs as memory foam is for us.

Just make sure the memory foam is safe!

Most dog beds are made with wimpy polyfill or substandard Chinese foam.

That’s why normal dog beds are infamous for falling apart and flattening like pancakes under the weight of big dogs.

And some foams have tested positive for chemicals like lead, arsenic, chlorine, and other bad stuff. 

Polystyrene Pellets + Cedar

I’m not a fan of cedar but some people are.

This type of filler is indicated for a dog without joint or pain issues, one who likes to “dig in” before settling down.

Polystyrene beads are warming and shape-conforming. Cedar chips smell great while repelling insects. 

This type of filling is not good for dogs that chew on things. 


Dog beds come in many different shapes so you’ll want to choose a bed based on your dog’s sleeping position and the amount of space you have in your home. 

Beds that are going to be a fit for a grown Newfie are going to be a pillow top rectangular design. 

Most Newfies also aren’t going to want to settle in and get cozy. They don’t want a soft pillow that they sink into.

They want a firm top that is easy to get up off of and offers them support. 

Special Needs


If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that their dog chewed their dog bed I would be rich!

If you have a chewer you’ll want to go with a dog bed that has a durable outer cover, like a chew guard. 

You’ll need to take some time to train your dog not to chew the bed too!


If you’re investing a lot of money in a dog bed you should want a warranty. 

I love the fact that Big Barker Beds come with a 10-year warranty!

If your Big Barker doesn’t keep over 90% of its original shape and support for at least 10 years, they’ll replace it for free!

Getting Your Newfie To Actually Use That Bed

For most owners, this is the main struggle. 

Any Newfie that I have ever had will pick cold tile over a dog bed any day of the week. 

However, once a dog gives the bed a chance, they will usually use it. 

In most cases, your Newf sin;t going to use the bed the day that it arrives home. 

They’re going to ignore it. 

newfie and corgi on a dog bed

You need to work with them a little bit and give them some time to warm up too. 

Remember, Newfies are stubborn!

A few things that may help especially if you think a dog bed is too warm for your Newfie are:

Putting a cooling pad on top of the bed. 

Placing a fan in front of the bed. 

Placing the bed under a ceiling fan. 

Covering the dog bed with a sheet. 

Rub your hands on the bed to get your scent on it. 

Laying on the bed yourself.

I’m going to be honest, this is what I did and I didn’t want to get off. The Big Barker bed is super comfy.

My husband even got down on it and then said to me, ” we should buy 4 of these and put them on top of our bed.”

Other things you may want to look for when looking at dog beds are how easy they are to clean and that the fabric on top is water-resistant and strong enough to withstand digging and nesting. 

In conclusion, Newfies can benefit from a dog bed, the challenge is often getting your Newfie to believe that. 

For more information on the dog bed Odin is using visit:



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Tuesday 1st of September 2020

Hi Jen! I have a five month old Newfie and I’m already worried the hard floor isn’t best for him. I hAve managed to put a folded up blanket under his cooling pad, but he spends a lot of time on the ac vents! Thanks for your site! It’s so helpful

Melissa Statman

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

We lost our 12 year old Newfie, Anne, last week. Our 8 year old Newfie, Gilbert, who used to love to sneak a nap on Anne’s bed, will not go near it. Gil was the runt of the litter. He is a sporty Newfie at 103 pounds with serious spinal stenosis who is trying to figure out life without Anne.

Donna (LeCompte) McConn

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

My to be 12 year old Newf named Chance would love to have one for his crate. His old crate bed is..well....getting old like him. He was my first foster with Colonial Newfoundland Rescue. After a couple more fosters at the same time Chance stole my heart and I adopted him. He was my first foster fail with CNR. Chance is a trained therapy dog and has represented CNR for many years now. He loves going to Newf events for our rescue. Chance loves to swim and he also learned to pull a cart. He is my big baby and we are looking forward to celebrating 12 years in a couple of weeks. He is considered a living legend under the Newfoundland Club of America. Thank you!

Lynn Sargent

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

I know my Gracie would love this bed. She is so uncomfortable. She moves around at night quite abit. Thank you for the opportunity to get this Barker Bed. God Bless you and yours!❤❤❤

Karen McCracken

Monday 22nd of June 2020

Hi Jen! I have 3 newfies, Coco 13, Max 7&1/2, Cooper 3&1/2. Max and Cooper have had TPLO on 1 rear leg, but they each have 1 more to go. And Coco at 13 is hanging in there at 13, while having some neuro issues in the rear. I think the bed would be a great addition for them due to their issues. And in all honesty.....I would like to lay on it too? and of course snuggle up with them! Thanks for the opportunity!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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