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9 Signs You Drive A Newfie Mobile

If you have a Newfoundland most likely you have a Newfie Mobile. 

A Newfie Mobile is similar to a regular car, van, SUV, or truck but it is the designated vehicle that transports your Newfoundland. 

There are telltale signs between a regular vehicle and a Newfie Mobile and while these signs may vary a little from vehicle to vehicle, most of them will have at least 3 of the same signs. 


Dried slobber on the inside and outside of the windows.

Newfies that hang their head out of the window are bound to fling slobber all down the windows. 

If you have the window partially opened you’re going to slobber art on both the inside and outside of the window.

If you have the window rolled down all the way you’re going to have slobber art on the inside of the door, on the outside of the door and down the backside of the vehicle. 

Slobber on the passenger seat headrest

I was so happy the other day when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a video of a Newf in a car and there was dried slobber on the side of the passenger seat headrest. 

I thought maybe I was the only one that has this beautiful stain on my seats. 

Later that day I was scrolling through Tik Tok and saw the same sight with another Newf Mobile. 

Your License Plate Holder says something about Newfs or big dogs

Newfie owners like to proudly display their love of their Newfoundlands and many of them have license plate holders that scream that love. 

I got mine at a dog show but there are many available online! Try Amazon and Etsy. 

You Have at Least 1 Newfie sticker on your car

Again, Newfie owners like to display their love for the Newfs so you normally see at least 1 decal on a Newfie mobile. 

These come in all different shapes, sizes, and sayings. 

I remember when I went to Newfie Nationals last year that I had a lot of fun walking through the parking lot and admiring all the car decals. 

Some were huge and some were hilarious.

There is some local here that drives a van with a huge black full-body Newfie decal. 

I see it every once in a while and I totally want to make a scene.  

You have a loader

Most Newfie mobiles will have a Twist Step, Pet Loader, or some kind of dog ramp in the back seat. 

Some vehicles will simply have a human loader that is only along for that purpose. 

You have a big travel bag.

Newfie are big dogs that require big travel essentials. 

You’ve got the water bowl, the water jug, the ice jug, 20 different treats because you don’t know if your Newfie is going to refuse to get back in the car. 

The cooling pad, the fan, the life jacket, the brush, the comb, a roll of paper towels, at least 3 towels for slobber and mud in case you encounter a body of water. 

You have a trailer

All that stuff above plus your training boat, dog cart, water accessories, and a regular-sized cooler. 

These things will not all fit in your vehicle so a trailer it is!

(I don’t personally have a trailer yet but since we downsized to a Jeep last year, there have been talks about getting one eventually. 

You’ve completely modified your car

No car has enough storage so you modify it and make it your own. 

You add crate storage, ramp storage, and towel storage. 

You Have a Travel Lint Roller

A must-have for every Newf Mobile. At least one, preferably 2 lint rollers for those times that you have to take the Newf mobile to a formal event.

It’s impossible to get every stray hair out of the vehicle. 

I don’t care who you are or what tool you have. 

You Have A Portable Fan That Stays In The Vehicle

Your Newfie’s comfort is always a top priority so a portable fan is a must for many Newfoundland owners, especially in the summertime and for those warm winter days too! 

Let’s hear it! What signs does your vehicle show that a Newfie owns it? 



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Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

Hahaha! I think I know who’s slobber you saw! 😆 We definitely check many of these off the list!

Patty Kiser

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

I definitely have Newf slobber on the windows and on my seats! I drove a van for 12 years. It had the stow and go seats which were amazing! There were several times people asked how many kids I had. I would just laugh and say no kids, just a Lab and a huge Newf! My Newfie at the time, Hugo, was 175 lbs and a very large boy. He didn't fit in the little car I had when he was a puppy. I now have a Trax and let's just say my Newfie and Lab are quite cozy in the back....but we make it work! I think I met the person who drives the van with the huge Newfie decal on it, although I'm not super close to where you live. I was walking Uschi and he stopped to talk to me. He lives very close to where I live. He is a very nice guy and said he is/ was...not sure...a Newfie breeder. I guess there could be more than one, but that van is very distinctive.

Linda LaRoche

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

We have an F150, the backseat is in the up position at all times. We almost never leave the house w/o them. There is so much sand in back I could fill a sandbox. Slobber on the console, he loves to look out the front window.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.